Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Love The Boys!

I am really loving Entourage! LOVING it. It's such an amazing show with great characters and writing and acting. I have the biggest crush on Jeremy Piven it's ridiculous. I am on Season 3, Part 1. I just finished the episode where Ari and Barbara join together to form Miller-Gold (sounds like a beer), Vince and E screen the *new* Queens Boulevard and hate it. Vince tells the Hollywood Foreign Press that the studio only wants money and he doesn't want anything to do with it.

I'm very, very anxious to see the rest. All of Season 3 is available on DVD and I'm waiting for the last 2 DVDs from Netflix. It's taking forever, though. I sent in a ton of DVDs days ago and I have not received new ones. Anyway, who watches?

Please discuss!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm watching tonight's PR that I DVR'ed and I wasn't going to LIVE blog but, I had to. After I saw what the challenge is, I am loving it. I'm on L's work computer so, this is going to be a little bumpy but, hey, I can do it.

*Just so you know, I had really, really planned to blog about every episode of this season. I even took notes from episodes I didn't live blog. It is just too much. ESPECIALLY when no one really wants to discuss.*

So, Jack has something wrong with his nose? A bleed? He's HIV positive. I'm very worried about him. The book I'm reading right now, Best Friends by Martha Moody, is about a woman who becomes an AIDS doctor right at the beginning of it.

Heidi looks so good. I rarely dislike what she wears. I love that houndstooth skirt.

These women! They've lost an incredible amount of weight. How amazing. Very inspiring. 160 lbs... She lost 160 lbs. WOW! Just OH MY.

Poor Steven got the wedding dress lady. "Death on a stick." That's funny. I cannot wait to see what he'll do. I hope they give them something they can actually wear and not something too avaunt guard, ya know?

Oh, now, Victorya is pissing me off with her comments and Kevin and Elisa are being sweet. Steven is really cracking me up!

**FYI- Kit, the very, very blonde girl works for the E! Network. She dresses the news people and stuff.

OHHHH, Steven is doing a black and white dress! I love black and white. I think it's tres elegant. I think Steven does well.

Oh, it's Jack's lip? His face. Poor thing. What a devastating thing! I am going to cry. He's leaving! Oh, sad sad sad sad.Are we going to be updated on how he is doing? I really hope so. Please remember to get tested, wear a condom every time you have sex and educate yourself, your children, etc.

Ok, *wipe face*, another surprise! YAY! Chris is back. I really LOVE him and it seems like so does everyone else. I'm glad they did that. I think it's fab that he gets to come back for this particular challenge, too, right?

Christian, arghhhhh.

I really hope we see some colors besides black and white. I love black, red and white but, c'mon!

Oh, what are they doing with the wedding dress?

How much do I love Tim and his comments? LOVES it! I told Lindsey the other day that Tim can compliment the outfit or eviscerate it, all in the same tone. Oh, a dirty joke! Tee-hee-hee...

I always love to see what the designers wear on Judgement Day. I also really am in awe that an outfit is actually made.

Christian, yes, of course you think your outfit is the best and everyone else's is "God awful hideous." He's a little punk.

Oh, and Ricky is crying. I cannot blame him or rag on him too much because I'm a cryer. No, an extreme cryer. Like he is. People are all the time asking, "Why the hell are you crying?"

I love the hair and makeup! LOVE LOVE. I couldn't sew or design an outfit to save my soul (I could shop for one, for sure!) but I could do hair and makeup. It was also a dream once upon a time. You know, along with writing, acting, being a nurse, midwife...

HA HA! I'm giggling. How cute is Steven, panicked and gluing?

Let's Start the Show

Her model, Erika, lost 60 lbs. She created a red halter dress with black details. Cute.

His model, Penny, lost 65 lbs and had jeans and a tee, maybe? I love the outfit Ricky created for her. It's a v-neck tunic in a goldish tan color with brown accents and tight jean Capri's. She looked great.

I have to tell ya'll that I'm tired of writing about people going down the runway. I was gonna do everybody, then just the ones I liked, then just the ones worth mentioning good or bad, but AGHHHHH! Let's wait until the judges narrow it down.

But, P.S. I HATE what Elisa did.
OMG, LOVE what Kevin did.
Ohhhh, Steven....

