Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shoeaddict Says "I Love the Smell"

I just watched last weeks Pushing Daisies, "Smell of Success." It was great. I liked this one better than this weeks episode. I love this show anyway. Here's some little things I have to say after watching "Smell of Success":

-I want one of those cup-pies!
-Chuck (Anna Friel) is so pretty.
-I love her character.
-I love her clothes.
-Olive is funny.
-Emerson wears the craziest, miss-matched outfits.
-Pee-Wee Herman was good.
-I love scratch-n-sniff books, better than pop-ups
-Is Pee-Wee coming back to "out" Chuck?
-The aunts are so sad.
-"follow the yellow thick hose" love it!

Do you watch?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shoeaddict Says, "The Country House"- what a suprise!

If you aren't watching Dirty Sexy Money, you are missing out. It's my favorite (or one of) new show of the season. Last week's episode was "The Country House" and BOY, OH BOY! was it grrrrreat! It had Carmalita the tranny mistress meeting with Ellen the proper wife, Tripp the head Darling having a sit-down with the childish Pat, sneaky Simon Elder and the do-gooder but, clueless Nick. He dropped a bombshell on everyone. Plus, Jeremy was so cutie-cute-cute on his date! Mama Tish, what a bitch telling Lisa about Karen and Nick's kiss, huh?

Jeremy was just adorable last week. From the scene with him at the breakfast table (the Darling breakfast table is divine! Even their fruit looks rich) with Karen, to him with Sofia on his "normal" date. I just think he's sweet.
What is Tripp doing? I know that he really wants to destroy Simon Elder but, is he screwing his own son in the process? Which Darling child is NOT a Darling? Is Nick a Darling? All these things are going to be revealed soon, I hear. I didn't get to hear/see the very last piece of the show. My DVR cut off right when Lisa was talking to Nick while sitting on her bed at her parents' home. So, I didn't get to see the previews for tonight's episode. What I've read is that we see flashbacks of Latisha and Dutch's affair, Simon and Karen have chemistry when they both go to the hospital to visit Patrick more on that), and Brian gets arrested for trying to bribe the arbitrator.

Ok, I go back and forth and back and forth on who is NOT Tripp's child. Why would Latisha push a relationship between Karen and Nick if she knew they were sibs? The twins just don't make any sense to me, maybe other viewers can see it, I don't. Brian is always talking about how different he is from the Darlings- even though in my opinion, he's not. Bribing the arbitrator, trying to give the mother of Brian Jr $3 million to give him custody of the boy, that's all pretty low-down. Plus, in the first few episodes, Brian never skipped an opportunity to say how much he hated Dutch and Nick. Patrick is Tripp's namesake and obvious choice. Who is it???

Who else LOVED when Carmalita came to Ellen and Patrick's hotel room? Or when she told Patrick to take a walk? LOVED it. Then, when Patrick told Ellen that he had gone to see Carmalita after the crazy meeting with Tripp, Simon and Nick- she freaked. We got to see a bit of her heart. Or temper because then she shot him in the leg with a double barrel shotgun.

Nick really is stupid. He was stupid with Tripp, Simon, Karen and Lisa. He needs to tell Karen what's up. Unless there is something there. ?

Who else is watching? Go on and watch NOW. Email me immediately ( if you have a question.

Loved Lisa's whole look! Loved the glasses, the jacket, the bag... LOVES!
The boys go quail hunting. Love the boots...
What else will Simon do?
How will Patrick be hurt? Or will he hurt Tripp?
Is Nick strong enough to play this game? Is he mean enough? Is he really Tripp's son?

I'm watching Pushing Daisies right now. Oh how I love this show, too.

In the DVR:
Pushing Daisies (11/21 "Smell of Success")
Two and a Half Men (11/26)
The Biggest Loser
Cane (11/27)
ANTM (11/21 "The Girls Go To Shanghai"; 11/28 "The Girls Go On Go-See Adventure")

Gossip Girl (11/28 "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!)

*I'll have to watch Project Runway later, too. I'm watching DSM at 9:00*

Shoeaddict Says... I Wonder?

Helio Castroneves has split from his fiancee Aliette Vazquez. Her rep made a statement to about rumors and privacy. The crazy thing is that I just saw him on The View and he talked about her. He talked about how she supported him and met Julianne! Julianne said she was going to teach them dances for the wedding.

Of course there is much speculation as to the nature of Julianne and Helio's relationship. They looked pretty cozy together last night and throughout the season. There were kisses.


Shoeaddict Says- YAY!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shoeaddict Says Marie is Creepy and Julianne is Gorgeous!

