Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shoeaddict Loves Dirty Sexy Money

LIVE blogging while watching Dirty Sexy Money. Here's the thing, I know that not many of you read this but, I don't care- much. I can't stop blogging. I am very opinionated and I watch all these shows by myself (Luke watches sports, that's all) so, I like to express them somehow.

-Why did Karen tell Nick "no" to his proposal? Are we gonna find out?

-Simon Elders, hmmmm? He's "C"?

-Freddy (Karen's fiance') is an idiot. Brian is creepy.

OOOOOOOOOOOOH, the twins are having a birthday party! Trouble in paradise because Juliet and Jeremy are fighting about Natalie. They have to split the party now and the money. They will also be recieving a $25 million trust from their mom's father. The other children recieved theirs on their 25th.

I'm dying to know about the DNA results. I keep shifting my thinking on which child it may be- Patrick, the heir, the politician? Karen, the one who slept with Nick-who'd be her half brother? Brian, who is so different from the other Darlings and who has a real hate for Dutch and Nick? Or the twins? Hmmmmmm????

Samarie Armstrong checked herself into therapy (for "eating disorders", reportedly) and might miss one episode. I love her. I love Juliet, too. I know I said that in my last post about DSM. I also am not convinced about Jeremy and Natalie. They have been together for half a minute and he's throwing away his sister for her? I know there is a child involved but, really? C'mon. I'm just a really loyal person. If he really loves Natalie and his child, he'd tell his family and make Juliet get along with her. What do you think?

Blogger is driving me nuts. The curser keeps moving. I'm eating a fantastic eggplant rollini. Yummy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Shoeaddict and the Dancers LIVE! LATIN NIGHT

Yeah, so I decided to LIVE blog while watching Dancing with the Stars. Let's go...

MARIE & Jonathan (Samba)- She just creeps. me. out. She is just yuck with the overt sexuality. I HATE that costume. OHMIGOD she just fainted. They just take a commercial and no one even seems bothered! She's probably dizzy from the head spinning and the not eating to fit in the spandex. Marie is fine- we'll see the replay all week.
Judges score- 21

JANE & Tony (Rumba)- She's so elegant and has such a beautiful body. He is creepy and very strict. She is pretty good if a bit boring. LOVE the dress! This was not a boring performance. I take that back. The judges seem to like it except Carrie who gave her some pointers.
Judges Score- 26

MARK & Kym (Samba)- He's a spaz. He's got a ton of fans, though. Is he married? Girlfriend? He gets so into it with his face. Can't wait to see this. Oh, I Dream of Jeannie. She looks cute. He is so stiff and not good- it's time for him to go. The judges know it's time for him to go, too. (Commercials last for-ev-er! I'm eating my Craisins Trail Mix and flipping the channels. This is awesome Trail Mix- cranberries, banana, pineapple, papaya, honey-roasted peanuts, cashews and coconut)
Judges Score-21

Sabrina & Mark (Ramba)- Last week, they got a perfect score. Their have been rumors that the two of them are romantically involved... I know it's very hard not to believe that when watching them dance this dance. This was HOT! This was very good and they are GREAT actors if they don't have something going on... I wouldn't want my husband to be dancing this dance with someone other than me. It's very hip-y and lots of in-your-face, slinky-ness, close to each other. Mark said the dance is a vertical expression of horizontal desires. Whoa!
Judges score-

JENNIE & Derek (Samba)- She was cuter in her video before the dance but I liked it better last week when she was with her kids. She is so stiff. She is not relaxed at all. I like yellow on her. Hey! Tori Spelling and Jennifer Espisito in the audience. Len is the only judge who liked it. She has really disappointed me. I was a MAJOR B.H. 90210 fan- MAJOR. I mean, I was so into it you cannot even imagine. It affected my emotions. I loved Dylan. Luke Perry still gets to me. I had an unnatural hate for Kelly because I loved Brenda and Dylan together. I was so sad when the show ended. Devastated. I liked Claire (Steve's g/f) but I did like Steve being married with a baby. David and Donna were great. Dylan was my dream though.
Judges Score-25

HELIO & Julianne (Rumba)- I love her. She is the best choreographer. He's married, I think. That's probably why it's hard for them to find the SEX chemistry for this dance. He has been doing really well. Her outfit is just awesome and good lord- not even half an eight count into it and I was impressed. I thought it was very pretty. The judges thought it was too mechanical and I kinda agree but I think it's because they aren't in love and aren't having sex. The technical part of it was good, I thought.
Judges Score-23

**Sorry migraine and nausea**

DVR Overload

I'm sososososo behind! My DVR is backed up beyond belief and I don't know when I'm gonna watch the shows. I'm not feeling well and have been in bed a lot. The DVR is in the living room. Tonight is Dancing with the Stars and Two and a Half Men. I don't know what else.

I'm hoping that Mel B gets more votes because I couldn't believe that she was in the bottom two last week. Marie's dress last week was disgusting! Some of the other's were really awesome though: Mel's, Jane's, and Julianna's. Edyta should just go in a thong. Tonight is "Latin Night"- should be good.

I'll be here in my bed watching it and eating Craisins- LOVE THEM!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Shoeaddict Says...

What did y'all think of last night's Grey's?