High and Lows-
I love it. He did a great job with a yellow blazer. MK picked on the leggings. Eh

It's gross. Tracy, the model, says she likes it. The judges are killing Elisa. They say it's not Tracy. It's the garbage to me.

Talking about how she didn't use the original shirt but, loved the dress. I liked it too.

Heidi calls him Steve and that doesn't suit him. The judges want to know what of the original piece did he use and why did he pick black fabric.MK said "French maid". I think he could've done something great with the black and white. He did not.

He loves his jackets and the judges love 'em, too. I hate to say that the outfit does look good. It does.

It's very costume-y. That's what he does. It's not bad it's just not wearable. MK says "hooker with a heart of gold"

The winner should be- KEVIN and they seem to like it, too.
The one who needs to go- ELISA

The results:
Winner- Christian (Boooooo)
Out- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's Steven. What a horribly sad episode. :( Jack and Steven both gone... Boo-hoo.

I'm pissed.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

" The Nutcracker"

The annual Darling Nutcracker
I love that black and white couch on which Tish and Tripp are sitting. Juliet and Kai are seated in the loveseat to the far right.

Last week on DSM, we learned that Brian was Dutch's son. Oh, the watch! How sweet, right? Jeremy and his crazy quest to be poor and enlisting Lisa's help. Lisa?! Funny... How do I feel about Karen and Simon? Does she know what she's doing? Hmmmmmm? This week, Jeremy and Lisa get closer. Nick finds out about Karen and Simon and doesn't like it.

Hey! I'm LIVE blogging. (LIVE blogging for those who don't know means I'm watching while blogging) Jeremy is playing with fire. He is going to get hurt and hurt Sofia, too.

What is Lisa even doing? Why is she going along with this? What's in it for her?

loving Lisa's coat

Carmalita is getting on my nerves. Really.

Awwww, Tripp meets with Brian. *Sigh* B's such a meanie, no cracks in his shell. Finally the church is taking action. I was kinda wondering how he got away with all of his "behavior" without the church saying anything.

Simon and Karen. Karen and Simon. What's he up to? He's smarmy. I cannot imagine that he actually likes Karen. I also think Karen is much smarter than she wants some to believe and she will not hurt Tripp. Is Nick going to tell Tripp? Is he jealous?

Yay! Juliet is back- Samarie Armstrong was gone last week because she was in treatment for personal reasons. I really like her and the character. Ohhhh, who's the guy?

I love mama Darling and B's heart-to-heart over B's foot bath! How very posh. It was a good honest talk and glimpse of B's thoughts.

So, Simon thinks Nick is with him- stealing the Darlings' financial reports- but Nick tells Tripp everything. Tripp gives Karen the papers to give to Nick to give to Simon. (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah) Then, when Nick leaves Tripp, he calls someone... who? Am I stupid? Probably. Sometimes I don't follow well.

Karen to Nick: "You gonna "Nutcracker" with the fam tonight?" (I like it)

Ahhhh, Carm-ah-freakin-lita! She's just getting on my nerves this week. I hate when he's (Patrick) called "Paddy".

Good talk between Tripp and B. I liked. I think it was sweet. And smart.

Jeremy and Lisa- again, Lisa is crazy and bored or something. I love Jeremy the way you love a puppy who pees on the floor but is so cute with the floppy ears and big eyes but... What is her motive? Chillax

Karen looks stunning at Simon's when she goes to meet him and his ex-wife, the Princess of Ghana. WTH? What is his game here? She approves? That whole sitch is fonky and I'd leave if I were Karen.

Oh lordy clorde, Clarke and Carmalita, kinda funny. Hard boiled eggs.

The stoners- Jeremy and Lisa. Too freaking odd. Crying and all "deep" thoughts... "If you were mine, I'd be a couch potato." What every girl wants to hear, right?
I messed up the picture when I moved it. Sorry!!

Kiki and her obsession with being rich is cute. I'm not trying to be mean cause she's very very cute, whoever plays Kiki George (her telling Karen Darling that her dress was pretty, awwww), I just loved Elle Fanning in the pilot.

Hmmmm, did Patrick have something to do with Carmalita's disappearance/death? Is she dead?

