Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Live From American Idol!

Everything is DVR'ed so it's 9:25pm when I'm starting this. I only watch things DVR'ed now. I don't remember if I've said that so I'm saying it now.

OK, a boxing theme, stupid.

I'm a Cook fan. I think Davey is an "over-singer" who is cheesy and belongs on Broadway. I love theatre so, that's not a bad thing. I just think he can only sing certain songs. Boring ones, mostly.

Neither have been in the bottom 2, that's true, wow! It surprises me how many people (girlies) are cheering for Cook. It seems they both are very good on stage both performing and interviewing. I truly believe that Davey will win going into the finals before I hear either of them sing. I think the judges want him to win, too. They've let him get away with whatever (except for Simon's comment about a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger which I really got) and kissed his little bee-hind every week.

I really cannot stand Paula and not in that good way that I love to hate the villains on my fav shows. I wish they'd just do away with her and hire someone else.

First round song is chosen by Clive Davis.
Cook- "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2- I love this song. Cook's lips are so so so pretty. Sir Andrew Llyod Webber says don't be "brave".

Davey- "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John (Lyrics by Bernie Taupin). Elton is one of my all time favorites ever. I know he's gonna over sing this. I'm just really glad that it's not a boring, cheesy song. I'm excited to hear him do it. Sir Webber says "Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shut On Me." But he "has it." He then contradicts himself by saying, "You don't win anything if you're not brave."

Who is this other guy? He is annoying and unnecessary. (Don't we have enough of that with PA?)

COOK- OK, the beard may be growing on me. I love Blue's so, ? Lovin him singing this song. I'd buy whatever he put out tomorrow. Oh, a little smile, lil shimmy shake, yeah... I don't like the end note, it's not at all Rock and Roll. I loved the performance though. LOVED!!
(Randy liked the cheesy end, of course. Paula is gross.She always sounds like a cougar hitting on him. Simon, my man, says it was "phenomenal").

DAVEY- Sitting on the steps, that's kinda cute, but hold up. What's with the big huge STAR on his shirt? There he goes with the squinting. I don't like the way he's singing it- all big and filled with the runs, oh the runs, Davey. Every note does not have to drag oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn. It's so "jazz hands"! And close his eyes for the beginning and the tweenies go wild.
(Is Randy going to talk about the "telephone book"? No, the molten hot. Whatever. Paula- really? Something about sunshine. Simon- I think I'm gonna love him. Nope. He says it's the best he's done so far. I like that he delivered it more rationally though. Simon says the round goes to Davey)

Round two is the song from the fans songwriting contest. I always hate these songs.
I'm sure Davey's is silly.
The boxer theme is really, really dorky.

COOK- "Dream Big"
I really like the guitar playing. The chorus is kinda catchy. Sexy expression after the chorus (what are we not judging on that? Why?) He has a star necklace on... Is this from Paula's jewelry line? It's an OK song but he is great!! I love him and his rocking lips. I love his throaty voice.
(Randy liked his voice and thought the song was OK. Paula zzzzzz. Simon looks bored and says he's a "lightweight" and it wasn't a "winning moment.")

*Is it awful that I have a tiny crush on Ryan Seacrest? He is a Georgia boy.

DAVEY- "In This Moment"
WTF is he wearing? Skinny jeans and an appliqued blazer? This is his type of song and I like him singing it. OMG! The back of the blazer. How can I even pay attention to the song? OK, this round is definitely Davey's. It's a better song and it's his thing, the big ballad.
(Randy isn't crazy about the song but proves that he and Paula can be replaced by robots by saying "you could sing the telephone book," blah, blah, blah. His robot can say "You could sing the telephone book" and "Molten Hot Lava Vocals, Dawg!" Paula's could just sit there. She is blah, blah, blah... Simon thinks this song is better and gives the round to Davey.)

Round three is contestant's choice.

They could do a song they've already done? OH! Cook is doing Collective Soul's "It's the World I Know" which is a song I know and like but it's not a GREAT song. Why oh why doesn't he choose to do one his big hits? He wow'ed people with his renditions of "Billie Jean" or "Hello" or even "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". I think this is a mistake. Davey is redoing "Imagine" and it's a good choice.

COOK- I like the red tie. I like this song a lot. Collective Soul is a good band. I'm so glad he is playing his guitar. I like some parts and some leave me wishing for the original version.
Awwww, the emotion is really sweet. I always get emotional when other people do so I'm teary.
(Randy likes the sensitive side of Cook. Paula thinks he is true. Simon says he is nice and sincere but the wrong choice. He thinks Cook should've sung "Billie Jean" or "Hello". Am I supposed to be putting song titles in quotes?) Anyway, Cook says that because he feels like the show is a progression, he chose to do something he hasn't done yet.

DAVEY- Seriously, who dresses him? Full disclosur, I've never heard him sing "Imagine" before and I'm a HUGE fan of John Lennon singing it. I don't like the front of it but I am OK with it after awhile. I don't like the end but the middle was good. I like Lennon much better. THis kid just isn't my cup 'o tea so it's hard for me to be objective.
(Randy loves it and talks about how the judges knew it'd be the two Davids. He says the best singer is "right there" pointing to Davey.Paula says she's speechless but isn't. Simon says it's a "knockout") Davey looks like he's gonna throwup. How can this be starpower? I guess my idea of rocker and star are different than other people.

I do believe that Davey the child will win (and faint). I think that David Cook will be fine though. I think he will get a record deal and sell lots and lots of them. I am voting for him! Oh, look it's Reuban!! I love this song. I really do. That is all until tomorrow.

Where the Hell Is Edie?

I missed Edie. I know she's a bitch and all but I want her back.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grey's is Baaaack!

I DVR everything now and I just started watching tonight's Grey's, but I had to comment on this. I think it's getting better and better. Examples:

  • Christina singing "Like A Virgin" while harvesting cadaver hearts. Awesome!
  • Alex scaring little "princesses" with his Snow White stories.
  • George going around handing out the Date-and-Tell papers and saying, "The Chief needs to know who you've slept with by the end of the day. Be thorough." And the exchange between he and Rose about "levels of intimacy" and George telling her they need to know "the highest" hahahahaha

Check back in case I decide to post more.