Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I'm Watching

7:00- The Amazing Race
8:00- Desperate Housewives (OH!NO! Have they jumped the shark??)

7:00- Dancing with the Stars
- Gossip Girl (Chuck and Blair! Whew, way hot. LOVE Lil J's new hair, too)
8:30- Samantha Who?
9:00- My Own Worst Enemy (NEW SHOW-Umm, it's not bad. The cast is awesome. I like seeing Christian Slater on tv.)

7:00- The Biggest Loser:Families (I loved Amy P. and I don't like Heba)
-House (One of my FAVs)
-90210 (Just cannot help myself)
8:00- The Mentalist (NEW SHOW- I love it! Simon Baker is gorgeous.)
9:00- Law & Order:SVU

7:00- Pushing Daisies (Another FAVORITE! It hasn't been picked up yet so PLEASE watch. You'll be hooked within the first two minutes. Chuck and Ned, oh!)
-America's Next Top Model (Love to hate Tyra)
8:00- Private Practice
9:00- Dirty Sexy Money (Love this show... My appetite for luxury goods and scandal gets met here since it's just a fantasy...)
-Sons of Anarchy (Ummm, my favorite new show. I love the bad boys, the motorcycles and HIM.)

7:00 Ugly Betty
8:00- Grey's Anatomy
-8:30- 30 Rock
9:00- Life on Mars (NEW SHOW! The pilot of this show was FABULOUS! Especially the first part, the first thirty mins of it. I've watched the episodes that have followed and they have just not lived up to the hype. Jason O'Mara is good. Gretchen Mol and Harvey Kietel are great but, the plot? Where is it going?)

8:00- Supernanny (I love this that Nanny Jo!)
9:00- Lipstick Jungle (This is it's new day and time)

I've been planning to blog about my favorite shows but I barely have time to watch all my favorite shows! Now that I'm not depressed, I am always on the GO!GO!GO! I still really love tv as you can see. I just can't seem to fit it all in. That is why I'm behind. It's Thursday night and I'm just watching last Thursday's Survivor! I'll try and do better.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pushing Daisies Thoughts

Did I miss some episodes? Weren't Chuck and Ned seperated at the end of the season last year because Chuck was mad at Ned? She found out about him accidentally killing her father? I guess I'll have to rewatch.

I LOVE Ned. He is SO SO cute.

Anna Friel is so adorable. Chuck/Anna is beautiful and I love her wardrobe.

The Ned/Chuck can't touch thing is so romantic and heart wrenching and brilliant. SIGH.

How funny is the signing nuns a la Kristin Chenoworth thing? Funny!

The sets for this show are incredible. The colors, the make up, the designs...

Next Week- CLOWNS and CIRCUS? I can't watch that!! What am I gonna do?

Wednesday Greatness

I'm officially THRILLED. No, seriously, this night is gonna be so great. Here is what is coming on tonight on the major networks-

ABC (THE place to be!)
7:00- Pushing Daisies If you have not watched this show, you really are missing out on a GEM! The show is so beautiful, which sounds crazy, unless you've watched it. You'll wanna dance and be in love and bake pies. Get season 1 on DVD now.
8:00- Private Practice- The spin-off of Grey's Anatomy comes back tonight after being gone for the writer's strike and summer break. Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money are the same.
9:00- Dirty Sexy Money- I LOVE this show!

7:00 Knight Rider
8:00 America's Got Talent
9:00 Lipstick Jungle This show's premiere was last week and I missed it! I'm gonna try to catch up online. I love Brooke Sheilds, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price.

7:00 New Adventures of Old Christine
7:30 Gary Unmarried
8:00 Criminal Minds
9:00 CSI:NY

7:00 Bones
8:00 Til Death
8:30 Til Death

So, let's meet back here soon (maybe tomorrow?) to discuss! I'll also be back soon to discuss Gossip Girl, DWTS (YAY! Kim is GONE), Grey's (Izzy and Alex- please) and more. Let me know what you want to discuss....

What are you watching tonight?