Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Love The Boys!

I am really loving Entourage! LOVING it. It's such an amazing show with great characters and writing and acting. I have the biggest crush on Jeremy Piven it's ridiculous. I am on Season 3, Part 1. I just finished the episode where Ari and Barbara join together to form Miller-Gold (sounds like a beer), Vince and E screen the *new* Queens Boulevard and hate it. Vince tells the Hollywood Foreign Press that the studio only wants money and he doesn't want anything to do with it.

I'm very, very anxious to see the rest. All of Season 3 is available on DVD and I'm waiting for the last 2 DVDs from Netflix. It's taking forever, though. I sent in a ton of DVDs days ago and I have not received new ones. Anyway, who watches?

Please discuss!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm watching tonight's PR that I DVR'ed and I wasn't going to LIVE blog but, I had to. After I saw what the challenge is, I am loving it. I'm on L's work computer so, this is going to be a little bumpy but, hey, I can do it.

*Just so you know, I had really, really planned to blog about every episode of this season. I even took notes from episodes I didn't live blog. It is just too much. ESPECIALLY when no one really wants to discuss.*

So, Jack has something wrong with his nose? A bleed? He's HIV positive. I'm very worried about him. The book I'm reading right now, Best Friends by Martha Moody, is about a woman who becomes an AIDS doctor right at the beginning of it.

Heidi looks so good. I rarely dislike what she wears. I love that houndstooth skirt.

These women! They've lost an incredible amount of weight. How amazing. Very inspiring. 160 lbs... She lost 160 lbs. WOW! Just OH MY.

Poor Steven got the wedding dress lady. "Death on a stick." That's funny. I cannot wait to see what he'll do. I hope they give them something they can actually wear and not something too avaunt guard, ya know?

Oh, now, Victorya is pissing me off with her comments and Kevin and Elisa are being sweet. Steven is really cracking me up!

**FYI- Kit, the very, very blonde girl works for the E! Network. She dresses the news people and stuff.

OHHHH, Steven is doing a black and white dress! I love black and white. I think it's tres elegant. I think Steven does well.

Oh, it's Jack's lip? His face. Poor thing. What a devastating thing! I am going to cry. He's leaving! Oh, sad sad sad sad.Are we going to be updated on how he is doing? I really hope so. Please remember to get tested, wear a condom every time you have sex and educate yourself, your children, etc.

Ok, *wipe face*, another surprise! YAY! Chris is back. I really LOVE him and it seems like so does everyone else. I'm glad they did that. I think it's fab that he gets to come back for this particular challenge, too, right?

Christian, arghhhhh.

I really hope we see some colors besides black and white. I love black, red and white but, c'mon!

Oh, what are they doing with the wedding dress?

How much do I love Tim and his comments? LOVES it! I told Lindsey the other day that Tim can compliment the outfit or eviscerate it, all in the same tone. Oh, a dirty joke! Tee-hee-hee...

I always love to see what the designers wear on Judgement Day. I also really am in awe that an outfit is actually made.

Christian, yes, of course you think your outfit is the best and everyone else's is "God awful hideous." He's a little punk.

Oh, and Ricky is crying. I cannot blame him or rag on him too much because I'm a cryer. No, an extreme cryer. Like he is. People are all the time asking, "Why the hell are you crying?"

I love the hair and makeup! LOVE LOVE. I couldn't sew or design an outfit to save my soul (I could shop for one, for sure!) but I could do hair and makeup. It was also a dream once upon a time. You know, along with writing, acting, being a nurse, midwife...

HA HA! I'm giggling. How cute is Steven, panicked and gluing?

Let's Start the Show

Her model, Erika, lost 60 lbs. She created a red halter dress with black details. Cute.

His model, Penny, lost 65 lbs and had jeans and a tee, maybe? I love the outfit Ricky created for her. It's a v-neck tunic in a goldish tan color with brown accents and tight jean Capri's. She looked great.

I have to tell ya'll that I'm tired of writing about people going down the runway. I was gonna do everybody, then just the ones I liked, then just the ones worth mentioning good or bad, but AGHHHHH! Let's wait until the judges narrow it down.

But, P.S. I HATE what Elisa did.
OMG, LOVE what Kevin did.
Ohhhh, Steven....

