Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?


I know that I've said it before but I cannot say it enough, I LOVE The Biggest Loser. I would love to be on the show and WIN. I would love to meet Bob Harper who I just adore. I think he's amazing and adorable and sweet and funny.

On to the show, I really don't want Vicky to win. I can't stand her. It's too bad that she is the contestant from Louisiana.
Also, I love Allison Sweeny. I didn't realize she was so pregnant! I don't really love that green (velvet? velour?) dress but, poor thing. She might not be able to find anything to fit.

Heba looks really good. She needs a better bra! Oh goodness, it's really bad. REALLY. BAD.
Ed looks really good, too. I just didn't like the two of them at all during the game. I think that is why everyone voted for Ed. People didn't like them so they did the opposite of what they wanted.

Stacey is my hero! She kicked major ass on that step challenge. She looks incredible! She and Adam prove that working out and being healthy can happen even with jobs and kids. That is an inspiration.

LT and Tom. They lost some weight! Good job, guys.

YAY! Bob. His butt is so cute. I love him so much.

Adam was 340 pounds. His goal was 220 by the finale. His weight is 260. He lost 60 pounds.
Stacey was 221 pounds. Her current weight is 156. She lost 65 pounds.

Aww! LT is a little league football coach. Love that. His starting weight was 357 pounds. His current weight is 270 pounds. He lost 87 pounds.
Tom started at 314 pounds. His current weight is 236 pounds. He lost 78 pounds.

Jerry. That is just fricking amazing. I have chills looking at Jerry and Colleen.
Coleen looks fantastic, too. I love her. Her talking about her daddy just made me cry every time. Because I KNOW!
Shellay looks so good. And Amy! Oh, look how good she looks too. I love those dresses.

Jerry is the reason I cry for the first time. How awesome!! His diseases are gone! It's so beautiful and fabulous. I'm just so proud. He gained 24 years the doctor says. That is just priceless. He was the unhealthiest player in Biggest Loser history. He started at 380 pounds. His current weight is 265 pounds. He lost 115 pounds which puts him in the lead for The Biggest Loser off campus.
Colleen started at 218 pounds. Her current weight is 154. She lost 64 pounds.

Shellay and Amy trying on clothes- that is me and Mama! We laugh and laugh and laugh. Shellay was 216 pounds and now it's 142 pounds. She lost 74 pounds. That is awesome! Amy, who is just a cutie, started at 239 pounds. Her current weight is 135! She lost 105 pounds. Oh my god!!! She takes the lead from Jerry.

Now, my favs- Phil and Amy. I loved Amy P. so much. WHOA! They look fabulous. Brady looks good and Renee- Oh wow! She looks amazing. I love Amy P's dress.
Phil's tape is making me cry. I love seeing him with and hearing him talk about his kids. It's adorable. His starting weight was 331 pounds. His current weight is 180 pounds! OH MY gOD! He lost 151 pounds, that is freaking amazing. What an awesome guy. He takes over the lead.
Amy P., my very favorite contestant. She was just so sweet and southern and precious. I love that hair in the tape. She is so pretty! She started at 229 pounds and her current weight is 124. Good GRIEF! She lost 105 pounds. WOW! That is just amazing. She takes the lead from her husband and OH, I hope she wins that whole thing. 105 pounds. That is just crazy.

Brady and Vicky, I didn't like them. I didn't dislike Brady as much as I REALLY CANNOT stand Vicky. Brady started out at 341 pounds. His current weight is 224 pounds. He lost 117 pounds. That is awesome, too. Not enough to take the title from Amy, though.

Renee's change is dramatic. She was an awesome competitor too. I don't get how you stop talking to your child but, that is not the point. She started at 267 pounds and her current weight is 161 pounds. She lost 106 pounds. She looks like she lost more than that. She did great.

Heba was the heaviest woman on campus. I didn't love her but I do understand when she talks about wanting to get pregnant and being so big. I'm not as big as she was but, I am big. Her starting weight was 294 pounds and her current weight is 156 pounds. She lost 138 pounds and she wins the $100,000 prize! 138 pounds is absolutely incredible.

I don't know how Ed can cook good food and not eat it. I can TOTALLY relate to him talking about how food tastes, feels, etc. Sometimes it's just too much. It just depends on how much you want it.

Oh, Bob! He's talking about what WE can do even though we are not on the show- make better choices at lunch, move around more today, make the CHOICE.

Now, Vicky. As much as I don't like her, the kid thing is gonna get me. OH, the first Cajun Biggest Loser sign. Ummm, not all Cajuns are like her. She is not a nice person and seems so insincere. She is killing herself. She wakes up at 4am and works out for an hour. Then she goes to work until 5 and works out and doesn't come home until 8:30 or 9. She is not seeing her children or losing weight. My biggest question is what is she feeding her kids now? When she was on the show, she talked about how they MIGHT know what broccoli was because of school but they don't eat it. She feeds them doughnuts and other fatty foods. Her four-year-old weighed 62 pounds! She needed to be focused on helping them, too. Not just herself.

Michelle is such a sweet and beautiful girl. Her story made me cry too. I'm glad that she and her mom are close again. There is nothing like that relationship between a mom and daughter. I'd be so lost without my mom. Some days she works out for 4 hours! Hmmm, I can't do that. Maybe that is why I am fat.

These woman can't walk in their shoes! Heba and Vicky both were slipping and sliding all around. Bob is so sweet. He helps the ladies walk to their spot. Michelle looks so great! FULL DISCLOSURE I want Michelle to win. I guess that is weird because she is on Jillian's team but I like her the best (by FAR) out of the three.

January 6th a new season starts. I'm excited for that. The oldest couple, the biggest woman and the largest contestant ever at only 19 years old. It's right in time for new year's resolutions. Also, the Pound for Pound challenge.

Ed's starting weight was 335 pounds. His current weight is 196 pounds. He lost 139 pounds. That is 41.49%
Vicky's starting weight was 246 pounds. Her current weight is 145 pounds. She lost 101 pounds and needed 102 pounds. Thank goodness for that pound.
Michelle's starting weight was 242 pounds. She needs to have lost more than 100 pounds. Her current weight is 132 pounds!! She lost 110 pounds. She is the biggest loser!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scoop (BEWARE of Spoilers)

Who wants TV scoop? (Ummm, probably not a lot of you judging by the amount of people who read-comment-on this blog, but whatever)

Are you wondering WTF is going on over on Grey's? What is wrong with Izzie? Last week, she actually (appeared) to HAVE SEX with her dead fiance', Denny. Many people are speculating that the good doctor has a brain tumor and is dying/will die soon. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Denny, is contracted until February. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show, says that the brain tumor is not the case. Can we trust her though? She is famous for throwing off spoilers or changing things all around after leaks.

Also, word is, Sadie (Die) and Callie may be getting closer. For a second. AND, so will Little Grey and McSteamy (look for that in early '09).
Let's discuss these things!! What do you think about these couplings?

After this week's Gossip Girl, we all know who is going to die, right? Well, I've heard that Ed Westwick puts in an Emmy winning performance during the funeral show. Really! Also, R & L just may get together after all....

Friday, November 21, 2008

So Sad

Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone have all been canceled.

More to come.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pushing Daisies Thoughts (Oh,Oh,Oh, It's Magic)

The title for tonight's episode (6) is "Oh,Oh,Oh, It's Magic" when Ned's (adorable Lee Pace )cutie half-bros give the gang tickets to see their magic (illusion) show. Watch it here.