Looka B in a suit! Getting into the Darling Enterprises "ring"... on God's command, of course. I think he'll be great.

Whoa! Nicky's all fired up about Karen crying. He is telling Simon to stay away from her. I want to know more about Nick and Karen. Why didn't she accept his proposal?

$35 Billion?!? Whoa... Big surprise that Sofia walked out on Jeremy. Right?

Kai says Juliet very cute. She met him on Karen's honeymoon? He was just kinda random... huh?

OK, so maybe Lisa was just feeling a little lonely, un-noticed, bored. That's why she went along with all of Jeremy's drama. She's been through a lot with the Darlings, Karen, Nick and his dad. It's a lot for a wife. You can feel invisible at times. So, a new baby. OK. I don't know.

Karen is "in it", too, with Tripp against Simon. What's going to happen now? Can she be all that Tripp wants her to?

I DVR'ed, did they show scenes from another episode? Until then...

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Aftermath

Luke and I watched DH last night and Whoa! It was gooooood. I thought there was a great mix of drama (Susan falling down the stairs, which I've been waiting for, Sylvia and Katherine sparring in the street, Sylvia locking herself in Bree's bathroom, the tornado itself) and comedy (Carlos: "You're supposed to pack the essentials. Is that a boa? Gaby: "If you're taking me somewhere I don't need a boa, I don't want to go!", etc).

Mary Alice told us in the beginning that one of them [the Housewives] would lose a husband and they would all lose a friend. I think that after the fence post went straight through Victor, we can say he's dead. He is legally Gaby's husband, sooooo, there you go.

Who else? Sylvia is obviously dead but, she's not a friend to anyone. Her getting sucked out the door was funny. She was a kook. I think Katherine is, too, though. I'd rather someone punch me than spit on me.

I loved Bree in this episode! Luke (who has never watched before) said I was just like her! I'm not, of course, but he said that because she invited Sylvia in to get the dirt on Katherine. Loved her "I can't help it if I have a sympathetic face!" line. Oh, and the anti-bacterial soap part. Ha ha... So, are Bree and Katherine friends now? Maybe there is a tiny bridge but, there is still the big secret about Dylan. I don't trust Katherine.

Mike pissed me off. I think I might've kept him cuffed to the chair! I hope he really gets help. I'm glad Susan finally stood up for herself and her baby. I hope she follows through with it.

As for the friend who is dead, I think it's Ida. I don't think it's Tom or the Scavo kids. I think Ida was probably dead before the tornado came (when Lynette thought she was sleeping).


When the tornado strikes, Victor and Carlos end up duking it out over Gabrielle.
"Carlos survives by ducking into the shelter of a house, but
Victor is killed
after a piece of flying white picket fence pierces his
body," said the insider." Baseball fanatic Ida Greenberg, played by Pat Crawford Brown, also dies in the storm - and her neighbors honor her memory by scattering her ashes over a
baseball field.

This is part one of two but, part two hasn't been given an air date.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Twister Is Coming

Who is ready for the twister tomorrow night on Desperate Housewives? I've heard that 2 people die and I've heard a few different theories on who those people may be. Victor Lang and Edie Britt are two major contenders according to many sources. I wouldn't mind this happening.

Edie's stories/character has gone flat, pathetic even. I thought her relationship with Carlos was so boring and not at ALL hot. No chemistry. She has seemed old and pathetic for most of the past two seasons. Except when she wore that amazingly beautiful white Michael Kors coat (only shown in houndstooth). That coat is a dream.

Victor and Gaby have always driven me crazy. I've never liked them. I've always thought Gaby and Carlos were hot, hot, hot. Now that we (and Gaby and Carlos) know that Victor is alive, something has to happen. Gaby isn't going to die so, it's gotta be Victor. My question is why hasn't Gaby said anything about what she heard on her wedding day? She overheard Victor and his father talk about how marrying her was good for the Latino vote.

Another rumor, Tom will die. I really, really, really hope this is not true. Lynette and Tom are the only couple that have been together from the beginning. They have made it through a lot. I have to say that Felicity Huffman deserves AT LEAST an Emmy nomination, if not the win. I don't know who she'd be against.