High and Lows-
I love it. He did a great job with a yellow blazer. MK picked on the leggings. Eh

It's gross. Tracy, the model, says she likes it. The judges are killing Elisa. They say it's not Tracy. It's the garbage to me.

Talking about how she didn't use the original shirt but, loved the dress. I liked it too.

Heidi calls him Steve and that doesn't suit him. The judges want to know what of the original piece did he use and why did he pick black fabric.MK said "French maid". I think he could've done something great with the black and white. He did not.

He loves his jackets and the judges love 'em, too. I hate to say that the outfit does look good. It does.

It's very costume-y. That's what he does. It's not bad it's just not wearable. MK says "hooker with a heart of gold"

The winner should be- KEVIN and they seem to like it, too.
The one who needs to go- ELISA

The results:
Winner- Christian (Boooooo)
Out- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's Steven. What a horribly sad episode. :( Jack and Steven both gone... Boo-hoo.

I'm pissed.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

" The Nutcracker"

The annual Darling Nutcracker
I love that black and white couch on which Tish and Tripp are sitting. Juliet and Kai are seated in the loveseat to the far right.

Last week on DSM, we learned that Brian was Dutch's son. Oh, the watch! How sweet, right? Jeremy and his crazy quest to be poor and enlisting Lisa's help. Lisa?! Funny... How do I feel about Karen and Simon? Does she know what she's doing? Hmmmmmm? This week, Jeremy and Lisa get closer. Nick finds out about Karen and Simon and doesn't like it.

Hey! I'm LIVE blogging. (LIVE blogging for those who don't know means I'm watching while blogging) Jeremy is playing with fire. He is going to get hurt and hurt Sofia, too.

What is Lisa even doing? Why is she going along with this? What's in it for her?

loving Lisa's coat

Carmalita is getting on my nerves. Really.

Awwww, Tripp meets with Brian. *Sigh* B's such a meanie, no cracks in his shell. Finally the church is taking action. I was kinda wondering how he got away with all of his "behavior" without the church saying anything.

Simon and Karen. Karen and Simon. What's he up to? He's smarmy. I cannot imagine that he actually likes Karen. I also think Karen is much smarter than she wants some to believe and she will not hurt Tripp. Is Nick going to tell Tripp? Is he jealous?

Yay! Juliet is back- Samarie Armstrong was gone last week because she was in treatment for personal reasons. I really like her and the character. Ohhhh, who's the guy?

I love mama Darling and B's heart-to-heart over B's foot bath! How very posh. It was a good honest talk and glimpse of B's thoughts.

So, Simon thinks Nick is with him- stealing the Darlings' financial reports- but Nick tells Tripp everything. Tripp gives Karen the papers to give to Nick to give to Simon. (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah) Then, when Nick leaves Tripp, he calls someone... who? Am I stupid? Probably. Sometimes I don't follow well.

Karen to Nick: "You gonna "Nutcracker" with the fam tonight?" (I like it)

Ahhhh, Carm-ah-freakin-lita! She's just getting on my nerves this week. I hate when he's (Patrick) called "Paddy".

Good talk between Tripp and B. I liked. I think it was sweet. And smart.

Jeremy and Lisa- again, Lisa is crazy and bored or something. I love Jeremy the way you love a puppy who pees on the floor but is so cute with the floppy ears and big eyes but... What is her motive? Chillax

Karen looks stunning at Simon's when she goes to meet him and his ex-wife, the Princess of Ghana. WTH? What is his game here? She approves? That whole sitch is fonky and I'd leave if I were Karen.

Oh lordy clorde, Clarke and Carmalita, kinda funny. Hard boiled eggs.

The stoners- Jeremy and Lisa. Too freaking odd. Crying and all "deep" thoughts... "If you were mine, I'd be a couch potato." What every girl wants to hear, right?
I messed up the picture when I moved it. Sorry!!

Kiki and her obsession with being rich is cute. I'm not trying to be mean cause she's very very cute, whoever plays Kiki George (her telling Karen Darling that her dress was pretty, awwww), I just loved Elle Fanning in the pilot.

Hmmmm, did Patrick have something to do with Carmalita's disappearance/death? Is she dead?

Looka B in a suit! Getting into the Darling Enterprises "ring"... on God's command, of course. I think he'll be great.

Whoa! Nicky's all fired up about Karen crying. He is telling Simon to stay away from her. I want to know more about Nick and Karen. Why didn't she accept his proposal?