Emerson (very funny Chi McBride )(when the boys give them the tickets)- "A magic show! Where did I put that rat's ass I could give?"

The dialogue for this show- the quick, witty banter is better than any other show on tv.

Chuck(the very beautiful Anna Friel) (to Ned)- "Don't you have a sea of questions?"
Ned- "There might be a pond."

The Great Herrmann (guest star Fred Willard) gives Ned a hug and Olive (the lovely and extremely talented Kristin Chenoweth) says, "I want a hug." He tells her, "I'm not made of hugs."

Emerson- "While we can appreciate and sympathize with your predicament, Mr Hermann...
The Great Herrmann (interrupting)- "Please, call me great."
Emerson- "Uh, no."

I love this big feathered cape thing that Chuck is wearing. I'm trying to find a picture for you... Also love the purple and black pattern inside Herrmann's magic box-thingy and on his jacket. The twins' sweaters are hi-lar-ious!

Lee Pace's smile is so sweet. And Chuck and Ned are so very adorable. You feel the longing as they "touch" through the Plexi glass.

**I hear that on an upcoming episode (8 maybe?), we see some type of "contraption" that Chuck and Ned use to, umm, touch each other sexually... ***

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick and Live Blogging- at 1 A.M.

It's actually more like 1:14. I went to sleep at 8:30 and woke up at 12:30. Now, I can't go back to sleep. I am sick- ear ache, headache, etc. So, the show- The Biggest Loser: Families. Last week, Amy C. (of the blue team) voted for Brady to go home. Now, we know that evil, scheming Brady's wife, Vicky is gonna be out for blood...

I like Coleen a lot. But I LOVED Amy P. I cannot stand Vicky and I cannot stand Heba. Just saying that right up front.

Even Vicky's own team member and friend, ED, is saying that she is scary. The show opens with Amy explaining herself- numbers and percentages- she's crying to the other team and they are SO GLAD she did what she did, of course. Vicky is flinging the "F" word around and leaving rude REVENGE notes and Heba says she is "staying out of it."

I'm very excited to see Bob's reaction. He seems most upset that the team is falling apart. When he meets with them, Amy is not there and Vicky is saying that she cannot be with her. Bob goes up to talk with her and Amy is really upset. She is crying and tells him that she just did what she had to for herself. She tells him that she thinks that she can win. Bob and Amy are now on an island....

A gray Delorean a la Back to the Future pulls up to the ranch as the contestants are headed to the gym. Allison gets out and as Heba says, "Is in the ugliest outfit I've ever seen." She is dressed for the '80s in purple boots, acid washed-ripped jeans, purple pleather jacket (with shoulder pads) and crimped teased hair. She tells them that they have a new 80s uniform and 80s house and 80s workout because it's 80s week.

Ed makes me laugh with his short shorts. He calls them crotch huggers.

The three women of the black team meet up with Jillian and some dancing guy. They are gonna do some break dancing. I love the 80s music (she's a maniac, maniac)! The girls are having fun dancing. Dancing is a good workout.

The blue team-with cutie cute Bob-does step aerobics. The song- I'm so excited! Heba says she was worried something was going to fall out of Ed's shorts. Bob has a "sit down" and tells them that good can come from bad times (or something) and he basically feels the tension between Vicky and Amy. He asks the group if they have anything to say and no one does. He is worried that the team will fall apart.

Challenge time. Allison is wearing another crazy 80s get up. It's a lot of hot pink and is that black lipstick? There is a stage with buckets rigged up in the air, as if the were filled with something and could be dumped. Each bucket has a person's name written on it. Heba says it reminds her of the shows where green slime is dumped on people. Allison begins talking about how the "80s were a huge turning point in the way we approach food and fitness. Everything from Diet Coke (THANK GOD!) to Jane Fonda's first workout tape came out. And obesity became classified as a disease in the United States." The challenge is 80s trivia. The contestants hold onto a handle attached to the barrel (bucket). The barrell is filled with 50% of their body weight in water. A trivia question is asked and if they get it wrong, more water is added to their barrell. If they get it right, they add more water to someone else's barrel. Last person standing wins. The prize is a motoroker S9 HD wireless stereo headset for the whole family and 2 motorola wireless workouts recorded with Bob. Also, the winner gets a choice of $5,000 cash prize or giving a one pound penalty to someone at the weigh-in this week.

Ed rings in on the first one but is wrong so more water is added. Heba gets the next question correct and adds water to Coleen's barrel. Ed is having trouble with sweaty hands... The third question is won by Coleen and she pays Heba back by giving water to Ed. After that water is added, he's holding 100% of his body weight. After he fiddles for a second, he loses control and the water tips over and he's out.

Coleen answer's the next question but she is wrong and get's more water. Amy gets a question right and adds water to Vicky! YAY!! Vicky says she's not surprised because she thinks that Amy is aligned with the black team. Allison's next question is, "Today, the most commonly purchased woman's dress size in America is a size 14. In 1985, it was a size? A 8, B 10 or C 12. Renee answers C but it's A so she gets extra water. At this time, Amy is struggling and then drops her rope. Coleen drops hers. Now, it's Heba, Vicky, Michelle and Renee. Heba gets more water. Then Vicky drops her rope. Heba wins the next question but loses control of her barrel. It's Renee and Michelle, mother and daughter. Michelle tells her mom that she will buy her a purse if she will drop it and let her win. Cute. Renee does drop and Michelle wins. I like her.

Bob, Heba and Vicky are walking. Bob tells Vicky that she needs to knock it off with Amy (basically). He's telling her that they are a team still and that they still have the numbers. Vicky is not having it. Bob is persistent and he is really fussing at her.

Jillian is trying hard to work her black team. She knows that if they don't have the numbers on the scale, they don't have a leg to stand on. They are outnumbered and the blue team has Ed. She puts them through "the spin class from hell" and takes the seats off of their bikes. Every week, she makes them cry. Hell, every week she makes me cry. She says "fight through it, fight through it." She almost kills them on the bikes and when they are finished, she puts them on the treadmill.

Michelle says that running at a high speed triggers a high anxiety. She cries. I think that Michelle is really beautiful. The story of Renee and Michelle is really sad to me. I hope Michelle finds comfort and healing.

Jillian talks to her team about eating healthy. She brings them Ziplock produce bags to help save their fruits and vegetables. She says that they (we) should be getting five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I wonder if they go grocery shopping or does someone else do and the good food is just there for them?

Coleen is in her room with a cute shirt on a hanger. She tries it on and it FITS. It's her "goal closet item" and it's a medium. She says that 9 weeks ago when she got there she wore a 2x. GOOD LORD! 9 weeks is NOTHING.

Amy and Vicky (and Heba) are in the kitchen. Amy tells Vicky that she is sorry for what she did, that she didn't lie because she just changed her mind at the last minute. Vicky says that she appreciates the apology but she expects Amy to vote black. Vicky is nicer to Amy than I expected.

Bob's trainer tip- keep nuts, string cheese or an apple with you to snack on to keep your blood sugar regulated so you don't crash at the end of the day.

Bob goes into his last-chance-workout. He's thinking about Michelle's one pound penalty. She will give it to one of the blue team if she takes it. Amy whines about the pull ups. Bob says that Ed and Heba better work their asses off.

