Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall 2009- We Are Back!

I've been just dying for Fall tv to come back. I had lots of good times with Jeff and Jordan on Big Brother, Kyra's hair was fabulous on The Closer and my mama liked More to Love. But, it's time for some REAL tv.

I wasn't sure that I would keep up with this blog but a comment from KatieBug made me see the light. I love tv. I love talking about it. If no one reads, oh well. And if I can't keep up in a few months when Baby arrives, oh well.

First, I'll give you a list of what premiers when. I'll start from last week when things began. I'm including new shows (shown with a *). Times are Eastern.

Tuesday, Sept 8
90210, 8pm (CW)
*Melrose Place, 9pm (CW) (it's still in the DVR. I didn't watch MP the first time around but am a huge fan of the original 90210)
Sons of Anarchy, 10pm (FX)

Wednesday, Sept 9
America's Next Top Model, 8pm (CW)
*Glee, 9pm (Fox) (love it)
So You Think You Can Dance, 8pm (Fox)

Thursday, Sept 10
Supernatural, 9pm (CW)
*The Vampire Diaries, 8pm (CW) (eh, watched the first episode... jury's still out on if I'll watch the next)

Friday, Sept 11
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 8pm (Fox)

<u>Saturday, Sept 12
America's Most Wanted, 9pm (Fox)
Cops, 8pm (Fox)

Monday, Sept 14
Gossip Girl, 9pm (CW)
*The Jay Leno Show 10pm (NBC) (not watching but it got good reviews)
One Tree Hill, 8pm (CW)

Tuesday, Sept 15
The Biggest Loser, 8pm (NBC)

Wednesday, Sept 16
*The Beautiful Life, 9pm (CW) (I'm going to watch the first episode to see what it's about)

Thursday, Sept 17
Bones, 8pm (Fox)
*Community, 9:30pm (NBC) (This is the Joel McHale and Chevy Chase sitcom. I'm anxious to see it)
Fringe, 9pm (Fox)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 10pm (FX)
The Office, 9pm (NBC)
Parks and Recreation, 8:30pm (NBC)
*Saturday Night Live:Weekend Update Thursday, 8pm (NBC)
Survivor:Somoa 8pm (CBS)

Monday, Sept 21
*Accidentally on Purpose, 8:30pm (CBS) (looking forward to it)
The Big Bang Theory, 9:30pm (CBS)
Castle, 10pm (ABC)
CSI:Miami, 10pm (CBS)
Dancing with the Stars, 8pm (ABC)
Heroes, 8pm (NBC)
House, 8pm (Fox)
How I Met Your Mother, 8pm (CBS)
Two and a Half Men, 9pm (CBS)

Tuesday, Sept 22
Dancing with the Stars, 8pm (ABC)
*The Forgotten, 10pm (ABC) (maybe?)
*The Good Wife, 10pm (CBS) (I'm excited for this one)
NCIS, 8pm (CBS)
NCIS: Los Angeles, 9pm (CBS)

Wednesday, Sept 23
*Cougar Town, 9:30pm (ABC) (This is the new Courtenay Cox sitcom. I might watch)
Criminal Minds, 9pm (CBS)
CSI:NY, 10pm (CBS)
*Eastwick, 9pm (ABC) (This has Lindsay Price and Rebecca Romjin. I'm looking forward to it)
Gary Unmarried, 8:30pm (CBS)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, 9pm (NBC)
*Modern Family, 9pm (ABC)
The New Adventures of Old Christine, 8pm (CBS)

Thursday, Sept 24
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 9pm (CBS)
*Flash Forward, 8pm (ABC)
Grey's Anatomy, 9pm (ABC)
The Mentalist, 10pm (CBS)

Friday, Sept 25
*Brothers, 8pm (Fox)
Dollhouse, 9pm (Fox)
Ghost Whisperer, 8pm (CBS)
Law & Order, 8pm (NBC)
Medium, 9pm (CBS) (Changed channels)
Numb3rs, 10pm (CBS)
Smallville, 8pm (CW)
Southland, 9pm (NBC)

Saturday, Sept 26
Saturday Night Live, 11:30pm (NBC)

Sunday, Sept 27
60 Minutes, 7pm (CBS)
The Amazing Race, 8pm (CBS)
American Dad, 9:30pm (Fox)
Brothers & Sisters, 10pm (ABC)
Californication, 10pm (Showtime)
*The Cleveland Show, 8:30 (Fox)
Cold Case, 10pm (CBS)
Desperate Housewives, 9pm (ABC)
Dexter, 9pm (Showtime)
Extreme Makeover:Home Edition 7pm (ABC)
Family Guy, 9pm (Fox)
The Simpsons, 8pm (Fox)

<u>Monday, Sept 28
Lie to Me, 9pm (Fox)
*Trauma, 9pm (NBC) (I'm gonna try it. It's a nurse drama)

Tuesday, Sept 29
Dancing with the Stars, 9pm (ABC)
Hell's Kitchen, 8pm (Fox)

Wednesday, Sept 30
*Hank, 8pm (ABC)
The Middle, 8:30 (ABC)

Thursday, Oct 1
Private Practice, 10pm (ABC)

<u>Friday, Oct 2
'Til Death, 8:30pm (FOX)
Stargate Universe, 9pm (SyFy)

Sunday, Oct 4
America's Funniest Home Videos, 7pm (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, 8pm (ABC)
*Three Rivers, 9pm (CBS) (I'll probably try it)

Tuesday, Oct 6
Scare Tactics, 9pm (SyFy)

Friday, Oct 9
sanctuary, 10pm (SyFy)
Ugly Betty, 8pm (ABC) (I can't believe they are moving this show to Friday night)

Thursday, Oct 15
30 Rock, 9:30pm (NBC)

Friday, Oct 16
Supernanny, 8pm (ABC)

Let me know if there are new shows you want to hear more about. And tell me what shows you are going to watch (new or returning) so I'll know which ones we can talk about.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

AI- Motown Week

I love Motown. I'm excited to see what they are going to do!

