Thursday, January 29, 2009

Private Practice- High Emotions

I am almost finished watching "Homeward Bound" which aired a few weeks ago. It's the one with the CF family and the gay older ladies. I just had to write down my feelings about it, even though I don't think anyone reads this blog.

I cried from the get go on this episode. The little girl, Gracie, ohmylanta! She is such a sweetheart. That is really, really heart-wrenching. The dad cannot be with her as she is dying. I am not a parent but I don't even think that you parents can say for sure what you would do. I know that you tend to be with your weakest child. How can you decide which is weaker though when the 9 year old is dying and you have a 2 year old with CF? How is either of them weaker? Or stronger?

I love Charlotte. I know that she is not supposed to be lovable but I do love her. I think she is smart and strong and beautiful and she is southern. I love that her mother "took to bed with the vapors." How very southern. I love that her brothers are named Duke and Landry. I love that she calls her daddy, "Big Daddy." That is what I call my FIL.

I was very emotional when she had to take Big Daddy off of life-support. I suppose that Cooper doing it was sweet and romantic. I don't know if I could properly appreciate Blue doing that. I'd always (maybe) secretly (or not so) think he killed my daddy. When she became physically effected by the thought of what had happened on the plane- I related to that kind of grief.

WHEW! I need a drink after that show. Where the hell is the wine bottle opener?

The Biggest Loser Week 3

For this week's episode (Tuesday, January 27), I will try to be shorter and better than the last two.

Jillian's team said they would vote for Joelle to go home but they didn't. They did it for strategy and it's a game. I get that. What makes me mad is that they went and talked to Bob's team and told them they wouldn't do it. There was no reason for that.

Why is Blaine of the black team telling Felipe and friends that he sorry or whatever? That is stupid too. He just keeps doing unnecessary things that make him look like a bigger jackass. I do understand why Felipe is mad but I don't like that he got all crazy mad. I HATE when men yell. It's just a thing with me.

So, Bob's team is all pumped up! Good for them. Maybe I'll get to learn who is on which team. Right now, I just don't.

So, we get to look at the "homies" and see what they are doing.
Aubrey (yellow/Mandi)- has 5 kids (that I see) and she looks pretty wrapped up in them, understandably. She is working out during The Biggest Loser. It always pumps me up.
Laura (green/Tara)- is partying at a club in South Beach Miami, FL. Dancing is a good workout.
Sione (blue/Felipe)- is working out hard at the gym.
Dave-(orange/Daniel)- smoking cigs, eating fried chicken, and hot dogs like we saw last week

Joelle just aggravates me. She drives me cah-ray-zee. The talk-talk-talk (and saying stupid stuff) and saying nothing. Wow, she had a good workout when she shut up. I know, I know, I know, I talk a lot too but not while I'm working out. Plus, I'm not annoying :)

Another Super Bowl tv show (I watched Top Chef before this), how fun! I love football. Maybe I'll get some good recipes for Sunday. Some that Blue will eat too.

Blaine's wife is having a baby! I don't really know what to think of this. Not that she's having a baby, that is obviously great, but that he isn't there. I guess it's good that he is losing weight so he can be with his wife and kids for a long time. I get that but I don't know if it'd fly with me. I expect Ali to say, "We've got your wife in labor right here!" And Vanna White the tv, you know? I didn't expect her to let him go home. He gets to be there for the birth of his fourth child.

Look at Ali's pregnant belly! She gave birth to a daughter, Megan, a few weeks ago. She looks so great pregnant.

Curtis Stone is the Take Home Chef. Ever see that on TLC? He's cute.

My thoughts about the challenge- they must teach them about nutrition off camera, right? I have no idea how much the calories are and I know more about nutrition now than I ever did. Also, I want that seven-layer dip.

How handy to skew chicken on rosemary branches or whatever. So, mustard and honey and rosemary, I can do that. I guess 250 calories. I have no idea though. (So, beat the meat to lower calories! That is what Chef Curtis tells us in the Tips) The answer is 230. I was over by 20. Dan guessed 220 and he wins the two pound pass and a visit for Dave.

Curtis goes to see Dave. That is good for Dave if he listens. Dave says he sees a "tall guy with pointy hair." That is funny. Curtis is gonna show Dave how to cook and SHOP- at Wal Mart. I need to buy and cook with more fresh herbs. I never do that because I'm intimidated. I can do it though.

I don't think I've ever used coriander. I guess I can just put it on flat chicken breasts. I'm very amused and intrigued by the flat chicken breasts. I need a mallet or something.

Uhh, Bob jumping on that platform thing- that was awesome. I don't think that I can jump as high as Kristin did. That is really amazing to see. She weighed 350 pounds just 3 weeks ago. I love this show.

Blaine has a son! That is so sweet. He gets to see all of his kids. He has two boys and two girls. Oh! The little boy crying for daddy is sad. I wish that Blue felt the same way Blaine did about health though. I wish he was motivated to get healthy. (P.S.- the baby boy's name-Breckin. What do you think of that? I don't love it).

Challenge time and it's football. UGH- I'm remembering that ole whatsherface won the football challenge last season. What is her name? I can't remember right now. The one from Houma that drove me crazy. oh, Vicki, that is it. The challenge is sprints. I always try to think about myself doing it. This would be hard but the key would be steady.

I don't like the football-in-the-bin thing. My feelings would be hurt so easy. Plus, I'd get so paranoid and pissed and all that. I guess that is the point. Helen wins immunity and that means that she will bring her daughter, Shannon, back. Her daughter was recently arrested. She didn't exactly look like she was the biggest loser.

I would love to do this show with my mama. We would lose weight from laughing.

Bob says to eat Fiber One cereal. I love that stuff. Even Blue liked it. I eat it all the time. It's important for me to drink milk, I think. I didn't drink it for so long and now I love it. I drink skim. It has 90 cals per serving.

Is it bad that I want chips and salsa? Yes, Kristen, it is. Don't worry, I'm not eating it. I feel kinda nauseated.

Does Bob have sparkle on his bike shorts? No, Bob, no! I actually saw a message board where people were wondering if he was gay. I love Bob. I love him a lot but I knew he was gay from the first show. Doesn't bother me, I'm just saying. I would love for Jillian to train Blue. He'd get SO crazy wit her in his face. She would push him though.