Last night's DWTS was the finals. The three remaining couples: Mel B and Maks, Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts and Helio C. and Julianne Hough did 2 dances. The first dance was one the judges picked and then a freestyle. This was really the three couples least impressive performances so far. In my opinion, and A LOT of others (but apparently not enough), Marie should have gone a long time ago. Last night, she did a silly, stiff, CREEPY, freestyle dance dressed as a DOLL. It was awful! Then, she was bitchy to the judges.
I voted my allotted 4 times- 3 times for Julianne (ahem, Helio) and 1 time for Mel B. I've LOVED Julianne since I've seen her. I think she's so beautiful and sweet and a fantastic dancer/choreographer. I think that Mel B might win and that's fine. As long as creepy Marie doesn't win. Julianne Hough.
From left: Samantha Harris (who looks GREAT after the birth of her baby girl), creepy cougar Marie dressed as a doll and pro dance partner, Jonathon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shoeaddict Says Brad Is Mean!

Yeah, I knew there was a reason I stopped watching this show! Last night, "Bachelor" Brad Womack was supposed to give his final rose to one of the last two women, Jenni or DeAnna. Well, he picked NEITHER! I agree that you probably cannot fall in love and get engaged in 6 (or so) weeks time while not even dating. You're surrounded by cameras, other people in the relationship, no one is themselves. I get all of that and that is mostly why I think the show is stupid and I shouldn't even watch.

OK, don't tell lies though. That's all I'm saying. Tonight is the "After the Final Rose" episode and I can't wait to see what happens. There are all kinds of rumors all over the 'net. 1) He proposes to Jenni. 2) He proposes to DeAnna. 3) He's back with his ex-girlfriend (who he reportedly text-messaged throughout the show) (also rumors that she is pregnant or that they have a 2 year-old) 4) He's gay. Brad Womack is 34, lives in Austin and is the co-owner of 4 bars.
Jenni is 27 and is a Phoenix Suns dancer. I love her :)
DeAnna (De-On-Ah) is 25 and a Realtor in Georgia

Monday, November 19, 2007

Shoeaddict Says "It's Sew Time!"

I know, I'm so behind with this. Sorry. I also know that my pictures are out of order and it's all crazy. I'm not great with the posting of the pictures. OK, here we go with the review of the first episode of season 4 of Project Runway. This show is one of my favorites. I love Heidi, Tim and the great personalities that show up each season.

So, the 15 contestants show up at their apartments, we meet them, hear a bit about them. Jillian is wearing a very cute baby blue outfit. She worked/works at Ralph Lauren. Carmen was a model and her pictures were beautiful! She's all funky now with an 80's haircut. She's all about being there first. (?) Sweet P was in a motorcycle gang. WTH? OK... The nickname thing is really silly. Oh, the boys. Kevin is quick to point out that he is straight- hee hee. Christian is the youngest and you can tell throughout the show. His hair is cuh-ray-zee.

The designers are called to Bryant Park (wow!) where Heidi and Tim meet up with them. Heidi looks awesome! The challenge is not the usual 1st challenge of making something with groceries and stuff but make something that represents them as designers. There are three tents set up with $50,000 worth of material. They must run to the tents and grab whatever they want in 10 minutes.

OK, yes, ha ha, Chris, the overweight one, didn't run like the wind like everyone else. And because FAT is a discrimination and something to make fun of, it was emphasized. The other designers are picking their materials and camera pans to Chris who is still running. It was mean. Then everybody grabs A TON of fabric and Elisa takes SILK CHIFFON and rubs it in the grass. WHAT?!?! She is "organic." Gimmie a freakin break.

They all head back over to Parson's to begin work on their masterpieces. Everyone is still shocked at Elisa and how coo-coo she seems. I think it's the definition of ironic when Christian, with his way crazy hair says she's "strange." She's finished with her dress early and it's not very good. I think Simone has beautiful eyebrows and a great face.
Can I just say, before we get to the dresses, I want a accessories wall. Seriously, I want shelves like that for all my shoes and bags- totally! Rami's dress was the winner. I love this dress, especially the COLOR. The dress was made well, draped well and just classy. I don't like his model (they were just chosen for the designer) much. Those shoes are gross.
Jack's design. I loved this one, too. The colors, again, fab. I love, love black and white. The added turquoise is just kick ass. Jack is HIV positive but has not announced it yet on the show. I read it in PEOPLE magazine.
Creepy Marion Lee designed this undone crap. It's frumpy, it's too much lace and the skirt is not good.
Steven does remind me of Laura (season 2) (someone said that on their blog, sorry that I don't remember who). I loved Laura for soooooo many reasons and I really like this suit by Steven. It's well executed and elegant. I like this model, she's got Laura hair.
Carmen's design. I am down with the pants but the rest is crazy.