The weigh-in and Allison is dressed in a normal, trendy, yellow dress. She is so pretty. Ya'll know she is pregnant with her second baby. Anyway, Michelle tells Allison that she is not taking the $5,000. She is giving the one-pound penalty to Vicky with the whack hair 'do. She always fixes her hair in this crazy style...

Michelle weighs in at 186- down 8 pounds. 4.12%
Renee weighs in at 207- down 8 pounds. 3.72% (Does Allison decide who goes what order?)
Ed weighs in at 262- down 11 pounds. 4.03% He doesn't act happy. Michelle is definitely safe.
Heba weighs in at 231- down 7 pounds. 2.94% It's good weight loss but not enough. Ed is safe.
Coleen weighs in at 163- down 3 pounds. She is really upset. Jillian is upset but tells her that she will be fine. It's moving. Bob is kinda like, what is going on? Two more people have to weigh in. Amy needs to lose more than 5 pounds.
Amy weighs in at 173- down 8 pounds. She is so excited. She has lost 66 pounds total. She is in 1st.
Vicky needs more than six because of the one pound penalty.
Vicky weighs in at 187- down 6 pounds- not enough. YAY! She says that she couldn't have worked harder.

Renee and Michelle won't vote Coleen. Ed and Heba won't vote Vicky. It's Amy as the swing vote. No 60 minutes to decide. Coleen says that she is scared to go home because she is not 100% ready. She is afraid to follow in her dad's footsteps. Vicky says that she respect what Coleen says but she has two kids and she works 60 hours a week so how is she gonna lose weight?

Everyone is thinking of Amy and her vote. The black team hopes she remembers that Vicky made her week hell. The blue team wants her to redeem herself. Of course, it's two votes for Vicky and two votes for Coleen and then it's down to Amy...

She votes to evict- Coleen. I'm a little surprised but not too much.

Coleen is going home. She has lost 51 pounds at the ranch. Amy tells her that she loves her and that she is one of the most amazing women she knows. I'm excited to see her at home. WOW! She looks great. She was a 22 pant and is a 10 now.

I love this show. I would LOVE to be on it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rooting For Ruby

I'm watching this new show on STYLE network (or E!) called Ruby. Have ya'll heard of this? Ruby Gettinger is a southern girl from Savannah, Georgia who has lots of friends, loves dogs and teaches Sunday school. She also weighs about 500 pounds. She has weighed over 700 pounds.

This show is her journey to lose weight to save her life. Doctors have told her that she is a walking (sleeping) timebomb- a "metabolic time bomb waiting to go off." He tells her that she could just stop breathing in the night. She admits that she only eats unhealthy things and that she has a food addiction.

I just love so much of what she says. She says that it's the "beast". Everything in her life is good but this- her weight. I know how that feels. She also talks about how this (her body) is just a "shell." That when people stare at her in public or laugh at her or make comments, it's only her shell that they are judging.

I'm so hoping that Ruby can get it together and lose weight.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I'm Watching

7:00- The Amazing Race
8:00- Desperate Housewives (OH!NO! Have they jumped the shark??)

7:00- Dancing with the Stars
- Gossip Girl (Chuck and Blair! Whew, way hot. LOVE Lil J's new hair, too)
8:30- Samantha Who?
9:00- My Own Worst Enemy (NEW SHOW-Umm, it's not bad. The cast is awesome. I like seeing Christian Slater on tv.)

7:00- The Biggest Loser:Families (I loved Amy P. and I don't like Heba)
-House (One of my FAVs)
-90210 (Just cannot help myself)
8:00- The Mentalist (NEW SHOW- I love it! Simon Baker is gorgeous.)
9:00- Law & Order:SVU

7:00- Pushing Daisies (Another FAVORITE! It hasn't been picked up yet so PLEASE watch. You'll be hooked within the first two minutes. Chuck and Ned, oh!)
-America's Next Top Model (Love to hate Tyra)
8:00- Private Practice
9:00- Dirty Sexy Money (Love this show... My appetite for luxury goods and scandal gets met here since it's just a fantasy...)
-Sons of Anarchy (Ummm, my favorite new show. I love the bad boys, the motorcycles and HIM.)

7:00 Ugly Betty
8:00- Grey's Anatomy
-8:30- 30 Rock
9:00- Life on Mars (NEW SHOW! The pilot of this show was FABULOUS! Especially the first part, the first thirty mins of it. I've watched the episodes that have followed and they have just not lived up to the hype. Jason O'Mara is good. Gretchen Mol and Harvey Kietel are great but, the plot? Where is it going?)

8:00- Supernanny (I love this that Nanny Jo!)
9:00- Lipstick Jungle (This is it's new day and time)

I've been planning to blog about my favorite shows but I barely have time to watch all my favorite shows! Now that I'm not depressed, I am always on the GO!GO!GO! I still really love tv as you can see. I just can't seem to fit it all in. That is why I'm behind. It's Thursday night and I'm just watching last Thursday's Survivor! I'll try and do better.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pushing Daisies Thoughts

Did I miss some episodes? Weren't Chuck and Ned seperated at the end of the season last year because Chuck was mad at Ned? She found out about him accidentally killing her father? I guess I'll have to rewatch.

I LOVE Ned. He is SO SO cute.

Anna Friel is so adorable. Chuck/Anna is beautiful and I love her wardrobe.

The Ned/Chuck can't touch thing is so romantic and heart wrenching and brilliant. SIGH.

How funny is the signing nuns a la Kristin Chenoworth thing? Funny!

The sets for this show are incredible. The colors, the make up, the designs...

Next Week- CLOWNS and CIRCUS? I can't watch that!! What am I gonna do?

Wednesday Greatness

I'm officially THRILLED. No, seriously, this night is gonna be so great. Here is what is coming on tonight on the major networks-

ABC (THE place to be!)
7:00- Pushing Daisies If you have not watched this show, you really are missing out on a GEM! The show is so beautiful, which sounds crazy, unless you've watched it. You'll wanna dance and be in love and bake pies. Get season 1 on DVD now.
8:00- Private Practice- The spin-off of Grey's Anatomy comes back tonight after being gone for the writer's strike and summer break. Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money are the same.
9:00- Dirty Sexy Money- I LOVE this show!

7:00 Knight Rider
8:00 America's Got Talent
9:00 Lipstick Jungle This show's premiere was last week and I missed it! I'm gonna try to catch up online. I love Brooke Sheilds, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price.

7:00 New Adventures of Old Christine
7:30 Gary Unmarried
8:00 Criminal Minds
9:00 CSI:NY

7:00 Bones
8:00 Til Death
8:30 Til Death

So, let's meet back here soon (maybe tomorrow?) to discuss! I'll also be back soon to discuss Gossip Girl, DWTS (YAY! Kim is GONE), Grey's (Izzy and Alex- please) and more. Let me know what you want to discuss....

What are you watching tonight?

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's On- Friday, September 19, 2008

Next week is the BIG premire week! Are you as excited as I am? Well, let's just get on with Friday, then.

7:00- America's Toughest Jobs NBC
7:00- Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader FOX

8:00- Dateline NBC NBC NEW
8:00- Don't Forget The Lyrics FOX
8:00- Discovery Project Earth DISCOVERY

Cry Every Show

Mom and I (usually not together though)(but often call each other) always watch Biggest Loser. Last season and this one that started Tuesday night, are Biggest Loser: Families. It's teams of two and some are married couples and some are parent/child. These are more heart tugging for me than just the non pared up shows.