So, 2 people die and the whole town is destroyed. What else is going to happen to the residents of Wisteria Lane? Shoeaddict Says that Susan needs to tell Mike to get the hell out and get some help. He needs to quit using the baby as an excuse for using drugs and she needs to tell him that! Why can't she get a job? Isn't she a book author? Write a book!

Who do you think will die? What do you think will happen now that Susan knows that Mike is using again?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shoeaddict Says "I Love the Smell"

I just watched last weeks Pushing Daisies, "Smell of Success." It was great. I liked this one better than this weeks episode. I love this show anyway. Here's some little things I have to say after watching "Smell of Success":

-I want one of those cup-pies!
-Chuck (Anna Friel) is so pretty.
-I love her character.
-I love her clothes.
-Olive is funny.
-Emerson wears the craziest, miss-matched outfits.
-Pee-Wee Herman was good.
-I love scratch-n-sniff books, better than pop-ups
-Is Pee-Wee coming back to "out" Chuck?
-The aunts are so sad.
-"follow the yellow thick hose" love it!

Do you watch?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shoeaddict Says, "The Country House"- what a suprise!

If you aren't watching Dirty Sexy Money, you are missing out. It's my favorite (or one of) new show of the season. Last week's episode was "The Country House" and BOY, OH BOY! was it grrrrreat! It had Carmalita the tranny mistress meeting with Ellen the proper wife, Tripp the head Darling having a sit-down with the childish Pat, sneaky Simon Elder and the do-gooder but, clueless Nick. He dropped a bombshell on everyone. Plus, Jeremy was so cutie-cute-cute on his date! Mama Tish, what a bitch telling Lisa about Karen and Nick's kiss, huh?

Jeremy was just adorable last week. From the scene with him at the breakfast table (the Darling breakfast table is divine! Even their fruit looks rich) with Karen, to him with Sofia on his "normal" date. I just think he's sweet.
What is Tripp doing? I know that he really wants to destroy Simon Elder but, is he screwing his own son in the process? Which Darling child is NOT a Darling? Is Nick a Darling? All these things are going to be revealed soon, I hear. I didn't get to hear/see the very last piece of the show. My DVR cut off right when Lisa was talking to Nick while sitting on her bed at her parents' home. So, I didn't get to see the previews for tonight's episode. What I've read is that we see flashbacks of Latisha and Dutch's affair, Simon and Karen have chemistry when they both go to the hospital to visit Patrick more on that), and Brian gets arrested for trying to bribe the arbitrator.

Ok, I go back and forth and back and forth on who is NOT Tripp's child. Why would Latisha push a relationship between Karen and Nick if she knew they were sibs? The twins just don't make any sense to me, maybe other viewers can see it, I don't. Brian is always talking about how different he is from the Darlings- even though in my opinion, he's not. Bribing the arbitrator, trying to give the mother of Brian Jr $3 million to give him custody of the boy, that's all pretty low-down. Plus, in the first few episodes, Brian never skipped an opportunity to say how much he hated Dutch and Nick. Patrick is Tripp's namesake and obvious choice. Who is it???

Who else LOVED when Carmalita came to Ellen and Patrick's hotel room? Or when she told Patrick to take a walk? LOVED it. Then, when Patrick told Ellen that he had gone to see Carmalita after the crazy meeting with Tripp, Simon and Nick- she freaked. We got to see a bit of her heart. Or temper because then she shot him in the leg with a double barrel shotgun.

Nick really is stupid. He was stupid with Tripp, Simon, Karen and Lisa. He needs to tell Karen what's up. Unless there is something there. ?

Who else is watching? Go on and watch NOW. Email me immediately ( if you have a question.

Loved Lisa's whole look! Loved the glasses, the jacket, the bag... LOVES!
The boys go quail hunting. Love the boots...
What else will Simon do?
How will Patrick be hurt? Or will he hurt Tripp?
Is Nick strong enough to play this game? Is he mean enough? Is he really Tripp's son?

I'm watching Pushing Daisies right now. Oh how I love this show, too.

In the DVR:
Pushing Daisies (11/21 "Smell of Success")
Two and a Half Men (11/26)
The Biggest Loser
Cane (11/27)
ANTM (11/21 "The Girls Go To Shanghai"; 11/28 "The Girls Go On Go-See Adventure")

Gossip Girl (11/28 "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!)