Izzie really made a fool of herself, no? I thought that Callie properly dressed her down at the end. I was also very glad that Alex was so outraged at her behavior. And that he brought up, in the end, that she was "so in love" with Denny and pushed him away and now is breaking up George's marriage. This is a classic case of "he was mine and now he has a girlfriend so, NOW I want him" syndrome. It's very real BELIEVE me. My hubs had a friend that he had no feelings for and I don't think she did either, until I came along. Then, Uh-Oh!! She decided she wanted him then. Ummm, no.

Also, Derek's words to Meredith were so sweet. I wanna marry you. I want to die at 110 years-old in your arms. I want to have children. That is so very perfect. What does she WANT? I DO NOT get it. I guess it's me. I just DO NOT get what she wants from anyone. I cannot stand her.

Now, you tell me what you thought.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shoeaddict Talks Wednesday TV


It's 9:53pm and I'm watching Dirty Sexy Money. I'm watching the very end of DSM and freaking out. I guessed that one of the Darling children were Dutch's but, which????

Karen- because of the whole Nick thing? That would be gross and wouldn't they have stopped it?

Patrick- because Tripp is all into his political career. That would hurt him.

Brian- he's so different from everyone else, he hates Nick, he's the obvious choice (to me)

I don't think it's the twins, Juliet and Jeremy, just because. But, here I am screaming at the TV- Patrick? No, No, Brian!? No, all of them?! None of them? Brian, it's Brian! Who is it????

And "C" is Brian Elders? What is that?

I really love this show.

I'm glad Lisa finally told Karen something but, I doubt it will make her leave Nick alone. I'm of the belief that the spouse that has the "crap" deals with it. Example- If Luke's parents are a problem, he talks to them, not me and vise versa. So, I think Nick needs to be firmer with Karen because she's out of control.

What do you think about Jeremy and Juliet? I love Juliet ("She has decided") and brunette-girlfriend (what's her name) is obnoxious! All they do is have sex! Well, now she's pregnant and he says he's in love... ???

By the way, Private Practice was actually good tonight. Kate Walsh is so pretty. I know it's her show but my same opinion still stands- Amy Brennaman's Violet dominates the show.

I thought Ambreal should've gone home on ANTM instead of the Liza look-a-like. Lisa is pretty and I liked Tyra's advice of never dim your light for any one- or something like that. Tyra the philosopher, huh?

On the DVR:
Pushing Daisies
Kid Nation
Gossip Girl

What did y'all watch and LOVE?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shoeaddict Says... Makeover Time on BatG

Hello all. I'm so sad tonight. My mommy and daddy are gone. :( I talked to my daddy today at around 3:00 (10:00 Paris time) and I was glad to hear from him. I've spoken to mama twice and this was the first day I got to talk to daddy. They are having fun, eating sharp cheeses and crusty breads (my fav), drinking wine and hanging out. They have not discussed shopping- I know I'm not getting any Loubous, though.

Anyway, it's Makeover time on Beauty and the Geek and I love a good makeover! (Do y'all hate my love! of! the! exclamation! points! ?) Did y'all see the makeovers on ANTM last week? What is up with Tyra? Maybe it's just me and my lack of knowledge but a bowl haircut? What? I thought it would look awesome blunt cut, all sharp angles.

On to the beauties and the geeks. Last week, Sam and Rebecca did the naughty-naughty in the room with Nicole. How mean and gross? Nicole FREAKED out and basically blamed it all on Rebecca because "Sam is a guy." That was silly. The whole house was pretty much sick of Rebecca and Will and they got nominated and then lost the elimination challenge.

We see at the beginning, Erin and Jesse coming back from the elimination challenge and everyone is happy except Rebecca. Then Shay is telling us all about Joshua's poor hygiene habits saying, "He's like an alien visiting the United States." She is teaching him how to wash his face- put the water on it... yes, I'm not kidding.

Then for the challenges. The host gathers the teams together and says they will be "Going Back to School, " for the beauties- Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (to which Erin replies, "What's Arithmetic?") and the geeks' is a surprise but they learn they will get the makeover. The makeovers will consist of new outfits, haircuts, shaves and waxes. They are adjourned and begin to discuss the makeovers. The beauties tell the geeks what they really need- new shoes!, no jean shorts!, haircut!, no numbers on your watch!(calculator watch), totally new wardrobe!

Hollywood stylists "The Kids" are providing the wardrobe and the owner-and staff- of The Heroin Salon is gonna help with "salon-y" stuff. The geeks are HI-LAR-Y-OUS! The waxing! "Plum is Hot!" And watching them prance around.

Then the reveal-first up is Jesse. He got his hair dies super-platinum blonde. Does great things for his face. Next is Dave- the pudgy, hairy, Hawaiian shirt geek. OHMIGOD- he looks adorable! Great hair cut. It's messy and curly in all the right places and he got shaved and waxed to death. William- eh. He got turned into a redhead and I don't like it. His partner doesn't either. Then Joshua (who had the very critical beauty Shay) comes out and Shay cries! They have him dressed all Poindexter in a suit and tie.

*Gasp* The one I've been waiting for- Nicole. I thought when she came into the house that she was certainly NOT an ugly girl. She has pretty skin, hair, lips. She looked beautiful and needed the boost very much. Hearing her say that when she came into the house that she knew she'd always be the ugliest girl in the house- that's heartbreaking. Next was Luke and he was very proud of himself. He also seemed to find it all very simplistic because he said that if that was all he had to do it would have saved him a lot of trouble a long time ago. Finally was John who got a significant cut and contacts. He looks adorable.