The show is filled with lots of good tips and motivation. It is extreme, yes. All these people have to do is focus on losing weight- they are at a special "camp" with diet food/healthy food and they exercise all the time. They have personal trainers that kick their butts every step of the way: Jillian and Bob.

Ultimately though, the reason I love the show is because it shows that the true way to lose weight is to eat less (better) and to exercise more. No fad diets, no pills, just hard work. I love that. The show also, of course, shows these people who I KNOW. I can identify with so many of the emotions and the frustrations of these people.

Well, I don't have someone telling me, "Unless you faint, puke or die, keep walking." Which is what Jillian says to her team on Tuesday night's epi.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's On

I missed Wednesday's edition because I was in meetings for the house closing and all. I'm sorry! I watch FX's new show Sons of Anarchy on Wednesday and I love it. I know I've told ya'll about it but I cannot stop telling people about it. I love it.

On to Thursday-

7:00- Hole in the Wall FOX (Kelli, Katie, ya'll should check this out if you like Wipeout)
7:00 Smallville CW- Season Opener

8:00 Kitchen Nightmares New FOX
8:00 Supernatural CW

9:00 Flashpoint CBS
9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia FX
9:00 Burn Notice USA

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's On

Premiers! YAY!!! Also, word on the street, okay, the internet, is that Brenda spills the beans on who Kelly Taylor's baby daddy is...
So, the shows I am watching and the shows that are premiering with new seasons or as new shows. (And other stuff I think you might enjoy)

*7:00- Biggest Loser: Families NBC
*7:00- House FOX (SO SO excited!!!)
*7:00- 90210 CW
7:00- Lincoln Heights ABC Family

*8:00- Fringe FOX (Anyone watch this? I have last weeks epi on my DVR. I'm hearing good things. Plus I hear that you can watch this one and catch up) (Kel, I think you'd like this show)
*8:00- Big Brother 10 CBS (Thank God it's over so I can quit watching)
*8:00- Privilidged CW
8:00- Greek ABC Family

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shoeaddict Says

I got all caught up on ANTM, GG, and BB10 this weekend. Let's chat about those shows and also, let's talk about THIS which is a big deal to me. BIG.DAMN.DEAL.
*Beware of SPOILERS! If you are not caught up on these shows, don't read yet, 'k?*

Lemme just get out some of my first thoughts (that I remember now)- I know that it's your show TYRA and I know that you were/are a model. Everybody knows that, but really, get over yourself! I cannot believe that there are still so many girls interested in spending so much time in a house filled with HUGE pictures of Tyra Banks smiling with her eyes. And I can't believe that I still watch the damn show, but I do.

Isis the "transgender"- hmmmmm, I've really thought about this one. I do understand that some girls are uncomfortable and confused. I'm a small town girl and have lots of questions about pre-surgery transgendered girls. I'd wanna know, what is different about you (Isis) than some cross-dressing man? Then I saw that she is taking shots and I know that they don't just give that stuff out. I cannot imagine her life. It's not for me to judge or know so whatever. I don't see the great beauty though. If we are supposed to see her as a regular contestant than I'm going to do that.

Gossip Girl
How much do I love the Blair and Chuck stuff? Serena and Dan were soooooo sleepy boring in the end. Blair and Chuck are electric hot!! I don't know about this new twisty Nate/Catherine, Duchess/Lord stuff but I like the one uppers with B and Bass-tard. I hate Chuck's hair. I love Blair and Serena's looks in the past two episodes. Serena's dress and hair at the White Party in the Hampton's- HEART STOPPING.

If Vanessa and Rufus get together, I will puke.

Big Brother 10
I would vote neither. I don't like either one at this point. I liked Keesha the best. I think that Dan will win though.

Okay- I think that there are good arguments all over the Internet supporting that either Brandon, Dylan or Steve are the father of Sammy, Kelly Taylor's son. We will supposedly find out who he is on Tuesday's show when Brenda says his name. Here are my (100% dorky) notes on the subject:


  • Kelly said she was talking to Sammy's father. She told Brenda and Nat that she talked to Brandon. BUT, isn't that obvious?
  • She has history with Brandon (she said she had history with Sammy's father)
  • Brenda would be Sammy's aunt and would want to be near her nephew. She could just want to be near her friend's child.
  • Brandon was/is very responsible and would take care of his child. He grew up in a stable family and had two parents who were always there for him. I'd think that he'd want that for his child, too. He is gone for his job- a journalist? Wouldn't your child come first if he/she was a priority?
  • Jason Priestly has said that she does not want to come back on the show as Brandon Walsh. He may come back as a director. Maybe it's a lie to throw us all off. Maybe they will just use his name.

    • Dylan

      • When the original show ended, Kelly and Dylan were together. They had finally given into their true love for each other.
      • Kelly and Dylan had history in high school.
      • I think it'll be more of a surprise and drama if it's Dylan. Brenda is on with Kelly!
      • Dylan is a bad boy. He is irresponsible and an alcoholic and has had problems with drugs. He has problems with commitment, too. He had a troubled relationship with his father and a tumultuous childhood. I'd think that he'd want better for his own child.
      • Luke Perry has said that he doesn't want to appear on the show either. See above.


      • Kelly and Steve dated Freshman year in high school and it took Steve years and years and years to get over her. By the end of the original 90210, Steve was married to Janet and had a daughter, Maddie. Kelly and Dylan were her godparents.
      • Sammy looks like Steve with the blonde curly hair. Kelly has blonde hair too.
      • Steve's mom's name is Samantha and so maybe Sammy is named for her.
      • Steve would be a big shock- he's not Brandon or Dylan.
      • Steve was married when we last saw him so maybe that is why he is not with the two. Steve was adopted and he was obsessed with finding his birth parents (then later found out that his "adopted" father was his birth father") so why would he do that to his own child.
      • I have heard two different things about Ian Ziering and his stance on appearing on the new 90210- that he would like to and that he would not like to, so there you go. Or not.

      I really would love to see some more of the original cast. The whole show should be- Beverly Hills, 90210: Married, Children & Middle Age. I would definitely watch.

      What's On

      I'm changing this section up unless someone leaves me a comment or emails me (shoeaddict17 @ gmail dot com) to tell me they like it the other way. I'm just gonna tell you what I'm watching and what is NEW as in premiering, not new episodes. BUT, if you have a question (Is _ new or a rerun tonight?) just ask and I'll be happy to let you know.
      *Remember that I'm in the Central time zone so all times here are as such*

      7:00- Gossip Girl CW
      8:00- The Closer TBS (I love me some Kyra Sedgwick and Jon Tenny)

      Have you heard about the Coco Chanel movie on Lifetime? It premiered on Saturday but it's been replaying. If you are interested in watching, it comes on tonight on Lifetime at 7:00. I DVR'ed it on Saturday but I've only watched about half. It's decent.

      Are you interested in THIS new movie? Well, it was a Broadway play first and then a movie in 1939. That first movie, staring Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer, is playing on TCM at 7:00. I'll be DVR'ing that.

      What are you watching?

      Wednesday, September 10, 2008

      What's On

      It's hump day, so let's see what we have to watch tonight.