I'm so proud of Dan! I am also proud of Jillian for training him how he needed to be trained. I don't think that bullying is right for every person. I know that she can't baby people because they would never do anything but, I don't always think that disrespectful bullying is right.

Weigh in time and I wonder who is going home. I would like for it to be Joelle. She seemed to be working hard this week though. Maybe it'll be Blaine because he went home. Look at Bob's tight black pants/jeans! Yeah. Oh the "homies" are back! I wonder if their weight is going to count? If so, some folks (Dan and Dave) are in trouble.

I always wonder if Alison has an earpiece. I think that yes, she does. Someone telling her the percentages and how much each person needs to lose to stay above the yellow line and all of that. What do you think? Yes? So, Helen lost 6 pounds. That is really great! But she has immunity so it doesn't matter for the game.

Brown team (Ron/Mike, father/son) are favorites of Bob's according to Bob. Mike lost 9 pounds but feels like he let everyone down. They both say they "failed" and that makes me so sad. 16 pounds total this week.
Black team (Blaine/Dane, cousins with rhyming names) are on Jillian's team. Dane lost 15 pounds in a week. Blaine lost 11 pounds. That is just ridiculous. 26 pound lost this week.
Felipe (blue/Sione) needs more than 12 pounds. He lost 13. I love his excitement.

Jillian's Trainer Tip is about snacking. She says chew Extra sugar free gum. She likes the peppermint. Ok, good to know. But, mint always helps me stay away from food.

Tara (green/Laura) cusses. She needs to have lost more than 10 pounds! Whoa that is a lot. She freaking lost 12. 12 pounds!! WHAT??? If I lost weight like that (um, if I worked out like that), I'd be HOT in no time.
Kristin (purple/Cathy) is one of my favorites. She needs more than 12 pounds. That is really a big job. I love her mom saying that she was checking her out while she walks to the scale. Kristin loses 12 pounds. OMG! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!
Mandi (yellow/Aubrey) needs to lose more 8 pounds. She lost 10 pounds. That is IT. I'm sending in my fat tape to the show. Oh, and I don't want Kristin to go home.
Dan (orange/Dave) needs more than 15 pounds to bring ole Dave back and stay in the game. Oh, he loses 12. It's really good for him because he is out of the 400s. It's not enough though. He's lost 60 pounds in 3 weeks. Brown team is facing elimination and purple is safe. Kristin makes me laugh when she says, "I feel like... I don't know."
Joelle (silver/Carla) is talking about blah, blah, blah.... I don't even know how much she is supposed to lose. She loses 10 pounds and now Carla loves her. They are yelling. Again with the light...

It's the orange team and the brown team up for elimination. Who do I want to go? I know that Dan needs it but so does Mike. I don't want the brown team to go because I like them. I like Dan, I guess but Dave- whew! He didn't even try at home. What will happen?

Ron makes everyone (including me) cry. He begs for his son to stay. He says that a father is supposed to protect his son and he didn't. Daniel talks from the heart and everyone is loving him. Then DAVE pipes up. WTF is he talking about? He is an idiot. Does he think that he is just gonna eat some whacked chicken and be ok??

Pink is on Bob's team and so is Ron and Mike-brown. She votes for orange.
Yellow is on Jillian's team and so is Dan. She votes for brown. Ugh, pattern.
Purple (Oh, I have not mentioned that I HATE the colors of Kristin's hair-makeover). She is on Bob's team and she votes for orange.
Black is on Jillian's team. He votes for brown to go.
Tara is on Jillian's home. She starts chewing Dave's ass. Good for her. Ali is looking at her like she is crazy. Dave is gonna speak. He says that his heart is not there. Then why did he go?
Silver is on Bob's team. They vote for orange.
Felipe is on Bob's team. He vote is tie-breaking. He tells Dave that HE has a wife and kids and feels trapped too but he needs to be here. He votes for orange. Good. They are eliminated. It's too bad for Dan. I hope he does it. Now, he knows that he can.

I'd like to see them both after they've been home. Wow! Look at Dan. He's running and looking so much thinner. He gets to go off of his diabetes meds and that is awesome. He has lost 101 pounds so far. David says that he quit smoking and he's lost 46 pounds.

Next week: The "homies" weigh in

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tonight's Lost episode was called "Jughead". I just watched it on DVR and I have to write down what I'm thinking.

  • Penny didn't die in childbirth like I thought she might.
  • Penny and Desmond name their child after the man they hate? Ummm?? And that child is so cute!
  • Daniel Faraday did something to Theresa whateverherlastnameis- but what? Did he do whatever he did to the mice to her? Who is she?
  • I knew that his mother would be in LA. Now, he'll get to meet up with the O6, right? Is Daniel's mother one of them? Or, or, or...
  • Sawyer- Oh the hot!
  • Charles Widmore sends Desmond to LA (kinda) and that is where Ben is right now. I guess. Anyway, Ben told Charles W that he was going to kill Penny. Remember? Charles Widmore killed Alex (indirectly), Ben's daughter, so Ben is gonna kill his.
  • Also, Charles Widmore is an OTHER! Did we know that already?
  • Ellie is someone that we know or connected to someone we know. Is she Daniels' mother? Is that why he said she looks familiar?
  • Who is Charlotte? What is happening to her?
  • I read somewhere that the "lights" (the time travel ones) are happening every 108 minutes. You know, like in the hatch? Is this true or possible?
  • I don't want Sawyer and Juliet together but it looks like that is going to happen. Or something will happen between them.

Ok, post your thoughts and we can discuss.


Go here for scoop on Lost and tell me what you think.

  • I don't want Sawyer and Juliet together.
  • I think Miles is Dr Marvin Crandel's son
  • Is Mrs Hawking Daniel's mom?
  • Time-travel is good and fun and mind blowing
  • What do you think is Claire's deal? Will she show up once Aaron is back on the island?
  • Do you think Sawyer whispered to Kate something about his daughter? That is what I think but I'm not 100%, of course.
  • Sun is after ------? Who so you think she is really after? Do you think she blames Kate? Ben? Charles Widmore? I think that she is not to be underestimated.

I'll be back with more...

Monday, January 26, 2009

You've Got Yale!

There is no new episode of Gossip Girl this week. I'm just watching the last one from last week. Some things I have to say before I start-
::Who is Serena and Erik's father?
::Do you think that it's weird for Serena and Dan to date if their parents do too?
::Do you think that they shouldn't date because they share a sibling?