Now they learn there will be a prom. They cannot ask their own partner, Nicole can ask a male geek (because she's a female geek) and some beauties will have to stay home because of the uneven numbers. Let the freakout begin!

We learn that Dave has a crush on Nicole (awwww) and then Nicole asks John, instead. Dave then asks Katie. Awwww, I love a crush.

The next day, the beauties have their challenge put before them. They must teach (yes, teach) actual students a lesson as the principal watches. It's so painful to watch. The kids are giving the answer and they have NO CLUE if the kids are right! Plus, their boobs are all hanging out. Sam did well as did Shay. The winner- SHAY. She deserved it from the looks of things and her partner, Joshua, was so sweet about it.

They get all dressed up (so cute) and go to the prom. At the prom, they take pictures and dance and have a good time. The challenge is then announced. They have to become popular with the other students at the dance by mingling and campaigning. They are pretty nervous and funny- and geeky! JOHN wins and he and Nicole got to dance in the center.

John (and Natalie) pick Sam and Nicole for the elimination challenge.
Shay (and Joshua) pick Luke and Katie for the elimination challenge.

I don't dislike either of the two teams but, I like Nicole. I'd also love to see Dave tell Nicole he has a crush on her. So cute.

Winners of the elimination challenge- NICOLE AND SAM

So, Luke and Katie are going home. And next week, the geeks turn their beauties into superheroes!


Have I told y'all about Kimora? She is so funny, so over-the-top, so very watchable on her new reality show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. The show follows her as she launches her KLS Collection, which is fancier than the Baby Phat line. Just in case you don't know, Kimora is the creator of the Baby Phat line. She and husband, Russell Simmons are separated and it's not known if the divorce is finalized.

Kimora Perkins was born to an Asian mom and black father in St. Louis. At 13, she was awarded an exclusive contract with Chanel and just after she turned 14, she left for Paris to work as Karl Lagerfield's (Chanel's famous designer) muse. At 14, she was already 6 feet tall.

She met Russell (and Tyra Banks- who is her best friend and godmother to her daughter, Ming Lee) while modeling and in 1998, the two were married. He is the creator of Phat Farm and co-creator of Def Jam Records. She created Baby Phat which is the female counterpart of the line. They also created 2 daughters, who model for Baby Phat, Ming Lee (7) and Aoki Lee (4). In the pic above, Aoki is the one all "Heeeeey" posing.

I don't know how many episodes I've missed or whatever. I don't even know when the new ones come on (I know, I'm so ashamed!) but, I found it on one Sunday on the Style channel and I've seen a few. Yes, she is so very bitchy- a lot. She is a D-I-V-A to the Nth degree, for sure. I don't know her, I don't know true facts about her but, my lil 'ole opinion is this: she works and even though lots of people work harder and get paid a lot less- she's been working since she was 13. Yes, she may be bitchy to her (many) assistants and employees but, she's paying them to work for her. I don't ever want to be any one's personal assistant; packing their suitcases, ordering their lunch, making their appointments or whatever but, they know what they are in for, right?

Kimora has awesome sound bytes, too! I have DVR'ed a few and I watched them today. She was looking for a house in L.A. because she is going to be spending more time there and the house she has was just not big enough. So she tells her real estate agent that she wants a perfect, big (at least 7 bedrooms), homey house in a great neighborhood. She wants that in 3 days and right now is day 1. Her price range- she says about, 4, 5. 6 to 12, 15 million. Good Lord! Good. Lord.

The agent decides to take her in a helicopter ride to see which neighborhood(s) she likes to narrow it down a bit. This is where one of my FAV Kimora lines comes in. Kimora, Russ (the agent) and Sandra (Kimora's executive assistant) go up to the 'copter. Kimora is loosing her mind because she is afraid of heights and closterphobic. She's trying to tell Sandra, who is behind her, that she is scared and has to call on Jesus. C'mon Sandra we gots to call on Jesus, (she turns around and finds her on the phone), damn, Sandra, I'm tryin to call on Jesus and you're on the phone don't you know my nerves is bad! i don't know the exact quote but, it was funny because- CHILD, my nerves is fo' sho' bad!!

Okay, I stopped writing that on Sunday and am starting back on Tuesday. I just watched another epi on the DVR. The one where there was a launch party for the Hello Kitty jewelry line at the Phat Farm/Baby Phat flagship store. She's funny in that one too. She gets a fung shui expert to come in and look at the store and her office. When the f.s. lady comes to meet her at her office, she says "Hi, I'm Whatevertheheckthef.s.lady'snamewas" and Kimora says, "Hi, I'm fabulous!" The f.s. lady just looks at her like OKAAAAAAAY!

So, f.s. lady tells her she is sitting in a perfect spot in the office because she can see everyone before they can see her. Kimora tells her, "That's a hood thing." I thought that was funny, too. What else, what else...?

I let you know. If you don't get the Style channel, I think it comes on the E! network.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shoeaddict Loves Samantha

Tonight was the premiere of Samantha Who? starring Christina Applegate, Jean Smart, Barry Watson and Jennifer Esposito. These are actors that I really like and I could not wait for this show to premiere. I honestly didn't have high hopes, though. The premise just seemed... trite? Maybe that's the wrong word. It just seemed really tired.

Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) is in a coma for 8 days after she's in a hit-and -run accident. When she wakes up she has amnesia and doesn't remember anything. She doesn't know her parents (mom is Jean Smart), her best friend (Jennifer Esposito) or her live-in boyfriend (Barry Watson). She also doesn't know that she was/is basically a cheating bitch.

Despite the cast, I really didn't expect to like this show. I was surprised because I LOVED it. I was extremely irritated because my DVR cut the show off when Samantha shows up at her parents' house in the middle of the night! I have no idea how much-or what- I missed. I swear I feel like I should just DVR the whole night. This happens too much.

Bottom line: I'm supposed to be purging the DVR and I just seem to be adding more and more!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shoeaddict Talks Housewives


It's game night on Wisteria Lane. Whoo hoo!! Charades and Mary Jane- the roll it up, smoke it up- illegal kind. I DVR'ed it and now I'm watching and blogging- something I love to do.

How much do I love Lynette's mom telling Andrew, Bree's evil son, to get "the best [weed] he can get. Nothing is too good for my little girl." I doubt certain people want to know my feelings about medicinal marijuana. Felicity Huffman is such a fabulous actress. Lynette looks really bad. What type of cancer does she have again? I don't remember. Brain? Breast? Did they even say?

Oh! Why did Bree send Susan to the bowels of hell for obstetrical care? Really, what's up with the scary lady with the HUGE teeth there to buy- clean urine? Gross! Plus, why can't Susan open up the phone book? I guess I'd rather ask for my close pregnant friend's recommendation instead of blindly choosing someone. Who was she using before? Someone who retired and then the creepy neighbor took over??

OMIGOD! I love Edie's coat. Gorgeous hair and lips... Sneaky with the ring. I love Gabby's outfit, too but really, why are they all dressed like that? Haven't they heard of jeans and tops? You can still look really cute in dark jeans, cute top and heels, right? Now, poor Susan looks good. Even though she's just come back from gyno YUUCKVILLE. You know, where she said there were rat traps on the speculum table and the doc may have taken pictures of her "parts" with a cell phone! *shiver*

I love Gabby telling Carlos (about Edie)- "She's wearing a big honkin engagement ring the size of a peach pit." And that Bree is trying to drunk up Katherine to get her secrets. And that stoned Lynette is cracking up over SpongeBob then karate kicks Susan's lamp- and she doesn't even know she's stoned! Plus, good to know the official charades "sign" for poem. I suddenly would love some grapes or lobster! HA...

Orsen just went for a phone call and Lynette is passing around the "special brownies." Showdown between the bitchy new neighbor and Gabby. Katherine is a liar about Dylan's dad, huh? I wonder... She is also creepy and wacky. Victor is a worm. Why hasn't Gabby dropped him, with or without Carlos? She doesn't HAVE to have a man. But boy do I love them together- "I love the way you love me." Hey Gabby, I know EXACTLY the way you feel.

Another beautiful scene filled with emotion that included Felicity Huffman. This time it's between Lynette and her mother. Oh- it was laughter through tears. ("Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion" -Truvy, Steel Magnolias)

Creepy Katherine probably killed her daughter and her husband! I don't know!! It's all just nuts-o. And what is Carlos doing to Edie? Getting rid of the account? Giving her money? What is with the CPA? Am I dumb?

Next week- kinky sex with costumes, crabs and politics, Oh My!

I also DVR'ed Cold Case and Shark. I don't know who else watches these. I know some of you watch Brothers & Sisters. Feel free to discuss here....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shoeaddict Says...


Grey's Anatomy (Let the Truth Sting)
Thursday, 9/8 central on ABC

Ohmigod, y'all! I loved the episode last night!! For me, it was like the Grey's of old. It invoked all different emotions in me- laughter, tears, nerves. It was a glimmer of what it used to be. Even the characters were back to being who they have always been. I think there may be hope.

Alex was brilliant during his procedure in saving the day but he can't stand for George to get any type of attention and ended up proving to be a big 'ole cad in the end by outing him as a "repeater" at the end of the show. Who else wanted to wring his neck? And the eye thing- if that would've been my kid, I'da freaked!! Do y'all think he's in love with Izzie? Or that he wants her or something like that and knows there is something going on with Izzie and George? I know he's an ass, I do, but I really think he's more complex than he wants people to think.

Derek and Mark seem to be slowly rebuilding their friendship which is a good thing. I think with Addison gone, it will be easier for them. I also think Derek was right about the surgery. Mark and the Chief were just trying to puff their egos. Something that bothered me- when the kid that had the spinal fluid building in his brain collapsed and everyone was freaking out? OK, is Dr. Shepard the ONLY neurologist (or whatever) in the entire freaking hospital? That was kooky.

Meredith was her usual hot/cold, hot/cold self with someone (her half-sister Lexi- who I don't really like, yet) who is throwing themselves at her with their emotion. Well, I suppose she has been consistently cold but then last night began to change her tune by going over Lexi's mothers death note with her. You know she'll be all cold with her again soon. Neither girl ever did anything to the other. It's not Lexi's fault Mer's dad left her. Plus, both girls have lost their mothers, they could be close. She (Mer) is obsessed with being screwed up and I really have no patience with that.