      7:00-America's Got Talent
      9:00- Law & Order: Criminal Intent

      7:00- Wife Swap
      8:00- Supernanny
      9:00- 20/20 NEW episode

      7:00- Bones NEW episode
      8:00- Til Death NEW episode
      8:30- Do Not Disturb NEW episodes

      7:00- Greatest American Dog NEW episode
      8:00- Criminal Minds Repeat
      9:00- CSI:NY Repeat

      7:00- America's Next Top Model NEW episode
      8:00- 90210 repeat from last night

      9:00- Son's of Anarchy NEW episode (I watched the pilot episode last night and I LOVED it. It satisfied my love of BAD BAD boys. It's full of guns and motorcycles and leather and hotties.)

      7:00- Project Runway Repeat
      8:00- Project Runway NEW
      9:00- Top Design New (Who is watching this?)

      Monday, September 8, 2008

      What's On

      I'm gonna try to do this as frequently as possible, okay. I'm beginning with tomorrow night- Tuesday, September 9th. Let's see what's on... (times are central)(bold shows are new)(*shows with an * are the one's I'm watching)

      7:00-America's Got Talent
      9:00- Law & Order: SVU

      7:00- Wipeout (game show)
      8:00- Wipeout
      9:00- Primetime:Medical Mysteries

      7:00- Fringe *

      7:00-Big Brother 10
      8:00- Fashion Rocks

      7:00- 90210*
      8:00- Privileged*

      New For the Weekend

      Weekend= Friday and Sunday night shows

      Oct 17, 8 PM
      Staring- Philip Winchester , Sam Neill, Anna Walton , Sean Bean
      It's an action adventure drama based on the classic novel by Daniel Dafoe. It's set on location in South Africa, but no one has seen it yet.
      -I'm not gonna watch because pirates and discovering lands, etc is not really my cuppa, but if it's yours, go at it.

      The Ex List
      Oct 3, 9PM
      Staring- Elizabeth Reaser(Ava/Rebecca on Grey's), Rachel Boston, Alexandra Breckenridge, Amir Talai
      I hear this is really funny and great. Bella (Reaser) hears from her psychic that the man she will marry is someone she has already dated, so she has to go back through them. It also shows her best friend and sister's lives, so it's all girly feel-good.
      -I'm watching even though I didn't love Ava/Rebecca on Grey's. I think the whole face thing creeped me out. PLUS, I'm an Alex/Izzie fan.

      Oct 3, 9PM
      Staring- Amanda Tapping, Christopher Heyerdahl
      About a refuge for supernatural beings, or something, I guess.
      -I'm so not into Sci-Fi.

      The Starter Wife
      Oct 10, 10PM
      Staring- Debra Messing(Will & Grace, a personal FAV), Judy Davis, Chris Diamantopoulos
      Debra Messing reprises the role of Molly Kagan who is newly divorced from a showbiz bigwig. The role began last summer in a miniseries of the same name, when Molly's husband asked for a divorce and Molly and their young daughter moved out. Now, Molly is starting up a writing career and trying to balance her social life and familiar obligations in Hollywood.
      -I'm definitely watching, for Debra.

      True Blood
      Sept 7, 9PM
      Staring- Anna Paquin , Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Alexander Skarsgard
      This one has already premiered this past Sunday night. It is set in Louisiana and it's about vampires. It's gotten some buzz because vampires are big right now with a lot of different groups of people and this show is a mix of things. It's a romantic comedy that is a little goth and a little murder mystery. That is a big 'ole gumbo of genres. Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is a telepathic waitress who dates a 150 year-old vampire (Stephen Moyer).

      Easy Money
      Oct 5, 9PM
      Staring- Laurie Metcalf (Aunt Jackie on Roseanne), Judge Reinhold
      This show was hard to pin down. I'm not sure about it, if it's truly going to show or not. I found a few different premiere dates and some sites don't have it at all. It looks to be about a family of loan sharks- a drama.
      -Eh, ?

      Monday, September 1, 2008

      Newbies (Monday-Thursday)

      There are quite a few new shows premiering this Fall. This is the lineup by days of the week. *I cannot sleep. I'm nervous so this is good for my nerves. I'm catching up on my tv watching.**

      Worst Week
      CBS 9:30PM (September 22)
      Comedy about a guy with bad luck. It's supposed to be really funny.
      Staring- Kyle Bornheimer, Kurtwood Smith(Red That 70s Show), Erinn Hayes, & Nancy Lenehan(most recently Kay Hickey on My Name is Earl)

      My Own Worst Enemy
      NBC 10PM (October 11)
      Drama- stay-at-home dad who by night is an international super spy but doesn't know that because the government has messed with his brains somehow. He leads a total double life.
      Staring- Christian Slater (yes, on TV!), Alfre Woodard, Madchen Amick, Saffron Burrows, Mike O'Malley
      A little tidbit about this show, it has not been seen by the press. Or anyone.

      Raising The Bar
      TNT 10PM (September 1)
      Drama- I've heard actually that it's Grey's Anatomy in court instead of in a hospital, just lawyers and judges instead of doctors and nurses. It's created by Steven Bochco (LA Law, Doogie Howser, M.D., Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue) and stars some tv favorites.
      Staring- Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack from Saved By the Bell with dark, longish hair), Gloria Reuban, Jane Kackzmarek, J. August Richards (from Angel)

      -I will try all of these probably. That means that I will watch one episode. I don't know if I will like Enemy.

      CW, 8PM (September 2)
      Drama- I was a huge fan of the original. I will be watching the premier because I have to for the teen in me. I still am unsure if there is supposed to be a "Brandon" and a "Donna" replacement, ya know? I know that there is (or was) a brother and sister that move to Beverly Hills with their parents. I guess we will see. No one has seen this yet either. They have re-written the pilot a few times.
      Staring-Shanae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, Dustin Milligan, Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky!), Rob Estes

      FOX, 8PM (September 9)
      I'm not sure I get it really but it's created by J.J. Abrams (Lost, MI 3, Alias) so that is not surprising. I don't know if that means I'll watch or not. Probably not because there is so much on in it's place. I bet a few of you will like it though
      Staring-Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Kirk Acevedo

      CW, 9PM (September 9)
      It's a little bit Nanny, little bit Gossip Girl, little bit Full House. It's a tween drama about a girl who becomes a tutor for two Palm Beach heiresses. I guess it's a little bit The Simple Life, too.
      Staring-Joanna Garcia (Cheyenne Reba with dark hair), Anne Archer, Lucy Hale, Ashley Newbrough, Allan Louis

      The Mentalist
      CBS, 9PM (September 23)
      Procedural drama about a police detective who is so highly aware and observant of human behavior, he seems psychic.
      Staring- Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti, Owain Yeoman, Tim Kang
      I like procedural dramas but this sounds a little like Psych. I might watch the first episode.

      Knight Rider
      NBC, 8PM (September 24)
      It's an extension of the 80s tv series. The car has changed from a Trans Am to a Mustang though. I have no intentions of watching.
      Staring-Justin Bruening, Sydney Poitier, Bruce Davison, Deanna Russo

      Gary Unmarried
      CBS, 8:30PM (September 24)
      A comedy about a recently divorced dad beginning to date again.
      Staring- Jay Mohr, Jaime King, Paula Marshall
      I will not be watching. I have not heard great things and I don't like Jay Mohr. I'm doubting this will be around for long.