Onto the episode...
::I love that coat that Serena is wearing. I want her hair so badly.

::I miss Chuck's old hair. I love him though- bad, bad boy and all. Pink socks-bold choice!

::The new teacher, Miss (Rachel)Carr, is adorable. She was in the short-lived but really good tv show, Related. Her name is Laura Breckenridge and she is reportedly going to be around DAN for awhile... hmmmm.

::I don't like Nate and Vanessa together.

::Who do you think Lily and Rufus' son is? Don't you think he's going to make an appearance?

:: Does Lily feel guilty- about her and Rufus, about Bart? I don't know but I think that she really does love Chuck.

:: Would you lie to your friend like S does to B about getting into Yale? I think that it's only gonna cause more problems for them. B needs to get ahold of herself. And, I don't like white tights like B is wearing. I do love the red bag.

:: Chuck calling Rufus Lily's "mistress" is awesome. I like Rufus, don't get me wrong, it's just funny.

:: I think Jenny is adorable. Her fashion is so fabu. I love the hair, as I've said before, even though no one else does. I think that she is also funny and spunky.

:: S's dress for the opera is good. Lily's is better. I really like Chuck and Nate in a tux. Dan's long tie is very hip and fresh. Vanessa looks great in red.

:: Why do Dan and Serena create problems that are not? They want to be tortured, right? Is it just teenager-y or what? They kinda bore me though. I HATED the gross Aaron that she was dating though.

:: Do you notice Kelly Rutherford's baby belly? She is wearing the big roomy dress, they hide it behind banisters and Rufus' hand.

:: Hmmm, Lily adopting Chuck... She doesn't talk to her own children before she does it? I'm glad that she did though.

:: What is Miss Carr gonna do to Blair?

:: OMG! What is Jack doing to Lily? I'm nauseated. Oh! Oh! Chuck rescued her. I'm teary and I have goosebumps. The song playing doesn't help the feeling. Whew!

::Oh! Awwwwwwwwwww!!! Chuck and Rufus shake hands. Chuck's hair looks sexy here. I'm glad that he's re-joing the family.

:: Dan and Serena having problems- blah, blah, blah... It's such a snoozefest.

:: Uh-oh, B has detention and she is really, really pissed. Dorota- "Is it war?" That is funny. Look out Miss Carr, you are going down.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Loser Catch Up

I have two Biggest Loser episodes on my DVR in the living room. I record shows on two different DVRs. I know I have a problem, no need to tell me. For those of you who don't read my main blog, I've been staying with my cousins at their house. They are ages 15,13,9 and 8 and they don't watch tv during the school week. I didn't have time to watch all my shows because I was so busy with them.

So I am just now watching the January 13th and 20th episodes of BL. Let's discuss, shall we?

So the 1/13 episode begins with the contestants who are left talking about the big twist. The twist was that after the first weigh-in, 9 contestants went home, leaving their partners behind alone. Everyone seems shocked by the twist. All of the "campus" contestants seem up for the challenge, if not a little sad. I wonder as I'm watching the beginning, will we see a lot of the 9 "home" contestants?

Ah, we do see the "homies" telling their families and friends about the twist. They have 30 days to lose as much weight as possible but the "campus" contestants must do the most. They have to bring their partners back by staying in the game. We see the "homies" talking with trainers and cleaning out their pantries. Then we see David ordering two hot dogs. Well, way to go!

Back on the campus, the contestants meet up with Allison for a challenge. A limo pulls up and Ali tells them that this is their first temptation. She is offering them $5,000 to walk across a line that is drawn on the ground. If they do though, they (and their whole team) are out of the game for good. No one bites (but they talk about fried chicken a lot) and she ups it to $10,000.

We find out that silver team lady is living at home with her mom. Her mom is apparently supporting her, too. It looks painful for her to not take the money. Alison says that the final offer is $25,000 and she (silver team lady) says, "That is more than I make in a couple of years!" Hmmm, what does she do for a living? She cusses a lot and looks uneasy. Is she gonna do it?

The offer is to leave the game for $25,000 which is 10% of the final prize. Joelle (silver team lady) seams like she might take it. Daniel (the poor boy who is the biggest ever) says, "If you wanna win money, go on a game show..." They are basically saying if you're in it for money, go for it now. I personally think that the opportunity to be on this show is worth more than that. I don't think that the real prize is in the money.

It's my first glimpse of Bob in two weeks! He tells his team that this was the craziest weigh in ever. Jillian asks her team how they made the decision on who to send home. Jerry talks about how he needs it the most and Jillian agrees.

Bob talks to Kristen who sent her mother home. He tells her that he really liked her mom and that she loves her daughter so much. Kristen says that she thinks her mom will "kick butt" (at home). Bob tells them that they have a responsibility to not only themselves but to their teammates at home. The green lady, one of the models, tells Jillian about the temptation challenge. Joelle tells Bob that she almost took the money and Bob can't believe it. He is concerned for her and her teammate.

Bob and Joelle talk privately. He asks her why she wants to be there. She tells him that the show is the only way (other than surgery) for her to lose 100 pounds. He tells her that she must get out of her comfort zone to do it. She begins to cry and talk about shame and guilt! This is a hot button topic for me because I'm the QUEEN of shame and guilt. Bob tells her that "Today is the day to forgive yourself." She also talks about fear and Bob says, "Anytime you start to feel that fear- welcome it. Hands up, eyes open- I welcome this. It's time for you to see what you are capable of. You'll come out of this victorious." That is why I love Bob!!!

It's gym time. Jillian talks about the pattern of week 2 on the show. She tells us that she is "the best." Bob says f--- week two." Then he shows us (and Joelle) how to do a push up. Jerry is working hard and he talks about how he can't believe how much he's accomplished. Way to go, Jerry!

Bob is talking to the brown team about snacking. They discuss how they want something sweet in the afternoon and what should be done about that. Bob tells them that they should chew a stick of Extra Sugar Free gum and gives them the Sweet Watermelon to put in their pocket.

Joelle falls or knocks something over and their is a big BANG! She tells them that she is fine. It seems like she is just kinda half-assing it and her team notices. She says that she can do the diet but the exercise is the hardest for her.