Matt - Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"- what an awesome song. I love it. I have high hopes for Matt's performance, too. Oh, yes, I love it from the first note. Great, great job. Great vocals and stage presence.
Randy- great run at the end, challenging others for top spot
Kara- girls saying "yeah", came out of shell, solid performance
Paula- comfortable, sexy/cool vibe, tasteful, classy riffs, respectful of the melody
Simon- brilliant choice, corny bit, cool performance, voice suits the song, front runner

Kris- Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is"- His face is so so cheesy when he sings! I know that some people dig it though. I think that he will do well. Smokey Robinson is impressed. I hate his shirt. I really like the song, if I don't look at him. He did a good job. I like the arrangement. I just think that the faces he makes are horrible. HORRIBLE. What a goober.
Kara- did his own, made his mark on the song, did everything right
Paula- great song, infectious personality, hit a great end note, proud
Simon- (please say something about his faces)- great version of song, believe in yourself, more conceited
Randy- consistent, keep in stride

Scott- Diana Ross and The Supreme's "You Can't Hurry Love"- I think Scott is adorable but doesn't belong this far in the competition. SIL would disagree. I think I said that last week. It's too slow. He's not bad, just not good. His piano skills are good, better than his vocals.
Paula- brought something different[from before], loved the beginning
Simon- (oh god) (yeah he don't likey), terrible, honky-tonk sound, wrong song, cheap
Randy- hotel-kinda performance, gotta take risks, not right song, average
Kara- brought tempo, wasn't crazy about taking liberties with the melodies

Megan- Stevie Wonder's "For Once In My Life"- I don't like the way it's sounding with Smokey. I like her though. I think she is pretty and cute and has gorgeous hair. I know the tattoo turns some off but not me. Maybe that is a generation thing? She looks great! I don't love the song. At least she is not just standing there doing the "quirky dance." I don't dislike the dance but I don't think she needs to do it for every song. She is kinda screechy at the end.
Randy- likes outfit, song was train wreck, didn't fit with the jazzy thing, rushed, didn't feel it
Kara- suggests "My Guy", bad notes, weird phrasing, taken over by song
Paula- stunning beauty, agrees with the others, keys wrong
Simon- horrible, vocals all over, in trouble

Anoop- "Oh Baby, Oh Baby" from The Miracles and Smokey Robinson- I'm anxious to see his performance. I like him a lot. He's adorable. Oh, the cheesy sitting on the edge of the stage beginning- yuch. He looks good. I like the song, his voice is great. It's a little boring. That may just be the song.
Kara- a hard song to sing- connected to some parts and didn't in some, overall good
Paula- new confidence, phrasing and delivery spot-on and sweet
Simon- great vocal, looked half asleep, boring (totally agree!)
Randy- turn it back up, nice, little pitchy

Michael- Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud To Beg"- Let me just say that I believe that he or Scott should've gone home last week. I don't know why he is still here over Alexis Grace. He seems to enjoy performing, which makes it fun. He has a nice voice there is just something I don't love about it. I don't like all the "showboating" I call it.
Paula- felt Las Vegas loungey (YES!), didn't reach high notes
Simon- couldn't wait for it to end, screamed and shouted, not good
I missed Randy and Kara- they didn't like it either

Lil- Martha and the Vandella's "Heat Wave"- She should just kill this week. This seems to be right up her alley. Says that she "wants to make them proud, the one's who have paved the way"- so sweet. I love her look this week. She looks great!! I like the hair. I don't like the song choice. She needs some kinda pronunciation training. The way she pronounces some words just kills me and you can hear it in the song. Her vocal talent is good though.
Randy- didn't like the front of the song, not the right kinda song for her, has a big voice (I agree that it wasn't the best song)
Kara- need more, not good song choice, screaming
Paula- disagrees, looked unbelievable, fresh vocal
Simon- authentic tribute but not a good song, suggested "Heard It Through the Grapevine", one of the best singers in the competition

Adam- Smokey Robinson/Miracles's "Tracks of My Tears" It's no secret to anyone that I DO NOT like Adam. I strongly do not like him. I am not familiar with this song so maybe I can just appreciate his vocals. He should wear his makeup the same on stage that he did at practice. Oh, I like the look!! Um, never mind, I know this song. DUH! I have to say that I really like the performance. A lot. OMG a standing O from Smokey- what an honor.
Kara- one of the best performances of the night
Paula- own league, loved the clean look, handsome, exciting
Simon- THE best performance of the night, Smokey is brilliant, emerged as a star(Adam, not Smokey)
Randy- hot, da bomb
(good, no talking after- I usually fast forward that anyway)

Danny- The Temptations' "Get Ready"- I love Danny. He is one of my favorites, if not the favorite. He looks good, better than the big white coat. I love the energy! I love the performance. He didn't follow Smokey's advice to sing where the back ground singers sing. I think that it's good though. I liked the front of the song more though.
Paula- undeniable, identifiable, reliable
Simon- clumsy and amateurish, good singer
Randy- Levi Stubbs, not the best, loved the energy
Kara- good not great