      Do Not Disturb
      FOX, 9:30PM (September 10)
      A comedy about the inner workings of a boutique hotel called, The Inn.
      Staring-Jerry O'Connell, Niecy Nash, Jesse Tyler Ferguson
      Passing on this one too. I'm also guessing that this will be short-lived.

      CW, 9PM (October 22)
      Reality game show-type where people compete for a top job at ELLE.
      Staring-Anne Slowey, Elle's fashion news director
      Here is a great article on the show. It's up against Private Practice but I'll probably watch it just for the reasons stated at the end of that little piece. It seems juicy enough. I could give it a chance.

      Sons of Anarchy
      FX, 10PM (September 3)
      Drama about a motorcycle club that tries to protect their town. It's dark and dirty and looks good to me.
      Staring-Charlie Hunnam, Katy Sagal, Ron Perlman, Maggie Siff, Mitch Pileggi, Drea de Matteo
      I'm going to watch

      Kath & Kim
      NBC, 9:30PM (October 9)
      It's an adaptation of an Australian comedy about a mother-daughter duo. No one has seen it but the president of NBC says that it is the funniest show of the season.
      Staring- Molly Shannon, Selma Blair, John Michael Higgins, Mikey Day
      I love Molly Shannon so I will watch.

      Life On Mars
      ABC, 10PM (October 9)
      It's a mixture and a bit of a mystery. It was a 2006 tv show in the UK and then now, it's a show here. It's gone through some re-vamping though and no one has seen the completed version. The premise is that a man has an accident and wakes up in 1973. He doesn't know if he's in a coma or if he's crazy or what.
      Staring- Jason O'Mara, Michael Imperioli, Harvey Keitel, Gretchen Mol
      I will watch and see

      Eleventh Hour
      CBS, 10PM (October 9)
      Science fact drama brought to us by Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI,Without a Trace, Cold Case, The Amazing Race) about a biophysicist on call for the FBI helping them solve complex mysteries. No one has seen it.
      Staring- Rufus Sewell, Marley Shelton , Marc Blucas, Michael O'Keefe
      I'm giving it a shot

      Friday-Sunday to come...

      Tuesday, August 26, 2008

      Returning TV

      It's really ridiculous how excited I am about the 2008-2009 tv schedule. It's probably ridiculous how much I love tv. I watch a lot (LOT) of shows as most of you know and I will have to decide which ones to discuss here come premiere time. It all depends on what you want, of course. Whatever ya'll want to discuss is what I'll be writing about. Annnnnd probably more.

      So, continuing on with the Fall 2008 TV posts, here are the dates for our returning favorites (or not). The astericks are my favs(or shows I'll be watching at least). Make a note and set your DVRs and TiVos!!

      Tuesday, August 26 (that is tonight!)
      Greek (ABC Family), 9PM

      Monday, September 1
      *Gossip Girl (CW), 8PM
      One Tree Hill (CW), 9PM
      Prison Break (FOX), 8PM

      Tuesday, September 2
      The Sheild (FX), 10PM

      Wednesday, September 3
      *America's Next Top Model (CW), 8PM
      Bones (FOX), 8PM

      Sunday, September 4
      Entourage (HBO), 10PM (I watch a season behind on DVD)

      Monday, September 8
      Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX), 8 PM

      Wenesday, September 10
      Til Death (FOX), 9PM

      Thursady, September 11
      Kitchen Nightmares (FOX), 9PM

      Friday, September 12
      Don't Forget the Lyrics (FOX), 9PM

      Tuesday, September 16
      *Biggest Loser:Families (NBC) 8PM
      *House (FOX), 8PM

      Thursday, Sept 18
      It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX), 10PM
      Smallville,(CW), 8PM
      Supernatural (CW), 9PM

      Monday, Sept 22
      *The Big Bang Theory (CBS), 8PM
      How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 8:30PM
      Two and a Half Men (CBS), 9PM
      CSI:Miami (CBS), 10pm
      *Dancing with the Stars (ABC), 8PM
      Boston Legal (ABC), 10PM
      Dr. 90210 (E!), 10PM
      Heroes (NBC), 9PM

      Tuesday,Sept 23
      *Law & Order:SVU (NBC), 10PM
      NCIS (CBS), 8PM
      Without A Trace (CBS), 10PM

      Wednesday, Sept 24
      The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS), 8PM
      Criminal Minds (CBS), 9PM
      CSI:NY (CBS), 10PM
      *Lipstick Jungle (NBC), 10PM

      Thursday, Sept 25
      *My Name is Earl (NBC), 8PM
      The Office (NBC), 9PM
      ER (NBC), 10PM
      *Survivor:Gabon (CBS), 8PM
      *Ugly Betty (ABC), 8PM
      *Grey's Anatomy (ABC), 9PM

      Sunday, Sept 28
      *Amazing Race (CBS), 8PM
      *Cold Case (CBS), 9PM

      The Unit (CBS), 10 PM
      Extreme Makeover:Home Edition (ABC), 8PM
      *Desperate Housewives (ABC), 9PM
      Brothers & Sisters (ABC), 10PM
      The Simpons (FOX), 8PM
      King of the Hill (FOX), 8:30PM
      *Family Guy (FOX), 9PM (I watch reruns)
      American Dad (FOX), 9:30PM
      *Dexter (Showtime), 9PM (DVD)
      Californication (Showtime), 10PM

      Monday, Sept 29
      Chuck (NBC), 8PM
      Life (NBC), 10PM

      Wednesday, Oct 1
      **Pushing Daisies (ABC), 8PM
      *Private Practice (ABC), 9PM
      **Dirty Sexy Money (ABC), 10PM
      Friday Night Lights (Direct TV 101), 9PM

      Friday, Oct 3
      Everybody Hates Chris (CW), 8PM

      The Game (CW), 8:30PM
      Ghost Whisperer (CBS), 8PM
      Numb3rs (CBS), 10PM
      Wife Swap (ABC) 8PM
      *Supernanny (ABC) 9PM (sometimes)

      Sunday, Oct 5
      Girls Next Door (E!), 10PM

      Monday, Oct 6
      *Samantha Who? (ABC), 9:30PM

      Thursday, Oct 9
      CSI:Crime Scene Investigation (CBS), 9PM

      Tuesday, Oct 14
      Eli Stone (ABC), 10PM

      Thursday, Oct 30
      30 Rock (NBC) 8:30PM

      Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments or email them to me. More on new tv shows and scheduling to come...

      Monday, August 18, 2008

      Bye, Bye Baby

      I am embarrassed by how excitied I am about the 2008 Fall television season. Well, I guess I'm not too terribly embarrassed if I'm discussing it publicly, right? I'm sure it's because there were so many great shows that I fell in love with last year (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Lipstick Jungle, Cane, Big Shots) and I didn't get any time to watch them. We had the strike and then right after that was over, summer came.

      I'm starting by giving you a list of the shows that have not been picked up for the 2008-2009 season. If you have a question, email me and let me know. I'm working on the Fall schedule post. Also, let me know which shows you are gonna be watching and wanting to talk about soon! I'm gonna be (trying) to pick up the tv blogging when the shows come on again.