I was in love with Charlie AKA Really Old Guy. I am THE biggest sucker for elderly people and he was the cutest. His lines, especially his banter with Izzie, were adorable ("I don't like you!" "Oh, really? I thought we were B.F.F.s" Too cute! Or when he said he was gonna die-NOW- and he grunted and squeezed his eyes shut and Izzie told him he wasn't gonna die but poop in his pant!) and touching. I freaked out when Izzie started pulling out plugs and wires- HELLO! Do you like doing that? Good Gracious! And I'm glad Charlie told her what's-what about having an affair with a married man. I don't think Izzie is a bad person, just lonely and jealous.

George. Oh George! I thought it was good for him to tell Izzie what he told her. I think he never should have told her he loved her in the first place. HE'S MARRIED! It doesn't matter if he regrets it or doesn't love Callie or loves Izzie or whatever. He needs to be unmarried before getting tangled up with Izzie. PERIOD. I thought it was brave of him to tell Mark and the Chief they were wrong about doing the riskier surgery. And then- whoa, wasn't he shocked when Chatty Cathy reveals to her friends (on his advice- kinda) that they have bad hair, breath and pants! Too funny.

Miranda was working in the clinic, fielding resident/intern problems and basically doing Callie's job all day while Callie was hiding out doing paperwork. Miranda demands to know why she's not doing her job and Callie says because Miranda does it so much better and she's sick of fighting. I felt so bad for her. I felt bad for Miranda and Callie. In the end, Miranda went to Callie and told her that she had been having trouble with this situation. She was used to being number one and now she was going to be Callie's number two (the best number two the hospital has ever seen) and work with her. The two will probably be a force to be reckoned with once they come together.

George tells Callie in the last scene that he slept with Izzie.

What did y'all think of this episode? Like I've said, I feel like Grey's is on the road to recovery. Also, a little bit of news, Private Practice is the highest rated new show. Shocked? Sad? Yeah...

My fav new shows (in no particular order):
Pushing Daisies
Gossip Girl
Big Shots
Dirty Sexy Money


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shoeaddict Says...


Pushing Daisies

(Wednesday, 8/7 central ABC)

This show is amazing. It's beautiful and the attention to detail is ungodly. Seriously, give it a chance. You can go to to watch any episode(s) you may have missed. It's the story of Ned, a shy pie maker, who has a secret gift/curse. He can raise people from the dead BUT there are rules. Once he touches the dead, he has one minute to speak with them (keep them alive) or another living thing near by dies. Once he touches them again, he/she/it dies permanently.

He begins his business, The Pie Hole, and when it is in financial trouble he and private investigator, Emerson Cod, make a deal. Emerson finds out about murders and unsolved cases and Ned touches the victim. The victim wakes up, tells who killed him/her and the two collect the reward. All is well for the two until Charlotte Charles' body is found.

Before he ever knew all the rules, he accidentally killed Charlotte's (Chuck), his childhood sweetheart, dad. And he killed his own mom- kinda. Chuck has never left his thoughts and when he goes to touch her, he can't re-touch her, killing her forever. He brings her back home and tells her about his gift but not about her father. They can NEVER touch or she will die.

It is such a unique show. The writing is fantastic!! Give this one a chance because I have it on good authority that it's sticking around.

Touched by the Kids


Kid Nation (Wednesday, 8/7 central CBS)

I continue to be completely blown away by the kids of Bonanza City. If you have children and you are not watching this show with them, you should at least give it a chance. My mom watches it too and last night (after I'd watched some- I DVR'ed), I told her these kids could do a better job running this country than anyone else I can think of. I cry during every show because they are so amazingly insightful and adorable. Of course they are kids and do kid things but, they also say, do and understand things that adults for centuries have not been able to understand or agree.

Last nights episode focused on religion. The children were smart enough to realize that everyone is different and has different beliefs. I was raised in a small town. I had no idea about religions other than Christianity until I was older than 9 or 10! The kids were discussing religion and as the very intelligent Zach, 10, who is Jewish says, "Religion is a very touchy matter. That's what makes people fight, I mean, religion is most of the things that start wars." The 4 town leaders hold the meeting telling the town members that should have a religious service. They wanted to have one service with representatives from different religions speaking. A lot of the kids didn't like this idea for fear that the differences would cause fights and thought the religious services should be kept separate. One child, Alex, 9, said, "There's a lot of things that are central to all religions and we can just focus on those instead of focusing on the differences." How smart is that?

Later, smart little Alex decided that he'd do a survey in the town to see what religion everyone was- he was KILLING me with cute and smart. His findings: majority are Christian, a few people are Jewish, one person is Hindu, 3 people are atheist, and a few other people were other. How cute and smart is Alex.

The town leaders called the service to order and no one showed. People were afraid of fighting, some were not comfortable, others were not very tolerant or understanding. That night, Morgan, 12, the peacemaker, called on them to come by the bonfire for prayer- if they wanted. The children felt more comfortable and went. Many kids prayed, including Zach who sang a Hebrew prayer. Let me tell y'all- this is where I lost it. I cried and cried. Then a sweet boy talked about how the coming together and praying had touched him and he started crying... Good Lord, it was over then. I was all "If...these...sniff...sweet babies this...hic...well...what's wrong with...hic...this country!"

