Saturday, January 26, 2008

LOST- S.3 Finale

To start off, my biggest questions

Who is on Naomi's boat?

Who was in the coffin?

Who is the "he" Kate referred to in the flash foward?

Why is Jack's beard not grey in the flash forward? Why is he talking about his father as if he's alive? Why do people talk about him being a hero but not a survivor of a plane crash?

-I have no idea who is on Naomi's boat. Maybe she has been commissioned by Penny's father. The name Windmore has appeared more than once. I believe that Penny was shocked when she was talking to Charlie. She didn't know what he was talking about, right? Naomi did have a picture of Des and Penny (the picture) and she knew Des' name. I'm not one of those obsessed fans who is really smart and visits all the extra websites and plays all the games. I just watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks! Don't laugh at me and my guessing...

-The flash forward was both shocking and upsetting for me. Weren't you upset that Jack is like that? Is that really how it will be FOR SURE? I'm just so confused about some things- his beard (a minor thing), his dad (maybe he was just drunk/high), the crash. I've read some other people's theories (and agree) that no one in the real world knows about the crash/island, etc... Oceanic, Dharma, whoever paid them (Jack, Kate, whoever else survives) to keep their mouths shut. Kate looked very well off, she's not in jail ("they" made her criminal past disappear), and the way they were talking at the end seemed like a deal had been made that Jack regrets.

Some people speculate that Jack feels like he made a mistake by leaving the island because his life post-island sucks. He obviously has no one, is an addict, isn't with Kate, all of that. I see that and get it, of course. I also wonder if he was saying that he and Kate made a mistake by leaving because they left someone (more than one?) behind and he feels bad? Or they didn't send for help? None of the Survivors had much to go home to and they all had daddy issues. That really means nothing. I'm just blabbering.

-Who is Kate referring to when she says "he'll wonder where I am" or whatever? Her husband (Sawyer), a child (it's 3 years post-island so, Sawyer's child)? My hopes, of course, are Sawyer. For now, I'm a Kate and Sawyer (Skater) fan. I think they belong together better than Jack and Kate do. But, for the record, as of now, I DO NOT like Juliet.

-The coffin? Someone died that both Jack and Kate both are tied to, that upon reading about their death, Jack would call Kate, devastated. Someone died that would cause Jack to be pushed to the brink. He obviously was very unstable but, this news was earth-shattering for him. No one went to this person's funeral. Kate was surprised Jack would even think she'd go ("Why would I go?" said in a snarky voice). Who do you think it is?

There are some theories and some I do not believe are:
-someone we have not met

Is it Juliet? (this is not my first guess but, seems to be what the easiest most obvious guess would be)

I cried and cried for Charlie. Awwwwwwww.

-Now, will Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter but it be "bad guys"? That would suck!

Ok, my ramblings are over. I know that they are all over the place and not put together nicely. I hope I don't sound too ignorant. I'm very excited to see what everybody has to say, what everybody thinks, what everybody guesses.

BTW, I'm extremely (beyond) boy crazy. I have been since before I can remember. It's probably a disease. Anyway, I love, love, love this show and the "others" and Survivors and anagrams and Dharma and what's up with all of it and the science behind everything. BUT, GOOD LORD!! Sawyer is hot. No, No, HOT. He is sexy when he is cutting up a freaking fish.

Fickle girl that I am though can't help but love Jack's looooong legs. Whoo. Also, always fall a little harder for Jack when he's pissed and kicking ass. Loved when he was all crazy-mad at Ben and telling Tom he was gonna kill him at the end of the epi.