We see the "homies" talking about their goals and accomplishments. They talk about how hard it is for them. Everyone seems to be doing what they should- going to the gym, setting goals, walking, etc.

Bob's Trainer Tip is to sing while working out. Awesome! I love to sing.

Now it's time for the challenge. The campus contestants and Ali are on a boat. Alison tells them that they must kayak to shore and then climb a mountain. The reward is immunity at the next weigh-in and a phone call home. She tells them that second, third and fourth place will also receive a phone call home. Also, the last place contestant will receive a 1 pound disadvantage at the weigh-in.

The contestants are in the kayak and Blaine and Helen are first. Jerry didn't seem to be moving at all! It's a foot pedaling thing. Joelle talks about her mantra and that would so be me, talking to myself. I do it all the time. Tara, green, starts to make some headway. She has had a great attitude so far. Helen is doing really well, too. Poor Dan and Jerry are still waaaaay in the water. It is strange how much I'd like to do this. I surprise myself.

Jerry finally makes it to shore but is struggling. On the mountain (hill?), Blaine and Tara are neck and neck, walking, when Tara begins to jog. She passes Blaine. She says that she felt that she had to do it then so she had a chance. It's the steepest part of the hike, Ali says and we can see how it's affecting the two. Then, Blaine says that he just couldn't do it. Tara wins 1st. Blaine wins 2nd. Dan is just making it to shore.

Mandy wins 3rd place. Helen is struggling but says that she just kept thinking about a phone call home. She wins 4th place and the last phone call. Who will be last? It's between Jerry and Daniel. Jerry makes it and says that he is not glad that Danny is behind him. A few of the others go out to meet Dan and I cry again. That is just awesome. He just needs to do it and I think that accomplishing things like this are a big start.

The winners talk about how proud they are of themselves. Tara talks about how for so long she didn't do things because of her weight and now look at her. She is kayaking and climbing mountains. She then says that the immunity is good enough for her and she would like to give her phone call away. She gives it to Felipe who is a husband and father. I cry again.

Felipe calls his wife and she says that he sounds different. He tells her that he goes days without using his inhaler. Blaine calls his wife, who is going to have a baby in two weeks. She tells him that he needs to stay because she needs him to be okay. He tells her, "I'm just no good without 'cha." It is so sweet.

Mandi gets to call her husband and she is so glad. She tells him that she did good in the challenge and that is why she gets to call. She thinks that makes him more supportive. Helen calls home and talks to her daughter that was sent home. She is the one who recently got arrested, FYI.

Ok, phone calls over and we are back in the gym for the last chance workout. Bob says that he's gonna work them hard so they don't do bad in week 2. Jillian says the same thing. Dane says that it is the hardest thing that he's done so far there. She has him squatting and leg pressing Blaine. He does it though- 900 pounds. He says that she is the hardest coach he's ever had, including his football coaches. That is a big statement.

Now, Bob is pushing Joelle. He is very frustrated with her. She does a lot of talking. Jerry is working hard with Jillian. She tells us that he just doesn't have the stamina as the younger contestants. He seems to have some knee problems. Here is Joelle again talking about not giving in or something. She says that she is "faking it until she makes it." I don't know what she is talking about. Faking it for who or what? Dan pushes himself and I am so proud! He says that it's a great feeling.

Bob is working with his team. They are running on the treadmill for 30 seconds and Joelle stops at 20 seconds. Bob is PISSED! He is cussing and yelling at her. She says she is giving him her best and he tells her that she is not. He wants to know "WHAT IS IT?" He is livid and everyone looks stunned. Jillian tells her team that she has NEVER seen him that mad, ever. He wants them to do it again. He starts counting and they are off. Joelle stops at about 25 seconds. Everyone is yelling at her to focus. She is telling him she is doing her best and blah, blah, blah. He tells her to shut the f--- up and just do it. They do it again and she makes it.

Now it is time for the weigh in. As the contestants are going into the weigh in area, we hear from the "homies." Everyone is nervous and doesn't want their partner to go home. Joelle says that she knows that everyone is mad at her. Helen talks about how Joelle has to lose weight because if she falls below, she is going home. Another person said the same thing earlier.

Ali reminds them that their weigh in is important for their future and the future of their partner at home. She asks Jillian about this week and Jillian tells her that it's been a good week, a hard week. She then says something about Bob entertaining them. Ali asks him what she means and he tells her that he and Joelle had some growing pains. He says that he was possessed by Jillian. This gets a big laugh from everyone. Then Joelle says that she just really wants to get on the scale.

*Tara is first because they are going in order of the challenge winners. She only lost 1 pound.
*Blaine came in 2nd so his team (black) goes next. Blaine lost 16 and Dane lost 14 for a combined total of 30. They have lost a total of 64 pounds since they arrived.
*Mandi weighed 251 previously. She weighs 245 and lost 6 pounds. She is happy.
*Helen weighed 245 previously. She weighs in at 237. She lost 8 pounds. She cries and says that she is going to bring Shannon back.
*The brown team goes next. Mike was 366 previously and Ron was 398. Ron loses 12 and Mike loses 7. That is 19 total and they move above Mandi.
*Damian (red) weighed 364 pounds. He has really big nipples. He's pretty confident going up to the scale. He lost 9 pounds.
*Kristen (purple-mother/daughter) weighed 341 and needs to lose more than 8 pounds. She lost 10. She does the "Bob dance" and it's not pretty. This puts her third and Mandi last.
*Felipe is up next. He needs to have lost more than 8 pounds. He weighed 347 last week. This week he weighs 339. He lost 9 pounds and he screams. He moves to fourth.
*Joelle is finally up. Kristen says, "It has been the week of Joelle. From the temptations to the workouts to the last chance workout- she sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm very interested to see what that looks like on the scale." Me too. She needs to have lost more than 7 pounds. She was 296 previously. Her current weight is 294. She lost 2 pounds. Bob is mad. Mandi is happy.
*Jerry makes his way down and I feel sad for him. Last week he weighed 344. His current weight is 343. He looks SO sad. I hate that. Everyone is moved by this. Ali and the other contestants are all sad for him. They give him a round of applause. Jillian tells him, "You still lost 26 pounds in two weeks. Nobody wants to see Jerry fall below the yellow line." Mandi is safe but is really sad for Jerry.
*Dan is next. He has a 1 pound penalty and needs to have lost more than 3 pounds. He weighed 424 last time. His current weight is 421 which means that he lost 3. If he had not received the penalty, he'd be safe and Joelle would be below with Jerry.