Now, Taylor- little Miss Queen- she's getting on my nerves! Granted I wouldn't have lasted a day there as a child OR now. I would sleep all morning (but not on the floor!) and I would not be able to "go" in a port-a-potty or eat what they are eating. And they are cold. Plus, are they bathing? Those bunks probably smell like wet squirrels! I'm glad yellow isn't the Upper Class anymore because that's Taylor. She always acts like Upper Class anyway. Blue wins U.C., Red is the merchants, yellow is the cooks, green the laborers. No one wants the yellow to be the cooks because they don't cook! They are the youngest team and Taylor is their leader. The whole town gets a reward and they get to choose between two- a miniature golf course or a library of holy books (Bible, Torah, Koran, etc). The town leaders allowed everyone to vote and the books won. I'm shocked. I think parents are doing a better job than the "media" and such are giving credit.

Then there was 9 year old Cody. He was very, very homesick. He was crying. He has a best friend, Campbell and they are SO CUTE. Cody told Campbell that he was very homesick and upset. Campbell said, "Well, I think you should do something to get your mind off of it like... ummm, looking at cows is fun!" So sweet. Cody said, "I need to go to the soda salon, drink a root beer and get my mind off of it." Seriously, adorable. Of course, I cried, again.

The town leaders had to discuss who deserved the gold star. People they discussed- Zach, Morgan, Greg. Taylor doesn't want Zach, of course, because he's a yellow team member and threatens her "leadership". Mike still is hesitant about Greg's motives (rightfully so) but, everyone agrees that Morgan is wonderful. She is humble, loving, helpful, and motherly. Morgan reminds me of My Maria a lot.

Every week, there is an official town meeting with the "host" of the show. He asks if they approve of the job the town leaders are doing. When this was asked, Taylor's behavior was brought up and she acted like a brat. Then, he asks if anyone would like to go home. Little Cody raised his hand and broke poor Campbell's heart. The whole town was sad and crying (what do you think I did?) Then the gold star was awarded. The winner- Morgan. She deserved it. She got to call her parents which always gets me, too.

This show touches me more than any other show has. I realize things about children that I never knew. I also think it is very inspirational. These little souls are wonderful and I look forward to seeing them every week. Check it out.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Dancing with the Stars LIVE!

Hey y'all! Or should I say, Hey Kelli,Kate & Kate!! I'm talking Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) tonight. I'm watching and blogging- from the beginning so, a rambling (snarky!) post and heeeeeere I go!

Sabrina & Mark (the Jive)- Of course she is good. I will continue to say this- THIS IS WHAT SHE DOES!! She is a dancer. No, not ballroom but she has an unfair advantage over say, a BOXER. The judges don't really like when she does hip-hopy moves, though. The jive is such a perfect dance for someone like her. See, even Drew knows it's true (asking if the choreography is too easy) that this is not a "competition" for her.
She looked cute, though. I loved the ponytail and that shocking blue color is very big this fall (not in sequins on a dance costume)
JUDGES SCORE- 27 (out of 30)

Cameron & Edyta (the Tango)- I watched All My Children a few years ago when I lived with my SIL, Haley. Cameron Matheson is so hot! I have not changed my mind about that. Ewwww, not a good song choice. Edyta is smoking in that dress! Whoa- they were good. I give him lots of credit because his day job is HARD. I also agree that is wasn't a great sizzlin' Tango but, it wasn't bad. (The "Bachelor" is ugly) Good scores!

Mark & Kym (the Jive)- He tries so hard! The hip thing is insane!!! I've always thought he was cheesy. I'm not saying that's changed. His face does weird things and he's all cookey.
***Ummmmm- I have to interrupt because I was interrupted by the phone. It was the NIELSON'S ratings people!!! They want me to participate!! How exciting. So, I missed Jennie & Derek! Was she a bitch to Derek? Was she contrite? Her teeth still look funny.

Oh, Jennie is back on. Her partner does look like a little boy. I love her dress. She looks good!

Mel B & Maksim (the Jive)- GREAT song- a jitterbuggin' song. Their dance is cheesy. I know it's difficult and she is good. She is like Sabrina, though. She's a dancer and performer for a living! I like her costume. Zebra print is hotness. She had a baby 6 months ago!! That is insanity. The judges loved it. Her best dance? I liked last weeks dance better. What do I know?

Wayne & Cheryl (the Tango)- Wayne a cowboy? Oh the 'stache.... And ponytail! He's so stiff. I am afraid he'll hurt her. It's awkward. Oh the judges love the "character"- whatever.

Floyd & Karina (Jive)-I would think he could do this dance well. He's got what L calls "good feet." LOVE, LOVE the song. He needs to control his arms. Pretty good job. He has a great smile. She's living with her "star" from last seasons show- Mario Lopez.

Jane & Tony (Tango)- Oh Jane. How sad. That was just really emotional. I love her wig. She really is very beautiful. The top of her dress is stunning. AWWWW! Her twin boys are so cute. A very lovely tribute to her mom.

Helio & Julianne (Jive)- She is my favorite dancer. She is so good and the best choreographer. They look amazing right away. Helio stumbles a little at the end and tears his pants! Julianne is beautiful and that name is a favorite. Oooooooh the judges are giving him grief.

Marie & Jonathan (Tango)- She flirts and flirts waaaaaaay too much (last show). It's grody. Plus, she makes those very creepy porcelain dolls. Whoa, the end. She bent over backwards, literally and her dress dropped, I think Bruno is in lurve with her.

