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American Idol: Week 2, Country Week

I have not written here in awhile! I've been so far behind on my show-watching that I just hurry and watch stuff and don't blog. I thought that since I am sick in bed today, I'd blog while watching AI and other shows. Hopefully, I'll get pretty caught up.

It's country week at AI and I am excited. I love country music, grew up with it, and listen to it all the time. I am also excited because I don't think that everyone will do well with it and that is always fun! I hated Adam Lambert last week but was in the minority, so I just can't wait to see what song he butchers/over performs/shouts.

Ya'll do know that I have a little crush on Ryan Seacrest, right? Just letting everyone know that.

Michael Sarver- I think that he will be okay. I like the song that he is singing, "Ain't Goin' Down 'Til the Sun Comes Up," which was originally done by Garth Brooks. It's a song that is very fast and wordy(I know all the words), don't know if it's such a great choice. I like his outfit. He stumbles on some words and doesn't open his mouth wide enough. He is not Garth Brooks, no way. Overall, it wasn't bad. It wasn't great.
JUDGES- Randy- cool song choice, didn't bring out his vocal capabilities
Kara- had some good spots, showed his personality, impressive that he remembered the words, misses the big notes from him
Paula- great song, allowed him to have fun, genre suits him well
Simon- should've been good, couldn't understand the words, bit clumsy, would give it a 1.2 on a scale of 1-10
I'd give it a 6.

Allison Iraheta- Great song choice, "Blame It On Your Heart," from Patty Loveless, who I love. Randy Travis says that he is not sure he's ever heard maturity in a voice like he did in hers. Her outfit is cute but I don't like her hair. I think that she is singing the song well but this is not her forte.
JUDGES- Kara- could sing the alphabet, every week gets better
Paula- another rock solid performance, rock edge, choose songs that allow vulnerability
Simon- good, a little bit tuneless at parts, seemed was struggling with words, precocious
Randy- not precocious but dope

Kris Allen- He is singing one of my FAVORITE songs. Blue and I used to dance to it in our living room many years ago during some rough times. It was originally written and performed by Bob Dylan but has been covered a lot. Garth Brooks did a great cover for the soundtrack of Hope Floats, a movie and soundtrack that I love. I hope he does a good job. Is it a good idea for him to be sans guitar? I don't like the word grouping(arrangement), it's awkward and slow and cheesy. His voice is good but, I don't like the boy band-y spin. I don't know what it is.
JUDGES- Paula- pleasantly surprised, honest and pure, pitch moments,
Simon- terrific(he is into the boy band-y sound), was in control, wasn't over-the-top, genuinely thinks he has a shot
Randy- went out on a limb (what??), loved it, tender
Kara- didn't sound country, was beautiful
(I guess I was wrong?? I still think what I thought)

Lil Rounds- Read this week that Lil is her real name, not a nickname. She says that she is nervous about putting her R&B into the country song. She is doing "Independence Day" by Martina McBride. She is slowing it down and the beginning is a little strange to me. I like the chorus much better.
JUDGES- Randy- interesting, agrees with me about the front and end of the song, was a'ight for him (and me too)
Kara- talks about the second half being better, gives props for singing a song that was different
Paula- looks beautiful, should not have sung two verses
Simon- calls her Little, uncomfortable, wedding song, wasn't Lil (aka Little)

Adam Lambert- Ok, *clearing throat*, I have a few problems with this kid. I am not down with all the freaking makeup. We get it, you are gay, you are "different", whatever. He needs to use a lighter hand with the bronzer and eye liner. I HATE that gold lame' jacket and necklace and gloves. NO! He's doing "Ring Of Fire," a song by Johnny Cash, a favorite of ours. I hate the arrangement in practice. It's not as bad on stage but his over singing and cheeseballness are just too much for me. Johnny is rolling over in his grave. Oh, goodness, the end is awful. All that wailing, really? Wonder what mom thought since she LOVES him. Ugh!
JUDGES- Kara- never seen that kind of interpretation, got the drama, the arrangement was strange, but she liked it
Paula- true to himself, great song choice, loved the Middle Eastern sound
Simon- what the hell was that, don't go to Nashville, indulgent rubbish (I TOTALLY agree), horrific
Randy- Nine Inch Nails doing country, fresh

Scott MacIntyre- Gus loves this guy. She voted for him last night while we were in the car and she hadn't even heard him. Not voted once or twice either. She (and her mom) are single-handily keeping him in this competition. I like this guy, of course, who doesn't? He is sweet and likable and tries very hard. I don't think that he is all that good of a singer though. I like the piano. He is doing Martina McBride's "Wild Angels." Everyone is slowing down the songs. I think that it works for him. I thought it was okay. His hair looks so much better. It's not as puffy.
JUDGES- Paula- lovely performance, piano a crutch, mix it up
Simon- calls Paula stupid, similar to last week, likes him a lot, forgettable
Randy- looking for hot and crazy vocals but not getting it, safe
Kara- up your game, bring class and poise to the stage

Alexis Grace- "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, who is an old favorite. I loved her when I was a kid. That is one of my favorite songs that she does, too. I have high hopes for this performance. Her vocals are really good, of course. It was kinda weird to me- the styling of it.
JUDGES- Randy- pitchy
Kara- lost her edge, should've done "Last Name" or "Before He Cheats" or something edgy, flat
Paula- song was effective, artistic approach, likes the vulnerable side
Simon- okay, sound alike, not original, forgettable

Danny Gokey- I love Danny! I think that he did such an awesome job last week. He's doing "Jesus, Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. I like the coat but maybe not in white. He has such a great voice but I don't know if this is the right song. There are so many that he could've chosen. I like the chorus better than the verse. I like the second part better than the first. I just love him.
JUDGES- Kara- agrees with me about front and back of song,
Paula- brilliant, Carrie Underwood would buy that record
Simon- doesn't think that C.U. would buy it, doesn't like the coat
Randy- agrees with Kara, gotta support the verses, great singer

Anoop Desai- OMG, all these people are doing my favorites. He's doing a known favorite of mine, "Always On My Mind" by the great Willie Nelson. I love it. It's my favorite performance of the night so far.
JUDGES- Paula- he's back, proud of song choice, touched her
Simon- from zero to hero, favorite performance of the night, deserves to be there, glad to have him back
Randy- can really sing, liked the arrangement
Kara- amazing, best performance of the night

Megan Joy- She is doing "I Go Out Walking After Midnight" by Patsy Cline. I think that she is going to do really great. I love her dress but her boobs look weird. I love her hair. I liked it. It was cute. I thought there were some vocal problems though.
JUDGES- Randy- was nervous, all worked, good work
Kara- perfect song and look, compliments her spirit because she has the flu and did well
Paula- tells us that Megan has been in the hospital and did well
Simon- should have the flu all the time, looks beautiful but a little too made up

Matt Giraud- Is doing "So Small" by Carrie Underwood. His voice is really good. I like the arrangement. I liked it a lot.
JUDGES- Kara- true artist, amazing, love
Paula- authentic, honest, pierced hearts
Simon- doesn't have enough credit, out sang Danny, remind him of Michale Buble, one of the best of the night
Randy- best tonight, got it going on

I liked Anoop and Matt the best.
Michael Sarver or (sorry, Gus!) Scott need to go.

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