Friday, November 21, 2008

So Sad

Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone have all been canceled.

More to come.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pushing Daisies Thoughts (Oh,Oh,Oh, It's Magic)

The title for tonight's episode (6) is "Oh,Oh,Oh, It's Magic" when Ned's (adorable Lee Pace )cutie half-bros give the gang tickets to see their magic (illusion) show. Watch it here.

Emerson (very funny Chi McBride )(when the boys give them the tickets)- "A magic show! Where did I put that rat's ass I could give?"

The dialogue for this show- the quick, witty banter is better than any other show on tv.

Chuck(the very beautiful Anna Friel) (to Ned)- "Don't you have a sea of questions?"
Ned- "There might be a pond."

The Great Herrmann (guest star Fred Willard) gives Ned a hug and Olive (the lovely and extremely talented Kristin Chenoweth) says, "I want a hug." He tells her, "I'm not made of hugs."

Emerson- "While we can appreciate and sympathize with your predicament, Mr Hermann...
The Great Herrmann (interrupting)- "Please, call me great."
Emerson- "Uh, no."

I love this big feathered cape thing that Chuck is wearing. I'm trying to find a picture for you... Also love the purple and black pattern inside Herrmann's magic box-thingy and on his jacket. The twins' sweaters are hi-lar-ious!

Lee Pace's smile is so sweet. And Chuck and Ned are so very adorable. You feel the longing as they "touch" through the Plexi glass.

**I hear that on an upcoming episode (8 maybe?), we see some type of "contraption" that Chuck and Ned use to, umm, touch each other sexually... ***

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick and Live Blogging- at 1 A.M.

It's actually more like 1:14. I went to sleep at 8:30 and woke up at 12:30. Now, I can't go back to sleep. I am sick- ear ache, headache, etc. So, the show- The Biggest Loser: Families. Last week, Amy C. (of the blue team) voted for Brady to go home. Now, we know that evil, scheming Brady's wife, Vicky is gonna be out for blood...

I like Coleen a lot. But I LOVED Amy P. I cannot stand Vicky and I cannot stand Heba. Just saying that right up front.

Even Vicky's own team member and friend, ED, is saying that she is scary. The show opens with Amy explaining herself- numbers and percentages- she's crying to the other team and they are SO GLAD she did what she did, of course. Vicky is flinging the "F" word around and leaving rude REVENGE notes and Heba says she is "staying out of it."

I'm very excited to see Bob's reaction. He seems most upset that the team is falling apart. When he meets with them, Amy is not there and Vicky is saying that she cannot be with her. Bob goes up to talk with her and Amy is really upset. She is crying and tells him that she just did what she had to for herself. She tells him that she thinks that she can win. Bob and Amy are now on an island....

A gray Delorean a la Back to the Future pulls up to the ranch as the contestants are headed to the gym. Allison gets out and as Heba says, "Is in the ugliest outfit I've ever seen." She is dressed for the '80s in purple boots, acid washed-ripped jeans, purple pleather jacket (with shoulder pads) and crimped teased hair. She tells them that they have a new 80s uniform and 80s house and 80s workout because it's 80s week.

Ed makes me laugh with his short shorts. He calls them crotch huggers.

The three women of the black team meet up with Jillian and some dancing guy. They are gonna do some break dancing. I love the 80s music (she's a maniac, maniac)! The girls are having fun dancing. Dancing is a good workout.

The blue team-with cutie cute Bob-does step aerobics. The song- I'm so excited! Heba says she was worried something was going to fall out of Ed's shorts. Bob has a "sit down" and tells them that good can come from bad times (or something) and he basically feels the tension between Vicky and Amy. He asks the group if they have anything to say and no one does. He is worried that the team will fall apart.

Challenge time. Allison is wearing another crazy 80s get up. It's a lot of hot pink and is that black lipstick? There is a stage with buckets rigged up in the air, as if the were filled with something and could be dumped. Each bucket has a person's name written on it. Heba says it reminds her of the shows where green slime is dumped on people. Allison begins talking about how the "80s were a huge turning point in the way we approach food and fitness. Everything from Diet Coke (THANK GOD!) to Jane Fonda's first workout tape came out. And obesity became classified as a disease in the United States." The challenge is 80s trivia. The contestants hold onto a handle attached to the barrel (bucket). The barrell is filled with 50% of their body weight in water. A trivia question is asked and if they get it wrong, more water is added to their barrell. If they get it right, they add more water to someone else's barrel. Last person standing wins. The prize is a motoroker S9 HD wireless stereo headset for the whole family and 2 motorola wireless workouts recorded with Bob. Also, the winner gets a choice of $5,000 cash prize or giving a one pound penalty to someone at the weigh-in this week.

Ed rings in on the first one but is wrong so more water is added. Heba gets the next question correct and adds water to Coleen's barrel. Ed is having trouble with sweaty hands... The third question is won by Coleen and she pays Heba back by giving water to Ed. After that water is added, he's holding 100% of his body weight. After he fiddles for a second, he loses control and the water tips over and he's out.