That's it. Wayne needs to go! He has lots of fans, though! What are y'all watching?


Sunday, October 7, 2007

LIVE From My Bedroom...

Desperate Housewives.... Let's go *SPOILERS*

What a big 'ole bitch Katherine is. Maybe no one agrees with me but I just think that everyone was all fine and dandy with the way things are and she goes and rocks the boat. Maybe Bree could've backed off and let her bring the dessert but for Katherine to SWITCH the pies- that was LOW!

So, Susan goes to a teenage party thinking that Julie is drinking/going topless/partying too hard but is dressed like a stripper with her pregnant boobs all hanging out? WTH?? She finds Julie, grabs her drink and takes a big swig, thinking she's gonna bust her with an alcoholic beverage, right? SHE'S PREGNANT!! Teri Hatcher really needs to tell the writers and directors and anyone who will listen that she doesn't want to be the big dummy on the show. Last week, she got all the flack for a racist remark that Susan made. (BTW, does Julie know she is pregnant? The show is not over yet.)

Edie is getting on my last nerve. She is smart though. She really knew what she was doing when she found that account. (Carlos looks better than he EVER has.)

Lynette. *Sigh* I knew she was gonna make me cry. Well, actually, it was Gaby. That was really good. Eva Longoria did a better job than I thought she was capable of- soap opera vet. That is NOT a put down either. I have much love and respect for soap opera actors.

OHHHHHH, Bree is breaking into Katherine's house. Ohhhhhhh, they're home! She just slapped Dylan and Bree heard them talking about having a seeeeeeeecrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeet (secret). I am wondering what is it???? What do y'all think?

A HITMAN? *Gasp*

What Shoeaddict Is Watching- SUNDAY EDITION

So, that's what I'm calling these posts now. I see that this blog is not a big hit but I'm still keeping it going. I love TV, I love writing and sharing my opinion (even if it's with myself!) and this helps me keep track off what I'm watching. A Lot... More than ever- it's amazing! I'm still behind right now. My poor DVR.

Tonight looks like this for me-

7:00- I'm watching Bridezillas on WE.TV. I don't know why I love this show but oh, I do!!! I laugh and laugh. These women say, "I'm the BRIDE," like they have cancer or they are literally dying. They are so entitled.

You Might Enjoy:
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC
Simpsons (7:00), King of the Hill (7:30), Fox
Life is Wild CW New Show**

8:00- I'm watching Desperate Housewives and recording Cold Case.

America's Next Top Model is re-airing on CW

9:00- I watch Shark on CBS with James Woods. It's very good.

You Might Enjoy:
Brothers & Sisters ABC
Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane E! (I love this show)

**You know I'll be coming back to dish on at least the Housewives. Let me know what you watched.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pushing Daisies- I'm So In

I am tired and in pain but, I finally got to watch Pushing Daisies. It's fab. FAB! I love it. If you missed it's second airing tonight (last night-Friday) go see if you can watch it on I'll be recapping it here later in the day when I re-watch it and LIVE blog it. Oh yeah, I loved it that much and I have to blog about it.

Why can't I get paid to do this? People do!

Friday, October 5, 2007


I try to put all the good shows that come on, even if I don't watch. Let me know what I'm forgetting. I'm trying to get the hang of it. I don't know if I'm gonna do this everyday or if I'm just gonna do the recaps. We'll see. I just need to find my grooove.

7:00 Ugly Betty- Alexis doesn't remember becoming a man! Justin is an intern at Mode. (watch it)
8:00 Grey's- Mama Burke comes for a visit (watch it)
9:00 Big Shots- I love this show but, I DVR it

7:00 My Name is Earl- DVR, Joy cracks me up bad! Last week, she and Randy were hilarious!
7:30 30 Rock- SEINFIELD is on!! DVR
8:00 The Office- I don't have time to watch
9:00 ER- I don't watch

7:00 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?- I really do love this show. The kids are great and I love Jeff Foxworthy (he's married to a Louisiana girl and he's a Georgia boy!) but it doesn't fit
8:00 Don't Forget the Lyrics- This show is not as good as The Singing Bee if you like this kind of show. I don't like Wayne Brady as the host or this show's format as much.

7:00 Survivor: China- I'm not watching or DVR'ing. I'm counting on you guys to fill me in on what's going on with James
8:00 CSI- Don't watch
9:00 Without A Trace- I love this show. I watched it and DVR'ed Big Shots. I don't know why. I pick and choose like that. I have a crush on Jack. I know, I have a crush on everybody.

Dirty Sexy Money- It's So Yummy!

I'm doing BLUE in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I'm sending you to Lainey-Painey's blog to read about it.

Now on to Dirty Sexy Money(DSM)- I like to do what I call LIVE blog when I can. This just means blog while I'm watching the show. I DVR'ed DSM, I'm watching it now and I'm going to write my observations and questions... That's how I do it usually. OK, I had no idea Juliet and Jeremy were twins from last episode. Juliet cracks me up! Awwww, the poor little boy that belongs to Brian Darling. It's kinda funny though when they are getting the hot dog and Brian tells him the orphan cover story.

Can I just say that Donald Sutherland really needs some hair grooming. His eye brows are everywhere and he just needs to run a brush through his hair. And I love (I know this is off the hair subject) the "No, I'm not going to give a check to a tranny hooker" line from last week.