This is Simone's. It is boring and poorly executed. I hated the colors. The jacket thing didn't "go" with the dress. The judges hated it too and she was eliminated.
Jillian's orange dress. I liked it. I am very drawn to the color once again. The skirt is different and I liked it a lot. It's the top that kept me from loving it.
Christian's dress with the jacket that I HATED! The judges were back and forth about it. The material, the pattern of the jacket, is hideous. I don't think the jacket, in a different material would be so bad. Maybe.
Victorya's design. I loved this one, too.

Ricky's design. He designs lingerie and this babydoll definitely looks like it belongs in the VS catalog. But it's cute.

This is Elisa's concoction. Her poor model tripped over the miles of fabric pouring out of the back like a tail. Heidi said it looked like she was "pooing fabric." The dress without the train is not the worse I've seen. Those boots... my goodness! She was in the bottom 2 with Simone.
I really thought this dress was gorgeous. Chris designed this jewel toned gown with the tie-top. I love this.
Kevin's design. Hated it. What is that tacky crap in the middle?
Kit designed this awful thing. I love black and white and red- see other blog but what is this? The red thing is just unnecessary.

Sweet P designed this one. I thought it looked like a potato sack on the runway. It still looks very "sack-like" to me.
Yeah, I don't know if I'll continue doing these big huge posts! This took forever and I'm not sure if it's even good. Whew, sorry. My first impressions- Elisa is gonna be crazy and make for good TV. I think that's why she stayed in. Ricky is the funny, emotional one. I like that. Jack is a pretty Queen. The entire bunch seems to have an impressive resume'. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shoeaddict Says... Whoa!

My whole TV watching schedule has been different since staying at Maison Parents. I still watch a lot of the same stuff just not at the same time as usual. Plus, I've added even more shows- shows that mom watched and I didn't (The Bachelor, Survivor:China, The Biggest Loser). There are tons of shows that I watch that she doesn't, though and most of those I can watch online. I hope that I'm not hurting the writers on strike by doing that.

I think it's OK because they are already written. I think not buying boxed sets of TV shows and stuff like that will be ways to support the writers. We can also write letters. I have the addresses if anyone is interested. But, I'm not writing about the writers' strike, even though it is going to affect our (my) lives- those of us who watch TV.

The point of this post- to tell you the shows I watch. Every. single. one. that I'm watching right now. I've weeded out and added and I have my list. Tons of shows overlap so, there are lots of DVR'ing and watching online. Here it is- it's a lot. A LOT!!!!

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
The Amazing Race 12
Desperate Housewives
Cold Case- sometimes

If I watch TV during the day, my stories are Days of our Lives and General Hospital. I have not seen GH in months though and Days only sporadically. I'm watching it on SoapNet right now. I like SoapNet because I can watch Beverly Hills, 90210. I cannot even begin to say how OBSESSED I was with this show when it was on in the '90s. OH MY GOD!!!! I watch TLC, The Price is Right, and stuff like that during the day.
Dancing with the Stars
Big Bang Theory
Samantha Who?- I am a BIG DAMN DEAL!!
Two and a Half Men
The Bachelor (it's over this week- JENNI or DeANNA?)
Jon & Kate Plus 8

The Biggest Loser
Beauty and the Geek
Cane- Ummmmm, good!
Law & Order:SVU- it's all on my DVR at home because mama doesn't watch and it's not available online

Pushing Daisies- OMG! How much do I love, love this show? Chuck and Ned are just so sweet!
Kid Nation
America's Next Top Model
Private Practice
Gossip Girl
Project Runway
Dirty Sexy Money- LOVES it!!!

Ugly Betty
My Name is Earl- being DVR'ed
The Office- being DVR'ed
30 Rock- being DVR'ed
Scrubs- being DVR'ed
Grey's Anatomy
Survivor:China- GO JAMES!
Without A Trace- DVR'ed
Real Housewives

What Not to Wear
I don't always watch these.

College Football GEAUX TIGERS!!!
A movie

I also watch Law & Order:Criminal Intent, Run's House, True Life, Bridezillas, America's Most Smartest Model, Intervention, Split Ends, Mystery Diagnosis, Code Blue. I watch these when I see them on except L&O, I DVR it but don't remember the day it comes on now.
I really LOVE reality TV because I love people and am very interested in how they live and interact.