Allison- The Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"- wants to show her "funk side" and I think she will. I hope she remembers the lyrics on the stage. I liked the top of her outfit and her hair and makeup. She is seriously an amazing singer. I can't believe that child is so young. She
Randy- dopest singers, blazing hot
Kara- Oh My God!, amazing, gift from God
Paula- [has a drawn on mustache-um,ok], awesome, beautiful
Simon- survivor, one of her best, well done

My bottom three-

Scott should go though. It's time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol: Week 2, Country Week

I have not written here in awhile! I've been so far behind on my show-watching that I just hurry and watch stuff and don't blog. I thought that since I am sick in bed today, I'd blog while watching AI and other shows. Hopefully, I'll get pretty caught up.

It's country week at AI and I am excited. I love country music, grew up with it, and listen to it all the time. I am also excited because I don't think that everyone will do well with it and that is always fun! I hated Adam Lambert last week but was in the minority, so I just can't wait to see what song he butchers/over performs/shouts.

Ya'll do know that I have a little crush on Ryan Seacrest, right? Just letting everyone know that.

Michael Sarver- I think that he will be okay. I like the song that he is singing, "Ain't Goin' Down 'Til the Sun Comes Up," which was originally done by Garth Brooks. It's a song that is very fast and wordy(I know all the words), don't know if it's such a great choice. I like his outfit. He stumbles on some words and doesn't open his mouth wide enough. He is not Garth Brooks, no way. Overall, it wasn't bad. It wasn't great.
JUDGES- Randy- cool song choice, didn't bring out his vocal capabilities
Kara- had some good spots, showed his personality, impressive that he remembered the words, misses the big notes from him
Paula- great song, allowed him to have fun, genre suits him well
Simon- should've been good, couldn't understand the words, bit clumsy, would give it a 1.2 on a scale of 1-10
I'd give it a 6.

Allison Iraheta- Great song choice, "Blame It On Your Heart," from Patty Loveless, who I love. Randy Travis says that he is not sure he's ever heard maturity in a voice like he did in hers. Her outfit is cute but I don't like her hair. I think that she is singing the song well but this is not her forte.
JUDGES- Kara- could sing the alphabet, every week gets better
Paula- another rock solid performance, rock edge, choose songs that allow vulnerability
Simon- good, a little bit tuneless at parts, seemed was struggling with words, precocious
Randy- not precocious but dope

Kris Allen- He is singing one of my FAVORITE songs. Blue and I used to dance to it in our living room many years ago during some rough times. It was originally written and performed by Bob Dylan but has been covered a lot. Garth Brooks did a great cover for the soundtrack of Hope Floats, a movie and soundtrack that I love. I hope he does a good job. Is it a good idea for him to be sans guitar? I don't like the word grouping(arrangement), it's awkward and slow and cheesy. His voice is good but, I don't like the boy band-y spin. I don't know what it is.
JUDGES- Paula- pleasantly surprised, honest and pure, pitch moments,
Simon- terrific(he is into the boy band-y sound), was in control, wasn't over-the-top, genuinely thinks he has a shot
Randy- went out on a limb (what??), loved it, tender
Kara- didn't sound country, was beautiful
(I guess I was wrong?? I still think what I thought)

Lil Rounds- Read this week that Lil is her real name, not a nickname. She says that she is nervous about putting her R&B into the country song. She is doing "Independence Day" by Martina McBride. She is slowing it down and the beginning is a little strange to me. I like the chorus much better.
JUDGES- Randy- interesting, agrees with me about the front and end of the song, was a'ight for him (and me too)
Kara- talks about the second half being better, gives props for singing a song that was different
Paula- looks beautiful, should not have sung two verses
Simon- calls her Little, uncomfortable, wedding song, wasn't Lil (aka Little)

Adam Lambert- Ok, *clearing throat*, I have a few problems with this kid. I am not down with all the freaking makeup. We get it, you are gay, you are "different", whatever. He needs to use a lighter hand with the bronzer and eye liner. I HATE that gold lame' jacket and necklace and gloves. NO! He's doing "Ring Of Fire," a song by Johnny Cash, a favorite of ours. I hate the arrangement in practice. It's not as bad on stage but his over singing and cheeseballness are just too much for me. Johnny is rolling over in his grave. Oh, goodness, the end is awful. All that wailing, really? Wonder what mom thought since she LOVES him. Ugh!
JUDGES- Kara- never seen that kind of interpretation, got the drama, the arrangement was strange, but she liked it
Paula- true to himself, great song choice, loved the Middle Eastern sound
Simon- what the hell was that, don't go to Nashville, indulgent rubbish (I TOTALLY agree), horrific
Randy- Nine Inch Nails doing country, fresh

Scott MacIntyre- Gus loves this guy. She voted for him last night while we were in the car and she hadn't even heard him. Not voted once or twice either. She (and her mom) are single-handily keeping him in this competition. I like this guy, of course, who doesn't? He is sweet and likable and tries very hard. I don't think that he is all that good of a singer though. I like the piano. He is doing Martina McBride's "Wild Angels." Everyone is slowing down the songs. I think that it works for him. I thought it was okay. His hair looks so much better. It's not as puffy.
JUDGES- Paula- lovely performance, piano a crutch, mix it up
Simon- calls Paula stupid, similar to last week, likes him a lot, forgettable
Randy- looking for hot and crazy vocals but not getting it, safe
Kara- up your game, bring class and poise to the stage

