Wednesday, June 4, 2008

House Is A Mind Blower

If you are not watching House, you are missing out on: excellent writing, acting, chemistry and story lines. I just (finally!) watched the last two episodes of season 4 last night, House's Head (Part One) and Wilson's Heart (Part Two). They were absolutely phenomenal. Every single member of the cast was great, solid. Hugh Laurie, of course, gives me chills.

I think Hugh Laurie is simply amazing. I cannot find enough positive adjectives to describe him. They all do- brilliant, talented, attractive, funny, smart. His portrayal of Dr Gregory House is heartbreaking and chilling. I was really moved by him in these two episodes. I am always impressed with him, though.

Go watch House. Go HERE to read about the show. If you just missed a few of season 4's episodes, you can watch them there. I did that last night. You can catch all of season 4's episodes on Fox. Check your local listings. Rent or Netflix the past seasons. You'll love it!!

"I had a heart attack this morning. I can't do any more drugs until lunch." -Wilson's Heart

"You gonna trust me? I lie about everything." -House's Head

"Your biggest problem is I don't know what your biggest problem is." -House's Head

"Genetic defect; nice" -No More Mr Nice Guy

"That top makes you look like an afghani prostitute." -No More Mr Nice Guy

"Run him for everything you can thing of:lepto, schisto, hemo, and the fourth Marx Brother nobody's ever heard of." -No More Mr Nice Guy

"So syphilis prevents domestic violence? I'm gonna be even more attractive to the ladies." -No More Mr Nice Guy

"The problem with sleeping with strangers is... they're strange." -It's A Wonderful Life

"Dr Cuddy- the face that launched a thousand long faces." -Games

That is all of the House-isms today! I'll do more later because they are funny!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lost- Season Finale

What did ya'll think? I watched it in St Thomas with my brother and Shannon and Luke. Luke was tipsy and coughing so I'll probably watch it again. Plus, I want to watch it after I've read all the blogs I like to read about it. Some initial reactions:

  • Sawyer is still cute but I liked him better (the best) when he and Kate had cage sex. Remember that? When they were on the other island in the Others' cages and they had dirty, semi-rough sex in the cage. Whoa! HO-OT!
  • Sun is AWESOME. Yunjin Kim is a brilliant actress.
  • Please no hooking up Sawyer and Juliet.
  • I felt sorry for Hugo when they were on the helicopter talking about extra weight! Awwwww :(
  • Claire was creepy and I hope we see more of her soon. I have read that we need to be focused on "What happened to Claire?" not "Is Claire dead." This came directly from the executive producers.
  • Also, from, Harold Perrineau says that Michael's death was not the way he wanted things to go.
  • Is Jin really dead? I'm hearing NO....
  • What really happened on the island after the 6 left?
  • How did Locke die? Why did he change his name? Why was even Walt calling him Jeremy Banthem?
  • Speaking of Walt, OMG! He got huge.

So, that's what I got now. I know I'm leaving out a ton. Like...