$35 Billion?!? Whoa... Big surprise that Sofia walked out on Jeremy. Right?

Kai says Juliet very cute. She met him on Karen's honeymoon? He was just kinda random... huh?

OK, so maybe Lisa was just feeling a little lonely, un-noticed, bored. That's why she went along with all of Jeremy's drama. She's been through a lot with the Darlings, Karen, Nick and his dad. It's a lot for a wife. You can feel invisible at times. So, a new baby. OK. I don't know.

Karen is "in it", too, with Tripp against Simon. What's going to happen now? Can she be all that Tripp wants her to?

I DVR'ed, did they show scenes from another episode? Until then...

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Aftermath

Luke and I watched DH last night and Whoa! It was gooooood. I thought there was a great mix of drama (Susan falling down the stairs, which I've been waiting for, Sylvia and Katherine sparring in the street, Sylvia locking herself in Bree's bathroom, the tornado itself) and comedy (Carlos: "You're supposed to pack the essentials. Is that a boa? Gaby: "If you're taking me somewhere I don't need a boa, I don't want to go!", etc).

Mary Alice told us in the beginning that one of them [the Housewives] would lose a husband and they would all lose a friend. I think that after the fence post went straight through Victor, we can say he's dead. He is legally Gaby's husband, sooooo, there you go.

Who else? Sylvia is obviously dead but, she's not a friend to anyone. Her getting sucked out the door was funny. She was a kook. I think Katherine is, too, though. I'd rather someone punch me than spit on me.

I loved Bree in this episode! Luke (who has never watched before) said I was just like her! I'm not, of course, but he said that because she invited Sylvia in to get the dirt on Katherine. Loved her "I can't help it if I have a sympathetic face!" line. Oh, and the anti-bacterial soap part. Ha ha... So, are Bree and Katherine friends now? Maybe there is a tiny bridge but, there is still the big secret about Dylan. I don't trust Katherine.

Mike pissed me off. I think I might've kept him cuffed to the chair! I hope he really gets help. I'm glad Susan finally stood up for herself and her baby. I hope she follows through with it.

As for the friend who is dead, I think it's Ida. I don't think it's Tom or the Scavo kids. I think Ida was probably dead before the tornado came (when Lynette thought she was sleeping).


When the tornado strikes, Victor and Carlos end up duking it out over Gabrielle.
"Carlos survives by ducking into the shelter of a house, but
Victor is killed
after a piece of flying white picket fence pierces his
body," said the insider." Baseball fanatic Ida Greenberg, played by Pat Crawford Brown, also dies in the storm - and her neighbors honor her memory by scattering her ashes over a
baseball field.

This is part one of two but, part two hasn't been given an air date.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Twister Is Coming

Who is ready for the twister tomorrow night on Desperate Housewives? I've heard that 2 people die and I've heard a few different theories on who those people may be. Victor Lang and Edie Britt are two major contenders according to many sources. I wouldn't mind this happening.

Edie's stories/character has gone flat, pathetic even. I thought her relationship with Carlos was so boring and not at ALL hot. No chemistry. She has seemed old and pathetic for most of the past two seasons. Except when she wore that amazingly beautiful white Michael Kors coat (only shown in houndstooth). That coat is a dream.

Victor and Gaby have always driven me crazy. I've never liked them. I've always thought Gaby and Carlos were hot, hot, hot. Now that we (and Gaby and Carlos) know that Victor is alive, something has to happen. Gaby isn't going to die so, it's gotta be Victor. My question is why hasn't Gaby said anything about what she heard on her wedding day? She overheard Victor and his father talk about how marrying her was good for the Latino vote.

Another rumor, Tom will die. I really, really, really hope this is not true. Lynette and Tom are the only couple that have been together from the beginning. They have made it through a lot. I have to say that Felicity Huffman deserves AT LEAST an Emmy nomination, if not the win. I don't know who she'd be against.

So, 2 people die and the whole town is destroyed. What else is going to happen to the residents of Wisteria Lane? Shoeaddict Says that Susan needs to tell Mike to get the hell out and get some help. He needs to quit using the baby as an excuse for using drugs and she needs to tell him that! Why can't she get a job? Isn't she a book author? Write a book!

Who do you think will die? What do you think will happen now that Susan knows that Mike is using again?