Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?


I know that I've said it before but I cannot say it enough, I LOVE The Biggest Loser. I would love to be on the show and WIN. I would love to meet Bob Harper who I just adore. I think he's amazing and adorable and sweet and funny.

On to the show, I really don't want Vicky to win. I can't stand her. It's too bad that she is the contestant from Louisiana.
Also, I love Allison Sweeny. I didn't realize she was so pregnant! I don't really love that green (velvet? velour?) dress but, poor thing. She might not be able to find anything to fit.

Heba looks really good. She needs a better bra! Oh goodness, it's really bad. REALLY. BAD.
Ed looks really good, too. I just didn't like the two of them at all during the game. I think that is why everyone voted for Ed. People didn't like them so they did the opposite of what they wanted.

Stacey is my hero! She kicked major ass on that step challenge. She looks incredible! She and Adam prove that working out and being healthy can happen even with jobs and kids. That is an inspiration.

LT and Tom. They lost some weight! Good job, guys.

YAY! Bob. His butt is so cute. I love him so much.

Adam was 340 pounds. His goal was 220 by the finale. His weight is 260. He lost 60 pounds.
Stacey was 221 pounds. Her current weight is 156. She lost 65 pounds.

Aww! LT is a little league football coach. Love that. His starting weight was 357 pounds. His current weight is 270 pounds. He lost 87 pounds.
Tom started at 314 pounds. His current weight is 236 pounds. He lost 78 pounds.

Jerry. That is just fricking amazing. I have chills looking at Jerry and Colleen.
Coleen looks fantastic, too. I love her. Her talking about her daddy just made me cry every time. Because I KNOW!
Shellay looks so good. And Amy! Oh, look how good she looks too. I love those dresses.

Jerry is the reason I cry for the first time. How awesome!! His diseases are gone! It's so beautiful and fabulous. I'm just so proud. He gained 24 years the doctor says. That is just priceless. He was the unhealthiest player in Biggest Loser history. He started at 380 pounds. His current weight is 265 pounds. He lost 115 pounds which puts him in the lead for The Biggest Loser off campus.
Colleen started at 218 pounds. Her current weight is 154. She lost 64 pounds.

Shellay and Amy trying on clothes- that is me and Mama! We laugh and laugh and laugh. Shellay was 216 pounds and now it's 142 pounds. She lost 74 pounds. That is awesome! Amy, who is just a cutie, started at 239 pounds. Her current weight is 135! She lost 105 pounds. Oh my god!!! She takes the lead from Jerry.

Now, my favs- Phil and Amy. I loved Amy P. so much. WHOA! They look fabulous. Brady looks good and Renee- Oh wow! She looks amazing. I love Amy P's dress.
Phil's tape is making me cry. I love seeing him with and hearing him talk about his kids. It's adorable. His starting weight was 331 pounds. His current weight is 180 pounds! OH MY gOD! He lost 151 pounds, that is freaking amazing. What an awesome guy. He takes over the lead.
Amy P., my very favorite contestant. She was just so sweet and southern and precious. I love that hair in the tape. She is so pretty! She started at 229 pounds and her current weight is 124. Good GRIEF! She lost 105 pounds. WOW! That is just amazing. She takes the lead from her husband and OH, I hope she wins that whole thing. 105 pounds. That is just crazy.

Brady and Vicky, I didn't like them. I didn't dislike Brady as much as I REALLY CANNOT stand Vicky. Brady started out at 341 pounds. His current weight is 224 pounds. He lost 117 pounds. That is awesome, too. Not enough to take the title from Amy, though.

Renee's change is dramatic. She was an awesome competitor too. I don't get how you stop talking to your child but, that is not the point. She started at 267 pounds and her current weight is 161 pounds. She lost 106 pounds. She looks like she lost more than that. She did great.

Heba was the heaviest woman on campus. I didn't love her but I do understand when she talks about wanting to get pregnant and being so big. I'm not as big as she was but, I am big. Her starting weight was 294 pounds and her current weight is 156 pounds. She lost 138 pounds and she wins the $100,000 prize! 138 pounds is absolutely incredible.

I don't know how Ed can cook good food and not eat it. I can TOTALLY relate to him talking about how food tastes, feels, etc. Sometimes it's just too much. It just depends on how much you want it.

Oh, Bob! He's talking about what WE can do even though we are not on the show- make better choices at lunch, move around more today, make the CHOICE.

Now, Vicky. As much as I don't like her, the kid thing is gonna get me. OH, the first Cajun Biggest Loser sign. Ummm, not all Cajuns are like her. She is not a nice person and seems so insincere. She is killing herself. She wakes up at 4am and works out for an hour. Then she goes to work until 5 and works out and doesn't come home until 8:30 or 9. She is not seeing her children or losing weight. My biggest question is what is she feeding her kids now? When she was on the show, she talked about how they MIGHT know what broccoli was because of school but they don't eat it. She feeds them doughnuts and other fatty foods. Her four-year-old weighed 62 pounds! She needed to be focused on helping them, too. Not just herself.

Michelle is such a sweet and beautiful girl. Her story made me cry too. I'm glad that she and her mom are close again. There is nothing like that relationship between a mom and daughter. I'd be so lost without my mom. Some days she works out for 4 hours! Hmmm, I can't do that. Maybe that is why I am fat.

These woman can't walk in their shoes! Heba and Vicky both were slipping and sliding all around. Bob is so sweet. He helps the ladies walk to their spot. Michelle looks so great! FULL DISCLOSURE I want Michelle to win. I guess that is weird because she is on Jillian's team but I like her the best (by FAR) out of the three.

January 6th a new season starts. I'm excited for that. The oldest couple, the biggest woman and the largest contestant ever at only 19 years old. It's right in time for new year's resolutions. Also, the Pound for Pound challenge.

Ed's starting weight was 335 pounds. His current weight is 196 pounds. He lost 139 pounds. That is 41.49%
Vicky's starting weight was 246 pounds. Her current weight is 145 pounds. She lost 101 pounds and needed 102 pounds. Thank goodness for that pound.
Michelle's starting weight was 242 pounds. She needs to have lost more than 100 pounds. Her current weight is 132 pounds!! She lost 110 pounds. She is the biggest loser!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scoop (BEWARE of Spoilers)

Who wants TV scoop? (Ummm, probably not a lot of you judging by the amount of people who read-comment-on this blog, but whatever)

Are you wondering WTF is going on over on Grey's? What is wrong with Izzie? Last week, she actually (appeared) to HAVE SEX with her dead fiance', Denny. Many people are speculating that the good doctor has a brain tumor and is dying/will die soon. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Denny, is contracted until February. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show, says that the brain tumor is not the case. Can we trust her though? She is famous for throwing off spoilers or changing things all around after leaks.

Also, word is, Sadie (Die) and Callie may be getting closer. For a second. AND, so will Little Grey and McSteamy (look for that in early '09).
Let's discuss these things!! What do you think about these couplings?

After this week's Gossip Girl, we all know who is going to die, right? Well, I've heard that Ed Westwick puts in an Emmy winning performance during the funeral show. Really! Also, R & L just may get together after all....