Joelle says that there is no glory in beating the "oldest and the heaviest". She bugs me. Now everyone must decide who to send home. Jillian says that this is the worst case scenario- Jerry and Dan below the line.

This is the hard part. Everyone is discussing who needs it more and it is very emotional. Jerry needs it more because he passed out the first day. Dan is so young and needs to be able to live again. Ron is crying and saying that Dan HAS to be there. For him, Dan represents a younger him and his own son. He says that Dan may go home and lose 80 pounds but he regain 110. That is his own pattern and he is scared for Dan.

It's time to vote and everyone sits down with Alison. She tells them that she "can't imagine a more difficult choice." Kristen goes first and votes for Jerry. She is upset about it though and hugs him. Jerry says that he is "at peace." Felipe tells Ali that he didn't base it on who worked the hardest or who needed to be there more, he based it on his feelings. He votes for Jerry too. Jerry gives Felipe a thumbs up. Damian says that he wants to see Daniel grow up to be Jerry so he votes for Jerry. Tara votes for Jerry because she thinks he has more support at home. She tearfully tells Jerry that she is sorry. He tells her not to be, that he is at peace. Ron is last and we know that he is going to vote for Jerry to go.

I am so sad and so is everyone else. Jerry says that he feels good. When Ali tells him that he is not the biggest loser he tells her that he is the biggest winner though. I am crying really hard! I hope so much that he does well. He can do it now.

Oh my goodness. Seeing him is amazing. He looks so good! He has no indication of diabetes and nothing wrong. He and Estella look great! She says that she is below 200. Jerry lost 84 pounds.


The January 20th episode (the latest) begins with everyone talking about how hard eliminating Jerry was. Ron says that Jerry asked to be eliminated over Daniel. Mandi says that it's hard and upsetting to have to chose between two people who are working hard when their is someone who is not. Joelle. She is not working as hard as everyone and she ostracizes herself from them. She says that she feels out of control and has an issue with losing that control. I don't get this AT ALL. She wants control of what? Her weight?? Ummm, she doesn't have that.

Now the "homies" talk about their biggest temptations- fast food, gravy, chicken burrito, cheeseburgers, strawberry danish, coffees, jerk chicken, fried chicken, potatoes. Then we see them eating better- well, some of them. David is eating fried chicken and laughing. Then he burps- cute.

The campus contestants are at a temptation challenge. They are standing in front of a table that has different food (tacos, donuts, chicken nuggets, peanut butter cups) on it. Each food has it's calorie count next to it. Alison will give them each five minutes alone in the room and they can eat as much or as little as they want. However, their partners have already done the challenge. The campus contestants will not know what the "homies" have done until they are done. The team with the highest number of calories wins the temptation. The winner gets to train alone with their trainer- at home.

Joelle is all excited because she wants to leave and have a break. This aggravates me because so many people would love to have the opportunity that she does. I am also a little confused. Does Ali mean that the winner "gets" to go home? That doesn't seem right to me.

The game starts and everyone is sniffing and staring at the food when it's their turn. Damian says he has a "meat"tooth instead of a sweet tooth. So does Blue. Mandi is confused as to what to do. She wants to go home and give her boys a hug. I guess that they will get to go home. She eats a slice of pizza. Felipe is eyeing the 200 calorie tacos. Joelle goes in and takes a slice of pizza, a donut, etc. The contestants continue to sniff and eat.

Ali comes back and tells them that there will be a winner. She starts with Mandi. Mandi ate one slice of pizza for 380 calories. Aubrey is then shown on tv and tells them that she has been craving tacos. But she didn't eat any. Mandi buries her face in her hands and cries. Aubrey tells her that she hopes Mandi ate nothing, too. Umm, oh well. FAIL.

Felipe ate nothing. Good job. Sione is shown on the tv with two pieces of pizza and a taco. He says that he did that because he needs that workout with him and Bob. His food was a total of 960 calories. Felipe is shocked. Now they are in the lead.

Kristen didn't eat anything. We see Kathy and she didn't eat anything either. Kristen is happy to see her mom on tv.

Damian didn't eat anything. Ali asks him if he thinks Nicole ate anything and he says no. Nicole shows up on the screen and Damian lets out a big "Whoo!" It is really sweet. She shows him her plate and it is empty. He is happy. She tells him that she is counting the days until she sees him again and he gets a huge grin on his face.

Helen ate nothing too. She says she doesn't know how Shannon did. Shannon came on the screen and cries. She didn't eat anything.

Tara ate nothing and neither did Laura.

Black and brown are both on campus and Ali tells us that neither of them ate anything.

Joelle didn't eat anything in the end. She put the donut in her mouth and took it out. Gross. Then we see Carla who was the biggest woman on the show. She has a plate of 3 slices of pizza, 5 chicken nuggets, 1 taco and 2 cupcakes-2710 calories. Everyone is shocked and grossed out. Joelle is all excited. Damian says (to us, not in front of her) that Joelle is 41 but emotionally 12 or 13. That is so true! She is laughing and is happy.

Mandi is very upset. She wanted to go home and see her boys very badly. She also ate a piece of pizza for nothing. Joelle says that she is not smiling because of Carla "consuming." Then she says that Carla has a strength and it's being able to do something like that (I guess eat) and then go back and "get it in line". Umm, I beg to differ. The scale says otherwise, honey. Felipe speaks up and tells her that rekinling isn't gonna burn calories. He also says that Mandy should've gone home. I feel sorry for her but she should've eaten more. I don't believe that you should get special privledges because you have kids.

Joelle and Bob will be traveling to Detroit. Everyone else who is working with Bob will be without him for a few days. Now, they have to tell Bob. We review last week's Bob meltdown where he was pissed at Joelle. Oh, this is gonna be gooooood. The team (Bob's) is on the treadmill and they tell him that they had a temptation. Felipe explains the temptation to Bob (and I understand the reward better- 24 hours at home with your trainer and partner). He tells Bob that he is going home with Carla. Bob, the doll, says, "I'm going where?" I am laughing hard.