      On to the goners:


      1 vs 100, Amnesia, Bionic Woman, Clash of the Chiors, Journeyman, Las Vegas, My Dad is Better Than Your Dad, Phenominon, Quarterlife, The Singing Bee, Scrubs

      Scrubs' final season will air on ABC. I saw all the aired episodes of Quaterlife on Bravo! one day and it was good-ish. It was something I'd watch. I also think that a show like The Singing Bee should be on somewhere during the day.

      Men In Trees, Big Shots, Carpoolers, Cavemen, October Road, Woman's Murder Club, Cashmere Mafia, Miss Guided, Notes from the Underbelly, Oprah's Big Give, Here Comes the Newlyweds, Dance Wars:Bruno vs Carrie Ann

      You asked me about a few of these so, I know that some of you will agree with me, some of these just weren't given a chance. I don't know if some of them were ever gonna be good (ahem) but I some just needed a regular time slot and some stability.

      Moonlight, Shark, Jericho, Viva Laughlin, Welcome to the Captain, Secret Talents of the Stars, Kid Nation, Power of 10

      I liked Shark. I'm sad that Kid Nation is not coming back.

      The CW:
      Aliens in America, CW Now, Life is Wild, Online Nation, Beauty and the Geek, Crowned:The Mother of All Pageants, Pussycat Dolls Present:Girlicious

      I'm so shocked that Beauty and the Geek is cancelled. I like that show. I admit that I didn't watch last season and it's probably a little played out by now. Maybe they shouldn't have shows with colons in the titles anymore.

      Back to You, New Amsterdam, Nashville, Canterbury's Law, K-Ville, The Return of Jezebel James, The Next Great American Band, Unhitched

      Ok, truthfully, I only watched one painful episode of K-Ville because I hated it. I also tried to watch The Return of Jezebel James because of the cast. I couldn't do it. Obviously, I wasn't the only one.

      I'll be back later in the week with the new shows. Which show(s) are you sad to see go?

      Wednesday, June 4, 2008

      House Is A Mind Blower

      If you are not watching House, you are missing out on: excellent writing, acting, chemistry and story lines. I just (finally!) watched the last two episodes of season 4 last night, House's Head (Part One) and Wilson's Heart (Part Two). They were absolutely phenomenal. Every single member of the cast was great, solid. Hugh Laurie, of course, gives me chills.

      I think Hugh Laurie is simply amazing. I cannot find enough positive adjectives to describe him. They all do- brilliant, talented, attractive, funny, smart. His portrayal of Dr Gregory House is heartbreaking and chilling. I was really moved by him in these two episodes. I am always impressed with him, though.

      Go watch House. Go HERE to read about the show. If you just missed a few of season 4's episodes, you can watch them there. I did that last night. You can catch all of season 4's episodes on Fox. Check your local listings. Rent or Netflix the past seasons. You'll love it!!

      "I had a heart attack this morning. I can't do any more drugs until lunch." -Wilson's Heart

      "You gonna trust me? I lie about everything." -House's Head

      "Your biggest problem is I don't know what your biggest problem is." -House's Head

      "Genetic defect; nice" -No More Mr Nice Guy

      "That top makes you look like an afghani prostitute." -No More Mr Nice Guy

      "Run him for everything you can thing of:lepto, schisto, hemo, and the fourth Marx Brother nobody's ever heard of." -No More Mr Nice Guy

      "So syphilis prevents domestic violence? I'm gonna be even more attractive to the ladies." -No More Mr Nice Guy

      "The problem with sleeping with strangers is... they're strange." -It's A Wonderful Life

      "Dr Cuddy- the face that launched a thousand long faces." -Games

      That is all of the House-isms today! I'll do more later because they are funny!!

      Sunday, June 1, 2008

      Lost- Season Finale

      What did ya'll think? I watched it in St Thomas with my brother and Shannon and Luke. Luke was tipsy and coughing so I'll probably watch it again. Plus, I want to watch it after I've read all the blogs I like to read about it. Some initial reactions:

      • Sawyer is still cute but I liked him better (the best) when he and Kate had cage sex. Remember that? When they were on the other island in the Others' cages and they had dirty, semi-rough sex in the cage. Whoa! HO-OT!
      • Sun is AWESOME. Yunjin Kim is a brilliant actress.
      • Please no hooking up Sawyer and Juliet.
      • I felt sorry for Hugo when they were on the helicopter talking about extra weight! Awwwww :(
      • Claire was creepy and I hope we see more of her soon. I have read that we need to be focused on "What happened to Claire?" not "Is Claire dead." This came directly from the executive producers.
      • Also, from, Harold Perrineau says that Michael's death was not the way he wanted things to go.
      • Is Jin really dead? I'm hearing NO....
      • What really happened on the island after the 6 left?
      • How did Locke die? Why did he change his name? Why was even Walt calling him Jeremy Banthem?
      • Speaking of Walt, OMG! He got huge.

      So, that's what I got now. I know I'm leaving out a ton. Like...

      Tuesday, May 20, 2008

      Live From American Idol!

      Everything is DVR'ed so it's 9:25pm when I'm starting this. I only watch things DVR'ed now. I don't remember if I've said that so I'm saying it now.

      OK, a boxing theme, stupid.

      I'm a Cook fan. I think Davey is an "over-singer" who is cheesy and belongs on Broadway. I love theatre so, that's not a bad thing. I just think he can only sing certain songs. Boring ones, mostly.

      Neither have been in the bottom 2, that's true, wow! It surprises me how many people (girlies) are cheering for Cook. It seems they both are very good on stage both performing and interviewing. I truly believe that Davey will win going into the finals before I hear either of them sing. I think the judges want him to win, too. They've let him get away with whatever (except for Simon's comment about a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger which I really got) and kissed his little bee-hind every week.

      I really cannot stand Paula and not in that good way that I love to hate the villains on my fav shows. I wish they'd just do away with her and hire someone else.

      First round song is chosen by Clive Davis.
      Cook- "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2- I love this song. Cook's lips are so so so pretty. Sir Andrew Llyod Webber says don't be "brave".

      Davey- "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John (Lyrics by Bernie Taupin). Elton is one of my all time favorites ever. I know he's gonna over sing this. I'm just really glad that it's not a boring, cheesy song. I'm excited to hear him do it. Sir Webber says "Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shut On Me." But he "has it." He then contradicts himself by saying, "You don't win anything if you're not brave."

      Who is this other guy? He is annoying and unnecessary. (Don't we have enough of that with PA?)

      COOK- OK, the beard may be growing on me. I love Blue's so, ? Lovin him singing this song. I'd buy whatever he put out tomorrow. Oh, a little smile, lil shimmy shake, yeah... I don't like the end note, it's not at all Rock and Roll. I loved the performance though. LOVED!!
      (Randy liked the cheesy end, of course. Paula is gross.She always sounds like a cougar hitting on him. Simon, my man, says it was "phenomenal").

      DAVEY- Sitting on the steps, that's kinda cute, but hold up. What's with the big huge STAR on his shirt? There he goes with the squinting. I don't like the way he's singing it- all big and filled with the runs, oh the runs, Davey. Every note does not have to drag oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn. It's so "jazz hands"! And close his eyes for the beginning and the tweenies go wild.
      (Is Randy going to talk about the "telephone book"? No, the molten hot. Whatever. Paula- really? Something about sunshine. Simon- I think I'm gonna love him. Nope. He says it's the best he's done so far. I like that he delivered it more rationally though. Simon says the round goes to Davey)

      Round two is the song from the fans songwriting contest. I always hate these songs.
      I'm sure Davey's is silly.
      The boxer theme is really, really dorky.