Alexis Grace- "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, who is an old favorite. I loved her when I was a kid. That is one of my favorite songs that she does, too. I have high hopes for this performance. Her vocals are really good, of course. It was kinda weird to me- the styling of it.
JUDGES- Randy- pitchy
Kara- lost her edge, should've done "Last Name" or "Before He Cheats" or something edgy, flat
Paula- song was effective, artistic approach, likes the vulnerable side
Simon- okay, sound alike, not original, forgettable

Danny Gokey- I love Danny! I think that he did such an awesome job last week. He's doing "Jesus, Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. I like the coat but maybe not in white. He has such a great voice but I don't know if this is the right song. There are so many that he could've chosen. I like the chorus better than the verse. I like the second part better than the first. I just love him.
JUDGES- Kara- agrees with me about front and back of song,
Paula- brilliant, Carrie Underwood would buy that record
Simon- doesn't think that C.U. would buy it, doesn't like the coat
Randy- agrees with Kara, gotta support the verses, great singer

Anoop Desai- OMG, all these people are doing my favorites. He's doing a known favorite of mine, "Always On My Mind" by the great Willie Nelson. I love it. It's my favorite performance of the night so far.
JUDGES- Paula- he's back, proud of song choice, touched her
Simon- from zero to hero, favorite performance of the night, deserves to be there, glad to have him back
Randy- can really sing, liked the arrangement
Kara- amazing, best performance of the night

Megan Joy- She is doing "I Go Out Walking After Midnight" by Patsy Cline. I think that she is going to do really great. I love her dress but her boobs look weird. I love her hair. I liked it. It was cute. I thought there were some vocal problems though.
JUDGES- Randy- was nervous, all worked, good work
Kara- perfect song and look, compliments her spirit because she has the flu and did well
Paula- tells us that Megan has been in the hospital and did well
Simon- should have the flu all the time, looks beautiful but a little too made up

Matt Giraud- Is doing "So Small" by Carrie Underwood. His voice is really good. I like the arrangement. I liked it a lot.
JUDGES- Kara- true artist, amazing, love
Paula- authentic, honest, pierced hearts
Simon- doesn't have enough credit, out sang Danny, remind him of Michale Buble, one of the best of the night
Randy- best tonight, got it going on

I liked Anoop and Matt the best.
Michael Sarver or (sorry, Gus!) Scott need to go.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Chef in New Orleans

Last week's episode made me crave gumbo and crawfish. It is very cool to see New Orleans on the show. Did ya'll know that Emeril Lagasse is a yankee? He is connected to New Orleans because he became executive chef of Commander's Palace in 1982 and then he opened his own restaurant, Emeril's, in 1990.

Anyway, back to the show. I didn't blog about last week's episode. Jeff came back and he had to win to move on to this last round and he didn't. Carla won and I think she maybe could win it all. Fabio went home last week and I was so upset. I loved him! So, Carla, Hosea and Stefan are left for the finale and to compete for the Top Chef title.

The three finalists have breakfast on the Creole Queen a padlewheeler in the Mississippi River. Carla talks about how she just needs to do the "food that got her here" to win. Hosea talks about how Carla and Stefan own their own businesses and he doesn't. Stefan just has a cuss-filled rant about how he's the best and Hosea isn't. I think the judges said differently last week, buddy.

After breakfast, they go to the Historic New Orleans Collection (which I've never been to but would like to) and meet Padma and Tom in the courtyard. Tom tells them their final challenge is a "pretty simple one" and that they have to cook them, "the best three course meal of their life." (Umm, just noting that Tom looks especially good today. His shoulders look extra broad in that black/gray coat- love that!) He tells them that can use whatever proteins they want and that they will be serving head-to-head. He reminds them that it's a three-course-meal and that they do not have to make a dessert.

Padma tells they that they will be cooking their meal at Commander's Palace. How appropriate that we just discussed that restaurant. I've never been there either. I've never eaten there. She tells them that they will serve the next day to a table of "12 judges and distinguished guests." They have 2 hours to prep at the Audubon Tea Room that night and then 3 hours to cook the next day at CP.

Tom then tells them that they also get help. Carla says that she doesn't think it will be previous contestants because they already brought Jeff back. Then we see three contestants from seasons past finales- Marcel, Casey and Richard. There is a block of knives in front of the contestants. They will draw them to see in what order they will chose their sous chef. Carla goes first because she won the last challenge. She gets 3. Stefan gets offered to pull next but lets Hosea pull and he gets 1. Stefan has 2.

Hosea says that Marcel reminds him too much of Stefan. He picks Richard. Stefan picks Marcel which is so appropriate. Carla gets Casey and I think that is good, too. I like them and that is who I want to win as of now. Go Carla!

They are dismissed and head to the Audubon Tea Room. Everyone starts looking for the proteins immediately. Hosea grabs the foie gras and Hosea and Marcel are looking for it. Stefan pitches a fit because Hosea got all of it and he says (Stefan) that he wants two loaves. Hosea tries to compromise and Stefan acts like an ass. What a shocker! Carla picks shrimp, it seems. Hosea talks about ideas. Stefan then sees that Hosea has all the caviar and gets all upset.