Bob doesn't seem too happy. He says that Joelle is a mess and now he has to go and tell Carla that Joelle has been in the bottom for the past two weeks. Joelle and Bob are standing in front of Carla's house. It's big- huge. Carla comes out and everyone hugs. They go in and Bob tells Carla that Joelle has taken him where no other contestant has. She asks, "Is it me?" What an idiot. Carla tells her that at times she can push people's buttons. They discuss Joelle's being at the bottom during weigh in and Carla is not happy.

Bob goes into the kitchen and tells them about snacking on yogurt. Back in Cali, Jillian and her team are working out in the gym. Mandi starts crying and saying that she feels bad. She and Jillian go outside to talk. Mandi says that she is hitting a wall and is drained. She misses her kids. Jillian gives her a pep talk and she feels a little better.

Bob is in Detroit working the silver team. Carla is angry that Joelle isn't pulling her weight. She tells Joelle that she needs to workout hard at the campus. She keeps going on and on and Joelle gets mad. Joelle yells and Carla yells. Bob stands back and lets them be foolish. Carla has a point though. She says that she lost 9 pounds at home while Joelle lost 2 at the ranch.

Bob's trainer tip is about healthy(er) pizza. Yum. He says to start with whole wheat dough and top that with low fat cheese, veggies, chicken or shrimp and fruit.

Bob calls the team at the ranch. He is on speaker phone. He tells them- no excuses and that their last chance workout is gonna be brutal. Bob sits down to eat salad with the silver team. They start singing the same ole tune and Joelle doesn't care. She acts really disinterested. Carla tells her that she is mad that Joelle is on the ranch and not her. She wants to see a fire in Joelle and she doesn't. Joelle tells Carla some crap about vision and Carla ain't happy about that.

Blaine has a meeting with the doctor. He is 28 and takes 8 medications a day. After 3 weeks of diet and exercise he is finished with the meds. Ron is up next. He was taking 10 pills a day plus his insulin. Now he only takes 1 and a fraction of the insulin. He says that The Biggest Loser is like a fountain of youth. I have gotten off of most of my meds, too and it feels great.

It's time for a challenge. It's the jump-the-beam challenge. The winner gets immunity. Joelle says something stupid. She is the first one off with the first rotation. Ron is next. It looks like he didn't even jump. Dan and Helen are out too. Damian is out after awhile. Felipe scrapes the beam with his heels. Then he breaks it on the next round. Four people are left after over 20 minutes- three girls and Dane. Mandi is out. She is on the sidelines crying. She does that a lot but so do I. Dane is out after 2 hours. The two girls-Tara and Kristen- hit 1000 jumps. Kristin breaks hers at 1030 jumps and 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Tara wins again. She doesn't seem happy because she loves Kristin. ? Kristin is really upset because she almost won and didn't. Tara then starts spitting up and tells her team that she was throwing up in her mouth. I don't know what the hell she is talking about. I'm very grossed out.

The team is in the kitchen and Bob comes back. It's time for the last chance workout. He says that he is going to put the whole week into this workout. Some of them are on the bikes and Joelle is whining again. No one wants to hear.

Jillian talks about how she loves to inflict pain. She gets that fix from Blaine. Bob and Jillian are both pushing really hard. They are using their own weight to push their teams. Bob is pushing Mike really hard and he says that he is almost at his breaking point. Bob says that he wants to make them cry.

Jillian's Trainer Tip is about an interval that can be done in the living room. I think I will. Jumping squats 10 times, bicycle abs 20 times and then running in place for three minutes, rest for one minute and do it over two times.

It's weigh-in time. Bob says that he has no idea where the numbers will be because he has been gone all week. Ali, who looks great, tells them that if they survive the next two weigh-ins, they can bring their partners back.

*Tara goes first. She weighed 272 pounds before and lost 8 pounds. She has immunity.
*Helen gets on the scale and says that she is really nervous. She lost 6 pounds and is happy.
*Mandi goes up and she lost 8 pounds. (side note, I wish we knew how the "homies" are doing weight wise)
*Joelle is next and I'm anxious to see what she did. She weighed 294 last week. Her current weight is 288. She lost 6 pounds. She is just weird, the way she acts.
*Felipe weighed 338 pounds. His current weight is 324. He lost 14 pounds and he is screaming and yelling. It's fun! He says that he really pushed himself this week. I'm inspired by him and his reaction. He is now at the top of the scoreboard.
*The brown team-father and son, Mike and Ron-are next. They need to lose more than 18 pounds. Ron lost 9 pounds and Mike lost 11. They have lost 93 pounds in three weeks. Bob is exstatic and says, "That 93 pounds is Nicole Ritchie."
*The black team-cousins, Dane and Blaine-go next. They need to have lost more than 18 pounds. Blaine lost 12 pounds and Dane lost 18 for a total of 30. That is amazing. If I lost 18 pounds in one week, I'd pass out.
*Damian needs more than 8 pounds to stay above the yellow line and he only lost 4. Bob feels guilty.
*Dan is up and he is worried. He needs to have lost more than 8 pounds. He was at 421 and is at 406. He lost 15 pounds. He has lost 48 pounds in three weeks. WOW. I have not lost that in three freaking months. FRACK.
*Kristen weighed 331 last week. She needs to have lost more than 6 pounds. Felipe says that they were all rooting for Kristin because if she makes it, Joelle and Damian go below the line. Joelle will go home then. If she doesn't make it, she and Damian will be up for elimintion. She lost 7. She is safe.

Joelle and Damian are below the yellow line and are up for elimination. Joelle knows that it's not good for her. Bob says that he assumes it's gonna be the silver team and in that case, Carla is gonna kill someone. The contestants are all in the kitchen. Tara asks Joelle if she wants to be there and she is wishy-washy. It looks like Joelle is going home.

Felipe votes for Joelle to go home.
Brown votes for Joelle to go home.
Kristin says that Joelle has expressed a desire to not be there so she votes for her.
Helen votes for Joelle to go home.
Black team votes for Damian to go home and I kinda figured that would happen. They acted kinda sketchy during deliberation.
Tara votes for Damian to go home. I guess that Jillian's team is not on board with the votes.
Dan votes for Damian and I am really shocked. Not shocked that the other team did that but because I didn't really think of it. I didn't think they would do that.

Damian feels really bad. He feels like he let Nicole down. It's sad. In three weeks he lost 30 pounds. That is really great.