      COOK- "Dream Big"
      I really like the guitar playing. The chorus is kinda catchy. Sexy expression after the chorus (what are we not judging on that? Why?) He has a star necklace on... Is this from Paula's jewelry line? It's an OK song but he is great!! I love him and his rocking lips. I love his throaty voice.
      (Randy liked his voice and thought the song was OK. Paula zzzzzz. Simon looks bored and says he's a "lightweight" and it wasn't a "winning moment.")

      *Is it awful that I have a tiny crush on Ryan Seacrest? He is a Georgia boy.

      DAVEY- "In This Moment"
      WTF is he wearing? Skinny jeans and an appliqued blazer? This is his type of song and I like him singing it. OMG! The back of the blazer. How can I even pay attention to the song? OK, this round is definitely Davey's. It's a better song and it's his thing, the big ballad.
      (Randy isn't crazy about the song but proves that he and Paula can be replaced by robots by saying "you could sing the telephone book," blah, blah, blah. His robot can say "You could sing the telephone book" and "Molten Hot Lava Vocals, Dawg!" Paula's could just sit there. She is blah, blah, blah... Simon thinks this song is better and gives the round to Davey.)

      Round three is contestant's choice.

      They could do a song they've already done? OH! Cook is doing Collective Soul's "It's the World I Know" which is a song I know and like but it's not a GREAT song. Why oh why doesn't he choose to do one his big hits? He wow'ed people with his renditions of "Billie Jean" or "Hello" or even "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". I think this is a mistake. Davey is redoing "Imagine" and it's a good choice.

      COOK- I like the red tie. I like this song a lot. Collective Soul is a good band. I'm so glad he is playing his guitar. I like some parts and some leave me wishing for the original version.
      Awwww, the emotion is really sweet. I always get emotional when other people do so I'm teary.
      (Randy likes the sensitive side of Cook. Paula thinks he is true. Simon says he is nice and sincere but the wrong choice. He thinks Cook should've sung "Billie Jean" or "Hello". Am I supposed to be putting song titles in quotes?) Anyway, Cook says that because he feels like the show is a progression, he chose to do something he hasn't done yet.

      DAVEY- Seriously, who dresses him? Full disclosur, I've never heard him sing "Imagine" before and I'm a HUGE fan of John Lennon singing it. I don't like the front of it but I am OK with it after awhile. I don't like the end but the middle was good. I like Lennon much better. THis kid just isn't my cup 'o tea so it's hard for me to be objective.
      (Randy loves it and talks about how the judges knew it'd be the two Davids. He says the best singer is "right there" pointing to Davey.Paula says she's speechless but isn't. Simon says it's a "knockout") Davey looks like he's gonna throwup. How can this be starpower? I guess my idea of rocker and star are different than other people.

      I do believe that Davey the child will win (and faint). I think that David Cook will be fine though. I think he will get a record deal and sell lots and lots of them. I am voting for him! Oh, look it's Reuban!! I love this song. I really do. That is all until tomorrow.

      Where the Hell Is Edie?

      I missed Edie. I know she's a bitch and all but I want her back.

      Thursday, May 8, 2008

      Grey's is Baaaack!

      I DVR everything now and I just started watching tonight's Grey's, but I had to comment on this. I think it's getting better and better. Examples:

      • Christina singing "Like A Virgin" while harvesting cadaver hearts. Awesome!
      • Alex scaring little "princesses" with his Snow White stories.
      • George going around handing out the Date-and-Tell papers and saying, "The Chief needs to know who you've slept with by the end of the day. Be thorough." And the exchange between he and Rose about "levels of intimacy" and George telling her they need to know "the highest" hahahahaha

      Check back in case I decide to post more.

      Saturday, January 26, 2008

      LOST- S.3 Finale

      To start off, my biggest questions

      Who is on Naomi's boat?

      Who was in the coffin?

      Who is the "he" Kate referred to in the flash foward?

      Why is Jack's beard not grey in the flash forward? Why is he talking about his father as if he's alive? Why do people talk about him being a hero but not a survivor of a plane crash?

      -I have no idea who is on Naomi's boat. Maybe she has been commissioned by Penny's father. The name Windmore has appeared more than once. I believe that Penny was shocked when she was talking to Charlie. She didn't know what he was talking about, right? Naomi did have a picture of Des and Penny (the picture) and she knew Des' name. I'm not one of those obsessed fans who is really smart and visits all the extra websites and plays all the games. I just watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks! Don't laugh at me and my guessing...

      -The flash forward was both shocking and upsetting for me. Weren't you upset that Jack is like that? Is that really how it will be FOR SURE? I'm just so confused about some things- his beard (a minor thing), his dad (maybe he was just drunk/high), the crash. I've read some other people's theories (and agree) that no one in the real world knows about the crash/island, etc... Oceanic, Dharma, whoever paid them (Jack, Kate, whoever else survives) to keep their mouths shut. Kate looked very well off, she's not in jail ("they" made her criminal past disappear), and the way they were talking at the end seemed like a deal had been made that Jack regrets.

      Some people speculate that Jack feels like he made a mistake by leaving the island because his life post-island sucks. He obviously has no one, is an addict, isn't with Kate, all of that. I see that and get it, of course. I also wonder if he was saying that he and Kate made a mistake by leaving because they left someone (more than one?) behind and he feels bad? Or they didn't send for help? None of the Survivors had much to go home to and they all had daddy issues. That really means nothing. I'm just blabbering.

      -Who is Kate referring to when she says "he'll wonder where I am" or whatever? Her husband (Sawyer), a child (it's 3 years post-island so, Sawyer's child)? My hopes, of course, are Sawyer. For now, I'm a Kate and Sawyer (Skater) fan. I think they belong together better than Jack and Kate do. But, for the record, as of now, I DO NOT like Juliet.

      -The coffin? Someone died that both Jack and Kate both are tied to, that upon reading about their death, Jack would call Kate, devastated. Someone died that would cause Jack to be pushed to the brink. He obviously was very unstable but, this news was earth-shattering for him. No one went to this person's funeral. Kate was surprised Jack would even think she'd go ("Why would I go?" said in a snarky voice). Who do you think it is?

      There are some theories and some I do not believe are:
      -someone we have not met

      Is it Juliet? (this is not my first guess but, seems to be what the easiest most obvious guess would be)

      I cried and cried for Charlie. Awwwwwwww.

      -Now, will Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter but it be "bad guys"? That would suck!

      Ok, my ramblings are over. I know that they are all over the place and not put together nicely. I hope I don't sound too ignorant. I'm very excited to see what everybody has to say, what everybody thinks, what everybody guesses.

      BTW, I'm extremely (beyond) boy crazy. I have been since before I can remember. It's probably a disease. Anyway, I love, love, love this show and the "others" and Survivors and anagrams and Dharma and what's up with all of it and the science behind everything. BUT, GOOD LORD!! Sawyer is hot. No, No, HOT. He is sexy when he is cutting up a freaking fish.

      Fickle girl that I am though can't help but love Jack's looooong legs. Whoo. Also, always fall a little harder for Jack when he's pissed and kicking ass. Loved when he was all crazy-mad at Ben and telling Tom he was gonna kill him at the end of the epi.