Casey wants to convince Carla to sous-vide the sirloin, a technique she has never done. She seems a little uneasy. Hosea says that he noticed what they were talking about and wonders if Casey is taking over. Stefan tells us that his mom was a chef in his native Finland and that cooking simple food is "sexier than doing a bunch of bullsh**." There is more running around and then, the two hours is up and everyone says goodbye.

It's the next day and we see some more NOLA sights-streetcar, Bourbon Street, etc. The contestants get to the CP kitchen where they find Tom standing near some weird ingredients. It's an alligator (which does taste like chicken), blue crab (which is one of my favorite things) and some fish (red?). He tells them that they are adding one more course. Each of them will have to make an appetizer using some traditional New Orleans ingredients. One will cook with crab, one with red fish (yay, I was right) and one with the alligator.

He tells them that in order to decide who cooks with what protein, they will use a King Cake. AHHH! King Cakes are haunting me! He tells them that whoever gets the baby gets to choose their protein and choose which protein each other chef will use. Hosea tells us that, basically, no one wants the gator. Hosea ends up getting the baby. He chooses the red fish, gives the crab to Carla and the gator to Stefan.

Hosea decides to do his hors d'oeurve as a grilled corn cake with Creole Remoulade and a piece of blackened red fish- oh yummy! He thinks that this dish "represents New Orleans."

Then we see Stefan talking about how he doesn't know what to do with Mr Alligator. He whacks off the tail and realizes that is where all the meat is. He decides to make a soup with it. Now, I have not ever heard of alligator soup. Turtle soup, yes, alligator, no.

Carla alos decides to do a soup. She is doing a shiso soup with the crab and chayote salsa on top with Asian flavors. She admits that the pressure of the appetizer has her so rattled that she can't focus on the rest of the meal. Come on, C!

Now, on to the food:
-Trio of Sashimi (raw fish)
-Scallops & Foie Gras with pan perdu (which is so good- pan perdu)
-Venison (deer meat) loin with wild mushrooms
He says that venison is his favorite meat. It is a good meat that is very flavorful. It's pretty lean too. He says that he doesn't do a dessert because it's not his strong point.

-Halibut & Salmon Carpaccio (served raw and sliced thin)
-Squab with Braised Red Cabbage & Schupfudeln (German; potato noodles)
-Ice Cream & Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Syrup & Lollipops
He says that he is doing a dessert because he would want one. He's doing something with the Nitrogen tank.

-Seared Snapper with Saffron Aioli (sauce)& Crouton
-Sous-Vide New York Strip Steak, Potato Rod with Merlot Sauce
-Cheese Tart with Apple Coins & Marmalade
She said that she is focusing on the sauces. She wanted to French food and sauces are big in French food. Then, she wanted the cheese course because in a typical French menu you have fish, beef, and cheese course. I like it! She says that she had in mind to do a cheese tart and Casey suggested a Bleu Cheese Souffle.

Then, after the commercials, we are back and see some more lovely New Orleans things- including a plate of Cafe Du Monde beniets. We have a CdM in our mall. OMG, I want some. Then we are shown some of the guests arriving at CP and I see Gail, Padma, Fabio and Rocco DiSpirto, who I love. When was this that Tom and Rocco were so close to me and I didn't know. AGH!

Padma thanks the guests and especially Ti Martin for hosting. Padma is drinking what looks like an orangey colored martini- yum!

Hosea's appetizer gets passed first. It's offically "Blackened Red Fish on Corn Cake with Creole Remoulade & Micro Cilantro." It seems that everyone liked-or maybe loved-it.
Stefan's app is next and it's officially "Alligator Soup with Celeriac, Parsley Leaves & Puff Pastry." Everyone seems to like it, too. I heard "lovely", "good consistency" and "good job."
Carla is last and hers is "Shiso Soup with Blue Crab & Chayote Thai Salsa." Everyone likes hers too. Tom said that the crab was cooked well.

Everyone (the judges and guests) sits down now at a beautiful, long table. The three contestants come out and Padma introduces them to the guests- Rocco, Hubert Keller (chef and restaurant owner), Branford Marslis (Jazz Musician), Fabio, Susan Spicer (chef/owner of Bayona in NOLA), John Besh (chef/restaurant owner-August in NOLA), Tory Mcphail (executive chef of Commander's Palace), Ti Martin (proprietor of CP), Gail Simmons, Toby Young, and the head judge, Chef Tom Colicchio.

The first courses from all of the contestants gets served. Everyone is talking first about liking Carla's fish (seared snapper). Ti Martin likes her fish but doesn't think Hosea's popped- in the mouth. Others comment that it needed more seasoning. Stefan's dish gets some diss from Chef Tom. Chef Hubert Keller likes it though.

The second courses get served. They all look good to me but I'd want that one from Hosea with the scallops and the pan perdu. Gail says that Carla's sirloin is tough. Tom says that this is the problem with sous-vide cooking, it loses spontaneity. I admit that I have no idea what that means. Ti Martin says, "The lady can make a sauce." Tom says that the dish doesn't remind him of Carla. Oh, no! Carla- why did you let Casey sway you? Stefan's dish gets some praise for a well cooked game bird. Gail says that it was true to him as a chef. She also loves Hosea's pan pardu. Rocco is tired of eating Foie Gras.

Time for the last course. Hosea says that Stefan's dessert looks good. Stefan says something rude about doing venison. Carla is having trouble with her souffle's! She ruins the souffle by boiling and curdling it. She decides not to serve it. I don't know what she is serving. ? She says that she is disappointed. Hers is an apple tart coin with bleu cheese and walnut crumble. She tells them that her "Bleu cheese souffle, didn't souffle."