Damian and Nicole look really great. Nicole lost 76 pounds. Damian has lost 74 pounds.

The partners come back!

The Mentalist

One of my favorite new shows of the season is The Mentalist. Simon Baker is really beautiful. He plays Patrick Jane, a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) who has a knack for solving crimes with his powers of observation. Baker is an Australian but Patrick Jane is American. His Aussie accent is sexy but you don't get to hear it on the show.
Patrick Jane is also searching for the serial killer, Red John, who killed his (Jane's) wife and child. Every epsiode has "red" in the title (minus the pilot).

We Are Baaaaaaack

I watched so much Lost last night that my head hurts. I watched Season 4's season finale (the one with the stuff written at the bottom) titled, "There's No Place Like Home". I also watched the "Destiny Calls" recap with executive producers and writers.

Then, I watched the first two episodes of Season 5, "Because You Left" and "The Lie." I think that I will be watching them again. As usual, I have to let it all sit for awhile before I'm sure of what I saw. I'm so thrilled that this show is back. It makes me feel ALIVE to think so much.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Money Doesn't Buy Class

I'm watching this Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Here are a few observations:

  • Simon is British? I had no idea.
  • Vicki is exhausting, utterly and completly. She is badgering her poor mother much like she badgered her poor daughter. "Do you love me? Tell me you love me."
  • I would LOVE to be able to have a seven-course meal prepared by a chef. How great would that be?
  • Gretchen is silly. So is Tamera. I don't understand why Gretchen is even on the show. She is not married so she's not a wife.
  • Tamera's son, Ryan, is slimy.
  • I cannot imagine inviting someone to my house and being so rude to them like Tamera is to Lynne and Frank.
  • It's gross that Tamera would want to get Gretchen drunk. Gretchen however is a 30-year-old woman and can take care of herself. She shouldn't have drank like that and then acted like that. If I would've been there, she would've gotten slapped. She was disgusting. But then, after she got drunk, they should've cut her off. The overt sexual behavor all over Vicki's husband and Ryan was uncalled for.
  • I keep thinking that Gretchen is gonna fall in the water.
  • She (G) is being mean to Jeana and Jeana is the only one trying to help her.
  • A drunk never admits they are drunk, right? How gross.
  • The "wives" are mean to Lynne for no reason.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wish You Were Here

That is the name of the episode ^ and also the name of one of my FAV songs.

Anyway, the very talented Eric Stoltz comes from behind the camera to guest in a three-episode arc. He plays William Dunn a death row inmate who is brought into the hospital after being stabbed. He reportedly comes between Meredeth and Derek. He says, "I would have to say that I insinuate myself in between Mer and Der in a way that isn't exactly helpful." I guess we'll see.

Also starting tonight is the beautiful Jessica Capshaw. She plays Dr Arizona Robbins, pediatric surgeon and a love interest for- Callie.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the devastatingly-handsome-but-dead-in-every-show guy, is back as Denny. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE JDM- that impish, sweet, shy smile and all but I don't like him back on this show. I don't want him (dead him) and Izzie having sex. I like Izzie and Alex- a lot.

Perry Reeves guests as Margaret, a patient with a "bone-sucking tumor". You may know her from Entourage. She plays Mrs Ari. She is EXCELLENT on that show.

Notes from the show
How funny is Jessica Capshaw on Heelys?

"Sexed up stalkers" -Dr Mark Sloan talking about the interns

I like Meredith and Yang fighting. I also like Dr Sloan and Lexipedia together- they were kinda HOT!

"I'm not going to a meeting to discuss my obsession with my best friend's girlfriend's half sister."- Dr M. Sloan to Callie after she suggests they are addicts (He has the best stuff!)

Ellen Pompeo is REALLY unattractive in this episode. I've never found her terribly attractive but she seems strange looking in this one. I can't really put my finger on the reason, though. Lip color? Hair down? Hmmm. She is maybe PREGNANT!!

"I can't do anything that would make you unhappy." -Denny's response to Izzie asking him not to make her choose between him and Alex. After she and Alex have sex (in the hospital). That is just weird. And it's bad for real men because they wouldn't say that. Also, is there THIS much sex in hospitals?

Mark and Callie were the best of the whole show.
"I'm going to denver!"

Alex made Izzie a cake- that was too sweet for words.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Biggest Loser- Season 7 The Biggest Yet

This show ALWAYS kills me. It touches me, it inspires me, it haunts me. I am super-super sensitive and I get emotional for every show. My mama had to call me last night and warn me that there is an older man who falls out and he is gonna be ok. She knows that I have a really sensitive soul and that seeing him fall out would really get to me. So, I'm warning you, dear readers. This show is gonna touch you. You are gonna feel something when you watch.

I already really relate to the cousins, Felipe and Sione. A part of their culture is food and as a Cajun, I get that.

The 19 year old kid, Daniel, OH! OH! That just breaks my heart open. I just want him to succeed.

The MAW MAW and PAW PAW! I love, love the name Estella! I want them to be ok- to DO IT.

It is ALWAYS the mom/daughter or son/dad or mixed that really, really get to me. I'm so close to both of my parents and I know how much I love them and what I would do for them. Anything. I don't want to be fat with my fat young kids so it's time NOW to make the change.

YAY Bob! I heart him so so freaking much. I know that I've said that plenty before but, it bears repeating. How funny is it watching Bob and Jillian watch the contestants be all lost in the gym. "Get her OFF the bars!"

Oh, no! I cannot watch Jerry fall. I can't do it. Poor Estella. Poor, Poor Estella. Oh, I gotta fast-forward. Let me tell ya'll that my PaPa is 69 years old and he is 10x healthier than this. He can run and ski and do all that. If I would've been there in the gym at that time, I'da LOST it. LOST IT. I want him to come back though. I want him to do whatever he can to get better.

Everyone should be required to watch this show. EVERYONE. I think that it's so important to see this. If you are fat, you need to see that you can do it. You need to see how big you could get if you let yourself go. I know that it wouldn't take too much for me to weigh 300 pounds. I don't want that though. I want to LIVE and be HAPPY and HEALTHY. I'm happy that I'm smaller than any of these people, for the first time! There was always someone smaller than me or the same exact weight- starting. I am so so so beyond thrilled to say that I am smaller than the smallest person's starting weight. It's not a great thing to be proud of but I gotta start somewhere. So, YAY me!