Coleen answer's the next question but she is wrong and get's more water. Amy gets a question right and adds water to Vicky! YAY!! Vicky says she's not surprised because she thinks that Amy is aligned with the black team. Allison's next question is, "Today, the most commonly purchased woman's dress size in America is a size 14. In 1985, it was a size? A 8, B 10 or C 12. Renee answers C but it's A so she gets extra water. At this time, Amy is struggling and then drops her rope. Coleen drops hers. Now, it's Heba, Vicky, Michelle and Renee. Heba gets more water. Then Vicky drops her rope. Heba wins the next question but loses control of her barrel. It's Renee and Michelle, mother and daughter. Michelle tells her mom that she will buy her a purse if she will drop it and let her win. Cute. Renee does drop and Michelle wins. I like her.

Bob, Heba and Vicky are walking. Bob tells Vicky that she needs to knock it off with Amy (basically). He's telling her that they are a team still and that they still have the numbers. Vicky is not having it. Bob is persistent and he is really fussing at her.

Jillian is trying hard to work her black team. She knows that if they don't have the numbers on the scale, they don't have a leg to stand on. They are outnumbered and the blue team has Ed. She puts them through "the spin class from hell" and takes the seats off of their bikes. Every week, she makes them cry. Hell, every week she makes me cry. She says "fight through it, fight through it." She almost kills them on the bikes and when they are finished, she puts them on the treadmill.

Michelle says that running at a high speed triggers a high anxiety. She cries. I think that Michelle is really beautiful. The story of Renee and Michelle is really sad to me. I hope Michelle finds comfort and healing.

Jillian talks to her team about eating healthy. She brings them Ziplock produce bags to help save their fruits and vegetables. She says that they (we) should be getting five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I wonder if they go grocery shopping or does someone else do and the good food is just there for them?

Coleen is in her room with a cute shirt on a hanger. She tries it on and it FITS. It's her "goal closet item" and it's a medium. She says that 9 weeks ago when she got there she wore a 2x. GOOD LORD! 9 weeks is NOTHING.

Amy and Vicky (and Heba) are in the kitchen. Amy tells Vicky that she is sorry for what she did, that she didn't lie because she just changed her mind at the last minute. Vicky says that she appreciates the apology but she expects Amy to vote black. Vicky is nicer to Amy than I expected.

Bob's trainer tip- keep nuts, string cheese or an apple with you to snack on to keep your blood sugar regulated so you don't crash at the end of the day.

Bob goes into his last-chance-workout. He's thinking about Michelle's one pound penalty. She will give it to one of the blue team if she takes it. Amy whines about the pull ups. Bob says that Ed and Heba better work their asses off.

The weigh-in and Allison is dressed in a normal, trendy, yellow dress. She is so pretty. Ya'll know she is pregnant with her second baby. Anyway, Michelle tells Allison that she is not taking the $5,000. She is giving the one-pound penalty to Vicky with the whack hair 'do. She always fixes her hair in this crazy style...

Michelle weighs in at 186- down 8 pounds. 4.12%
Renee weighs in at 207- down 8 pounds. 3.72% (Does Allison decide who goes what order?)
Ed weighs in at 262- down 11 pounds. 4.03% He doesn't act happy. Michelle is definitely safe.
Heba weighs in at 231- down 7 pounds. 2.94% It's good weight loss but not enough. Ed is safe.
Coleen weighs in at 163- down 3 pounds. She is really upset. Jillian is upset but tells her that she will be fine. It's moving. Bob is kinda like, what is going on? Two more people have to weigh in. Amy needs to lose more than 5 pounds.
Amy weighs in at 173- down 8 pounds. She is so excited. She has lost 66 pounds total. She is in 1st.
Vicky needs more than six because of the one pound penalty.
Vicky weighs in at 187- down 6 pounds- not enough. YAY! She says that she couldn't have worked harder.

Renee and Michelle won't vote Coleen. Ed and Heba won't vote Vicky. It's Amy as the swing vote. No 60 minutes to decide. Coleen says that she is scared to go home because she is not 100% ready. She is afraid to follow in her dad's footsteps. Vicky says that she respect what Coleen says but she has two kids and she works 60 hours a week so how is she gonna lose weight?

Everyone is thinking of Amy and her vote. The black team hopes she remembers that Vicky made her week hell. The blue team wants her to redeem herself. Of course, it's two votes for Vicky and two votes for Coleen and then it's down to Amy...

She votes to evict- Coleen. I'm a little surprised but not too much.

Coleen is going home. She has lost 51 pounds at the ranch. Amy tells her that she loves her and that she is one of the most amazing women she knows. I'm excited to see her at home. WOW! She looks great. She was a 22 pant and is a 10 now.

I love this show. I would LOVE to be on it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rooting For Ruby

I'm watching this new show on STYLE network (or E!) called Ruby. Have ya'll heard of this? Ruby Gettinger is a southern girl from Savannah, Georgia who has lots of friends, loves dogs and teaches Sunday school. She also weighs about 500 pounds. She has weighed over 700 pounds.

This show is her journey to lose weight to save her life. Doctors have told her that she is a walking (sleeping) timebomb- a "metabolic time bomb waiting to go off." He tells her that she could just stop breathing in the night. She admits that she only eats unhealthy things and that she has a food addiction.

I just love so much of what she says. She says that it's the "beast". Everything in her life is good but this- her weight. I know how that feels. She also talks about how this (her body) is just a "shell." That when people stare at her in public or laugh at her or make comments, it's only her shell that they are judging.

I'm so hoping that Ruby can get it together and lose weight.