Gail says that if anyone could've made a good dessert it was Carla and she is disappointed. Chef Tory says that he is glad to finish Stefan's meal with a dessert. He thinks it is the best dish of the series. That seems weird to me. Chef Tom thinks it's "eh." Gail thinks it's "1982." Hosea's dish gets a little praise. Fabio is asked, by Padma, to choose between Stefan and Hosea's overall meal. He chooses Hosea because of his closing dish. Chef Hubert Keller says that it's better to go out on a limb and do the dessert than to "play it safe" with the venison. I am wondering if this means that Carla is completely out?

Now, it's time for Judges Table. Gail starts by saying that Carla's app was really well done. Then they discuss her first course and how it was great. Then, the second course, the beef and potato was discussed. The sauce was great but the texture of the meat was not. I am thinking that things don't look so great for Carla. Tom asks her how much of an influence Casey was on her. She tells them that it was Casey's idea to sous-vide the beef. Tom raises his eyebrows. Then, on to the souffle, or the lack thereof. She tells them about what happened to the poor souffle. Tom asks her, "Why the souffle" and she says that Casey suggested it. Tom says that she allowed her sous chef to talk her out of cooking the food that got her to the finale.

On to Hosea. His appetizer was excellent. Gail asks him if he'd cooked Red Fish before and he says that he has maybe once. They discuss the strong flavors of it. They banter about him "sticking it to Stefan" with the gator. Then, Padma asks a dreaded question- "Were you happy with the..." Anytime she asks that, you should't be happy. They are now discussing his sashimi. They tell him that it looked good but didn't taste good. Then, for his second course, he tells them that he did the pan perdu as a "nod to New Orleans." Tom says that it was good and Gail says it was his best. Then, as for his venison, they say that it was good and well cooked. Toby asks if he thought not having an ending (dessert) for his meal was a risk. He says that he didn't think that one was necessary.

Lastly is Stefan. Gail asks him if he's cooked with alligator before. He laughs and tells her no. He talks about it's "weird texture," which is very true. The judges compliment the dish. Gail and Tom talk about the watered-down taste of his carpaccio. Tom says something about the way he prepared it which was freezing the fish so that he could cut it thinly. Moving on to the squab... Gail says she really liked it. Toby says it was his strongest. Tom agrees. And then Tom asks him why he did a dessert. He says that he thinks it completes the meal.

Padma asks why they deserve the win. Carla gets emotional when she answers and Stefan hugs her. They are dismissed so the judges can talk. The first thing that Padma says is that Carla is out of the running. Now, they compare Hosea and Stefan.

And the winner is..... HOSEA!

The Biggest Loser- Blue vs Black

Big, big stuff on this week's two one-hour episodes. There was a challenge where one person from each team had to do up-downs in the mud. The first person to 100 won and got to pick whether their team went blue (Bob) or black (Jillian). The person who came in last had to change trainers. The teams in the middle flipped a blue/black coin.

I don't know if I could do 5 up-downs. Plus, in the mud, no thank you. These players soldiered on though. They did not want to change trainers and I do not blame them. It was between Tara and Sione in the end and Tara won. She is very impressive. Her and Laura started off with Jillian and she wanted to stay with her. Kristin and Helen were fighting not to be in last place but Kristin beat her out so, Helen was last and had to switch to Jillian.

The team that came after Tara was Sione and Felipe. They flipped a coin and it landed on black. They were originally with Bob and so they were devastated. Then Dane flipped and he landed blue. He was originally with Jill. I don't remember how it all happened after that but the final teams were-

Blue (Bob)- Kristin and Cathy (stayed), Dane (switched), Ron (stayed but had to break up from his son), Mandy and Aubrey (switched).
Black (Jillian)- Helen (switched), Tara and Laura (stayed), Felipe and Sione (switched), Mike (switched and broke up from his dad).

Everyone was upset. No one wanted to break up teams or to switch trainers. Bob and his former team had a meltdown. I don't really blame them, though. I'd be so mad if I weren't on Bob's team. I would be really mad if I was and then had to switch. I couldn't work with Jillian. I think that you need to be pushed but she is a bitch.

There was a 24-hour challenge of riding a stationary bike. Whichever team rode the most miles in 24 hours won. The black team seems stronger and more together right out of the gate. They have Tara and Feilipe and Sione. Plus, they decide that everyone will ride for 30 minutes and then switch. The blue team just seems to be riding til they can't anymore and switching. In the end, after Mandi tries to get them to quit!, the black team wins. They win a three pound advantage at the weigh-in.

At the weigh-in blue team goes first. Dane loses 13 pounds which puts him at a 100 pound weight loss in 8 weeks. That is mind blowing and it's a Biggest Loser record. Kristin loses 10 pounds. Cathy loses 14 (and I think that I would DIE if my mom lost 14 pounds in one week). Ron loses 5 and so does Aubrey. Mandi loses 7.

Next up is the black team. They have the 3 pound advantage added to their scoreboard right away. I was going back and forth (in the room) so I don't remember each person's weights but, they end up winning. They would've won without the 3 pound advantage.

It's time to eliminate someone from the blue team and the obvious choice is Ron. Yes, he's a great guy and is trying hard but he is not going to pull big numbers and he cannot help during challenges. He asks that the team send Dane home because he had the support needed. Dane is all, "What?" In the end, they end up sending Dane home with 3 votes. 2 votes for Ron and then 1 random vote from Aubrey to Kristin.