These weights are just overwhelming. Daniel is 454 pounds and he is the biggest contestant they have ever weighed at the show. He can't walk, he waddles. It's really imperative that he gets healthy, or he will die.

I LOVE the bodybugg. I want it now. I use or to keep track of my calories but it's hard to keep track of what I burn. Actually, I have not worked out in awhile so, I need to do that.

Jerry is back. He says that at the hospital the doctor told him that his blood pressure dropped while he was working out. That is why he passed out. That used to happen to me all the time. My blood pressure dropped and I would be out. My bp is still on the low side but I don't pass out anymore.

(Sign up for the Pound for Pound Challenge.) (I am having a hard time with it. I cannot get it to acknowledge my email address! UGH!! Anyone else have this problem?)

I'm thinking that we have not been introduced to all the teams. I want to see the green team again, the models. I am also going to be able to relate to them, too. Not because I am or ever was a model but because they were not always fat. Or I guess they weren't.

All I can think of during the challenge is that the street/bridge they are running on looks very slippery. I'd bust my ass. Every time I watch this show, I'm inspired to RUN! and JUMP! and CLIMB! That is a very good thing though. I'm so proud of Aubrey- whether she wins or loses- that was awesome. Aww, she lost, but only by a teeny bit. Way to go, girls.

Oh, going to see the results of the tests. How I need Blue to go there. I would love to do it, too. I know that I have fatty liver that I'm trying to heal. I'd like to know what my age is inside my body. My cholesterol is good though! I stopped smoking. I'd like my DAD to find out what his is too. Maybe that would help him? I don't know.

The daddy crying and holding hands with his boy- oh, that is so sweet.

The black team men have wives and kids. One has a baby on the way next month, his third child. It's not just about them. People are depending on them.

On a side note, Ali Sweeney looks good. She is really pretty. She is just a little pregnant for her 2nd child in these episodes. Her daughter is due this month.

Big twist- 9 contestants are going home! They are breaking the teams up. That is kinda crazy. Blaine and Dane- the black team- are immune. They lost 34 pounds combined. Wow!
"I lost 14 pounds but I felt like I lost 50, " -Blaine. I think that means a lot.

*The silver team- Joelle and Carla- lost 24 pounds. This is the team with the biggest woman ever.
*The orange team- Dan and David- lost 46 pounds. This is the team with the biggest man and the biggest contestant ever. He lost 30 pounds!
*The red team- Nicole and Damien- lost 35 pounds. She beat him! They were one pound away from being above the yellow line.
*The white team- Estella and Jerry- lost 34 pounds. They needed 33 pounds. Jerry lost 25 pounds! WOW.
- The lights must be insane there by the scale because poor Ali is sweating like crazy.
*The blue team-Filipe and Sione-lost 40 pounds. They need 41 to be above the yellow line. Aw.
*The yellow team-Aubrey and Mandi-needs more than 28 pounds and they lost 25. Awww.
*The purple team- Cathy and Kristin-(Kristin was the second biggest woman)-lost 31 pounds. They needed 36 to stay. Jerry and Estella are still the winners with three teams left.
*The pink team-Helen and Shannon- lost 25 pounds. They needed 30.
*The green team-Tara and Laura-the ex-models, lost 34 pounds and needed only 32. Tara lost 21 pounds and did an adorable dance. "Who loses 21 pounds? I DO!" -Tara. They are above the yellow line so Estella and Jerry are now below it.
*The brown team-Ron and Mike- need to have lost more than 48 pounds. They lost 54 freaking pounds. Good gracious. They win for the week. Ron lost the most (32 pounds) weight anyone has ever lost in one week. It's amazing.

I have to say that this twist is BIG. The black team won immunity during the challenge so they are safe. The brown team came in first at the weigh-in so they are safe. Every other team has to chose one of their members to go home. After thirty days, whoever is still in the game gets their partner back. I don't think I like this very much. I don't like the separating of the teams but it is different.

What do you do? How interesting to see three different strategies, or trains-of-thought, right away. On the pink team (mother/daughter), Shannon (daughter) is saying that Helen has to stay because she will go back to bad habits at home. She says that she is not staying without her mother. On the red team (finaces), Nicole seems to be laying her case out for Damien. She is telling him that she can do it and that she has surprised herself already. The yellow team (sisters) is talking about who would be mad or who would fault whom if they were eliminated eventually. The blue team (cousins) are saying that they have no doubts in each other. The silver team (best friends/biggest woman) asks each other if they want to stay and talk about how they were the lowest losing team.

*Pink team (mother/daughter) loses Shannon (daughter). Helen stays.
*Blue team (Tongan cousins) loses Sione. Filipe stays.
*Green team (ex-model BFFs) loses Laura. Tara stays.
*Yellow team (sisters) loses Aubrey. Mandi stays.
*Red team (fiances) loses Nicole. Damien stays.
*Orange team (BFFs/biggest contestant) loses David. Dan (the biggest contestant) stays.
*Silver team (BFFs/biggest woman) loses Carla (the biggest woman). Joelle stays- this one I don't get.
*Purple team (mother/daughter) loses Cathy (mom). Kristin stays.
*White team (oldest/grandparents) loses Estella. Jerry stays.
(OH GOD. I lost it when they started "Courage Is" song) (It's one of my THEME songs!)

I'm looking forward to next week when Bob loses his cool!

Courage Is
Take all my vicious words
And turn them into something good

Take all my preconceptions
And let the truth be understood

Take all my prized possessions
Leave only what I need

Take all my pieces of doubt
And let me be what's underneath

Courage is when you're afraid,
But you keep on moving anyway
Courage is when you're in pain,
But you keep on living anyway

We all have excuses why
Living in fear something in us dies

Like a bird with broken wings
It's not how high he flies,
But the song he sings

Courage is when you're afraid,
But you keep on moving anyway
Courage is when you're in pain,
But you keep on living anyway
You keep on living anyway

It's not how many times you've been knocked down
It's how many times you get back up

Courage is when you've lost your way,
But you find your strength anyway

Courage is when you're afraid
Courage is when it all seems grey
Courage is when you make a change,
And you keep on living anyway

You keep on moving anyway
You keep on giving anyway
You keep on loving anyway