I just cannot imagine being named Darling- or Luke being named that. That would be weird. Right?

How can you be married to a man for 40 years, 40 years, and have the great love of your life be someone else? Someone that you are having an affair with? How could Letitia have an affair with Dutch for all that time... OOOOOHHHHH! I bet one of the kids (Patrick? Brian?) is Dutch's! Hello! Boy was I slow with that one.

Do y'all remember Freddy from Beverly Hills, 90210? He was Matt, Kelly's boyfriend, the lawyer.

I would love for our family to take a formal picture again. We (my mom's side- grandparents, mom's brother and wife) took a portrait so long ago. I need to get all my pictures scanned in so y'all can see. That one is so old- I think I'm in the fourth grade. Justin is too cute in it. None of the other grandkids were born yet! There are 4 more!!

Juliet is so pretty. Is Samaire Armstrong good in anything else? I didn't watch The O.C. She has a vulnerability about her...

Who else felt bad for Tripp when Letitia's birthday opened Dutch's briefcase? What does the paperwork in the briefcase mean? What do you think??

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Recap- Wednesday Edition SPOILERS

I got a new name for these posts since I'm gonna do them a lot more now. I'm doing this at 1:00 am because I can't sleep. I hate that! Lemme just get down to it-

America's Next Top Model (ANTM)- OMG! Lindsey and I were dying laughing at the very classy Bianca who was talking about how "high fashion" she is and then in the next breath how she "ain't afraid to cut up some clothes". Now, let me tell you how PISSED I would be if someone cut my clothes!! That is just wrong. I cannot take that attitude. It's gross. It's ghetto. I can't take seeing Jaslene (last season's winner) and her stupid "commercials". She cannot speak! GAH! Onto the pics- I think Heather is stunning. Victoria's picture was so cute with her big coquettish eyes and pretzel arms. I loved it. Bianca's picture was ugly. She is very pretty but her face was wrong. I hated the whole "rock-climbing" set-up and Jay's "give me ART" and "what are you thinking about?" Hello- they are freaking MODELING. They are not performing rocket science or even writing a novel (he he he). I know that you have to project feeling in your face when you model, but gimmie a break. I wanted Bianca to go but whatever.

Gossip Girl- Yeah, yeah, yeah... I watch it and I love it. Thank God I'm not in high school anymore! Girls are royal bitches. I had people talk about me in high school because I was sick a lot and missed school. Rumors flew and all that but, whatever. I did have friends and the people who were really out to hurt me didn't go to school with me!

Private Practice- I think this show definitely has potential. The episode tonight was a good one. The stripper was stupid but was funny when Addison referred to her to Pete later. I loved the "tingly" thing. The switched baby plot- oh the horror!! I always tell Luke that when we have our lil dumpling that he is to follow her all around because that is just a huge fear! But, for the DAD to do it because the baby was sick? How awful! I love Violet. She's so good and I know it's residual love for Amy (a la Judging Amy). Don't you definitely see her and Cooper together? Didn't you see that a long time ago? The baby switch- heartbreaking, yes, but i don't think it was very realistic. Can it really be that easy? I mean just like that- I have yours, you have mine- SWITCH! Finally, PETE is creepy. I don't like him. I hope I do eventually but, as of now, I don't.

Top Chef- It was the finale and I love this show. Oh, and I love Chef Tom. I wanted Casey to win soooooo bad because 1) I've loved her from the get go and 2) we NEED a woman winner! Sadly, it was not to be. I still think the black guy should have been in the end. I'll not say the winner here, even though I've warned you of spoilers.

Pushing Daisies- I really want to see this! I have to wait though until I can clear up some space for it. Right now, the premiere episode comes on again on Friday at 7:00. You can also watch ABC shows on their website. This show is a visual delight (I peaked during a commercial break) and has a very creative and unique concept. I'm excited to watch.

Kid Nation- These kids are just the cutest things. Mallory talking to her parents was so sweet. Mallory and Olivia (sisters) were also very adorable. Laurel is such a fantastic leader, friend and such a smart and mature girl. The other kid I just want to take home is Jared. He's the little jester from Georgia. I love this show and I'll continue to sing it's praises. The lessons learned are enormous. Conflict solving was a big lesson learned on today's episode. It was really amazing and gives hope for the future generation.

I still have to watch Dirty Sexy Money. It's waiting on the DVR- along with Law & Order:SVU, Cold Case, Better Half, Kimora: Life in the Fast Lane.

Yes, I Do

I was asked at the Diary (for those of you who don't know, I have a main blog, Diary of a Shoe Addict AKA the Diary) by a regular reader, Stacey-

"do you seriously watch that much tv? or do you just start out with a lot and then weed out through out the seaon?"

Excellent question! You may want to go to the Diary to see all the TV talk thus far but, I'll be going pretty in-depth as far as what I watch. I guess in order to answer that question, you should know what I'm talking about, what I'm watching. But the short answer is, basically, yes!

I'm a little behind, my DVR is bursting, so I haven't caught up but, I do plan on watching and keeping up with A LOT of shows and in a post coming very soon I'll outline them all.

I will also be talking about why I love TV so much. I don't know if that will go here or at the Diary.

First Post on Second Blog

I was kinda over doing the TV thing over at the Diary so, I decided to start another blog! We'll see how it goes. Do people want to read about TV? Or do they only want to read about TV? Hmmm? I guess I will see.