Ok- are they nuts? This is ridiculous! They are already underdogs to the black team, in my opinion. They get rid of the big guy who still has weight to lose. He's still over 300 pounds. Ron is in the high 300 but he is not going to pull a big number. He can hardly walk. I think that this was a bad decision and Bob won't like it.

What do you think of the team switch up?
What did you think of Bob's reaction?
What do you think of the blue team sending Dane home?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Private Practice- High Emotions

I am almost finished watching "Homeward Bound" which aired a few weeks ago. It's the one with the CF family and the gay older ladies. I just had to write down my feelings about it, even though I don't think anyone reads this blog.

I cried from the get go on this episode. The little girl, Gracie, ohmylanta! She is such a sweetheart. That is really, really heart-wrenching. The dad cannot be with her as she is dying. I am not a parent but I don't even think that you parents can say for sure what you would do. I know that you tend to be with your weakest child. How can you decide which is weaker though when the 9 year old is dying and you have a 2 year old with CF? How is either of them weaker? Or stronger?

I love Charlotte. I know that she is not supposed to be lovable but I do love her. I think she is smart and strong and beautiful and she is southern. I love that her mother "took to bed with the vapors." How very southern. I love that her brothers are named Duke and Landry. I love that she calls her daddy, "Big Daddy." That is what I call my FIL.

I was very emotional when she had to take Big Daddy off of life-support. I suppose that Cooper doing it was sweet and romantic. I don't know if I could properly appreciate Blue doing that. I'd always (maybe) secretly (or not so) think he killed my daddy. When she became physically effected by the thought of what had happened on the plane- I related to that kind of grief.

WHEW! I need a drink after that show. Where the hell is the wine bottle opener?

The Biggest Loser Week 3

For this week's episode (Tuesday, January 27), I will try to be shorter and better than the last two.

Jillian's team said they would vote for Joelle to go home but they didn't. They did it for strategy and it's a game. I get that. What makes me mad is that they went and talked to Bob's team and told them they wouldn't do it. There was no reason for that.

Why is Blaine of the black team telling Felipe and friends that he sorry or whatever? That is stupid too. He just keeps doing unnecessary things that make him look like a bigger jackass. I do understand why Felipe is mad but I don't like that he got all crazy mad. I HATE when men yell. It's just a thing with me.

So, Bob's team is all pumped up! Good for them. Maybe I'll get to learn who is on which team. Right now, I just don't.

So, we get to look at the "homies" and see what they are doing.
Aubrey (yellow/Mandi)- has 5 kids (that I see) and she looks pretty wrapped up in them, understandably. She is working out during The Biggest Loser. It always pumps me up.
Laura (green/Tara)- is partying at a club in South Beach Miami, FL. Dancing is a good workout.
Sione (blue/Felipe)- is working out hard at the gym.
Dave-(orange/Daniel)- smoking cigs, eating fried chicken, and hot dogs like we saw last week

Joelle just aggravates me. She drives me cah-ray-zee. The talk-talk-talk (and saying stupid stuff) and saying nothing. Wow, she had a good workout when she shut up. I know, I know, I know, I talk a lot too but not while I'm working out. Plus, I'm not annoying :)

Another Super Bowl tv show (I watched Top Chef before this), how fun! I love football. Maybe I'll get some good recipes for Sunday. Some that Blue will eat too.

Blaine's wife is having a baby! I don't really know what to think of this. Not that she's having a baby, that is obviously great, but that he isn't there. I guess it's good that he is losing weight so he can be with his wife and kids for a long time. I get that but I don't know if it'd fly with me. I expect Ali to say, "We've got your wife in labor right here!" And Vanna White the tv, you know? I didn't expect her to let him go home. He gets to be there for the birth of his fourth child.

Look at Ali's pregnant belly! She gave birth to a daughter, Megan, a few weeks ago. She looks so great pregnant.

Curtis Stone is the Take Home Chef. Ever see that on TLC? He's cute.

My thoughts about the challenge- they must teach them about nutrition off camera, right? I have no idea how much the calories are and I know more about nutrition now than I ever did. Also, I want that seven-layer dip.

How handy to skew chicken on rosemary branches or whatever. So, mustard and honey and rosemary, I can do that. I guess 250 calories. I have no idea though. (So, beat the meat to lower calories! That is what Chef Curtis tells us in the Tips) The answer is 230. I was over by 20. Dan guessed 220 and he wins the two pound pass and a visit for Dave.

Curtis goes to see Dave. That is good for Dave if he listens. Dave says he sees a "tall guy with pointy hair." That is funny. Curtis is gonna show Dave how to cook and SHOP- at Wal Mart. I need to buy and cook with more fresh herbs. I never do that because I'm intimidated. I can do it though.

I don't think I've ever used coriander. I guess I can just put it on flat chicken breasts. I'm very amused and intrigued by the flat chicken breasts. I need a mallet or something.

Uhh, Bob jumping on that platform thing- that was awesome. I don't think that I can jump as high as Kristin did. That is really amazing to see. She weighed 350 pounds just 3 weeks ago. I love this show.

Blaine has a son! That is so sweet. He gets to see all of his kids. He has two boys and two girls. Oh! The little boy crying for daddy is sad. I wish that Blue felt the same way Blaine did about health though. I wish he was motivated to get healthy. (P.S.- the baby boy's name-Breckin. What do you think of that? I don't love it).

Challenge time and it's football. UGH- I'm remembering that ole whatsherface won the football challenge last season. What is her name? I can't remember right now. The one from Houma that drove me crazy. oh, Vicki, that is it. The challenge is sprints. I always try to think about myself doing it. This would be hard but the key would be steady.

I don't like the football-in-the-bin thing. My feelings would be hurt so easy. Plus, I'd get so paranoid and pissed and all that. I guess that is the point. Helen wins immunity and that means that she will bring her daughter, Shannon, back. Her daughter was recently arrested. She didn't exactly look like she was the biggest loser.

I would love to do this show with my mama. We would lose weight from laughing.

Bob says to eat Fiber One cereal. I love that stuff. Even Blue liked it. I eat it all the time. It's important for me to drink milk, I think. I didn't drink it for so long and now I love it. I drink skim. It has 90 cals per serving.

Is it bad that I want chips and salsa? Yes, Kristen, it is. Don't worry, I'm not eating it. I feel kinda nauseated.

Does Bob have sparkle on his bike shorts? No, Bob, no! I actually saw a message board where people were wondering if he was gay. I love Bob. I love him a lot but I knew he was gay from the first show. Doesn't bother me, I'm just saying. I would love for Jillian to train Blue. He'd get SO crazy wit her in his face. She would push him though.

I'm so proud of Dan! I am also proud of Jillian for training him how he needed to be trained. I don't think that bullying is right for every person. I know that she can't baby people because they would never do anything but, I don't always think that disrespectful bullying is right.

Weigh in time and I wonder who is going home. I would like for it to be Joelle. She seemed to be working hard this week though. Maybe it'll be Blaine because he went home. Look at Bob's tight black pants/jeans! Yeah. Oh the "homies" are back! I wonder if their weight is going to count? If so, some folks (Dan and Dave) are in trouble.

I always wonder if Alison has an earpiece. I think that yes, she does. Someone telling her the percentages and how much each person needs to lose to stay above the yellow line and all of that. What do you think? Yes? So, Helen lost 6 pounds. That is really great! But she has immunity so it doesn't matter for the game.

Brown team (Ron/Mike, father/son) are favorites of Bob's according to Bob. Mike lost 9 pounds but feels like he let everyone down. They both say they "failed" and that makes me so sad. 16 pounds total this week.
Black team (Blaine/Dane, cousins with rhyming names) are on Jillian's team. Dane lost 15 pounds in a week. Blaine lost 11 pounds. That is just ridiculous. 26 pound lost this week.
Felipe (blue/Sione) needs more than 12 pounds. He lost 13. I love his excitement.

Jillian's Trainer Tip is about snacking. She says chew Extra sugar free gum. She likes the peppermint. Ok, good to know. But, mint always helps me stay away from food.

Tara (green/Laura) cusses. She needs to have lost more than 10 pounds! Whoa that is a lot. She freaking lost 12. 12 pounds!! WHAT??? If I lost weight like that (um, if I worked out like that), I'd be HOT in no time.
Kristin (purple/Cathy) is one of my favorites. She needs more than 12 pounds. That is really a big job. I love her mom saying that she was checking her out while she walks to the scale. Kristin loses 12 pounds. OMG! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!
Mandi (yellow/Aubrey) needs to lose more 8 pounds. She lost 10 pounds. That is IT. I'm sending in my fat tape to the show. Oh, and I don't want Kristin to go home.
Dan (orange/Dave) needs more than 15 pounds to bring ole Dave back and stay in the game. Oh, he loses 12. It's really good for him because he is out of the 400s. It's not enough though. He's lost 60 pounds in 3 weeks. Brown team is facing elimination and purple is safe. Kristin makes me laugh when she says, "I feel like... I don't know."
Joelle (silver/Carla) is talking about blah, blah, blah.... I don't even know how much she is supposed to lose. She loses 10 pounds and now Carla loves her. They are yelling. Again with the light...

It's the orange team and the brown team up for elimination. Who do I want to go? I know that Dan needs it but so does Mike. I don't want the brown team to go because I like them. I like Dan, I guess but Dave- whew! He didn't even try at home. What will happen?

Ron makes everyone (including me) cry. He begs for his son to stay. He says that a father is supposed to protect his son and he didn't. Daniel talks from the heart and everyone is loving him. Then DAVE pipes up. WTF is he talking about? He is an idiot. Does he think that he is just gonna eat some whacked chicken and be ok??

Pink is on Bob's team and so is Ron and Mike-brown. She votes for orange.
Yellow is on Jillian's team and so is Dan. She votes for brown. Ugh, pattern.
Purple (Oh, I have not mentioned that I HATE the colors of Kristin's hair-makeover). She is on Bob's team and she votes for orange.
Black is on Jillian's team. He votes for brown to go.
Tara is on Jillian's home. She starts chewing Dave's ass. Good for her. Ali is looking at her like she is crazy. Dave is gonna speak. He says that his heart is not there. Then why did he go?
Silver is on Bob's team. They vote for orange.
Felipe is on Bob's team. He vote is tie-breaking. He tells Dave that HE has a wife and kids and feels trapped too but he needs to be here. He votes for orange. Good. They are eliminated. It's too bad for Dan. I hope he does it. Now, he knows that he can.

I'd like to see them both after they've been home. Wow! Look at Dan. He's running and looking so much thinner. He gets to go off of his diabetes meds and that is awesome. He has lost 101 pounds so far. David says that he quit smoking and he's lost 46 pounds.

Next week: The "homies" weigh in