*I'll have to watch Project Runway later, too. I'm watching DSM at 9:00*

Shoeaddict Says... I Wonder?

Helio Castroneves has split from his fiancee Aliette Vazquez. Her rep made a statement to about rumors and privacy. The crazy thing is that I just saw him on The View and he talked about her. He talked about how she supported him and met Julianne! Julianne said she was going to teach them dances for the wedding.

Of course there is much speculation as to the nature of Julianne and Helio's relationship. They looked pretty cozy together last night and throughout the season. There were kisses.


Shoeaddict Says- YAY!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shoeaddict Says Marie is Creepy and Julianne is Gorgeous!

Last night's DWTS was the finals. The three remaining couples: Mel B and Maks, Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts and Helio C. and Julianne Hough did 2 dances. The first dance was one the judges picked and then a freestyle. This was really the three couples least impressive performances so far. In my opinion, and A LOT of others (but apparently not enough), Marie should have gone a long time ago. Last night, she did a silly, stiff, CREEPY, freestyle dance dressed as a DOLL. It was awful! Then, she was bitchy to the judges.
I voted my allotted 4 times- 3 times for Julianne (ahem, Helio) and 1 time for Mel B. I've LOVED Julianne since I've seen her. I think she's so beautiful and sweet and a fantastic dancer/choreographer. I think that Mel B might win and that's fine. As long as creepy Marie doesn't win. Julianne Hough.
From left: Samantha Harris (who looks GREAT after the birth of her baby girl), creepy cougar Marie dressed as a doll and pro dance partner, Jonathon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shoeaddict Says Brad Is Mean!

Yeah, I knew there was a reason I stopped watching this show! Last night, "Bachelor" Brad Womack was supposed to give his final rose to one of the last two women, Jenni or DeAnna. Well, he picked NEITHER! I agree that you probably cannot fall in love and get engaged in 6 (or so) weeks time while not even dating. You're surrounded by cameras, other people in the relationship, no one is themselves. I get all of that and that is mostly why I think the show is stupid and I shouldn't even watch.

OK, don't tell lies though. That's all I'm saying. Tonight is the "After the Final Rose" episode and I can't wait to see what happens. There are all kinds of rumors all over the 'net. 1) He proposes to Jenni. 2) He proposes to DeAnna. 3) He's back with his ex-girlfriend (who he reportedly text-messaged throughout the show) (also rumors that she is pregnant or that they have a 2 year-old) 4) He's gay. Brad Womack is 34, lives in Austin and is the co-owner of 4 bars.
Jenni is 27 and is a Phoenix Suns dancer. I love her :)
DeAnna (De-On-Ah) is 25 and a Realtor in Georgia

Monday, November 19, 2007

Shoeaddict Says "It's Sew Time!"

I know, I'm so behind with this. Sorry. I also know that my pictures are out of order and it's all crazy. I'm not great with the posting of the pictures. OK, here we go with the review of the first episode of season 4 of Project Runway. This show is one of my favorites. I love Heidi, Tim and the great personalities that show up each season.

So, the 15 contestants show up at their apartments, we meet them, hear a bit about them. Jillian is wearing a very cute baby blue outfit. She worked/works at Ralph Lauren. Carmen was a model and her pictures were beautiful! She's all funky now with an 80's haircut. She's all about being there first. (?) Sweet P was in a motorcycle gang. WTH? OK... The nickname thing is really silly. Oh, the boys. Kevin is quick to point out that he is straight- hee hee. Christian is the youngest and you can tell throughout the show. His hair is cuh-ray-zee.

The designers are called to Bryant Park (wow!) where Heidi and Tim meet up with them. Heidi looks awesome! The challenge is not the usual 1st challenge of making something with groceries and stuff but make something that represents them as designers. There are three tents set up with $50,000 worth of material. They must run to the tents and grab whatever they want in 10 minutes.

OK, yes, ha ha, Chris, the overweight one, didn't run like the wind like everyone else. And because FAT is a discrimination and something to make fun of, it was emphasized. The other designers are picking their materials and camera pans to Chris who is still running. It was mean. Then everybody grabs A TON of fabric and Elisa takes SILK CHIFFON and rubs it in the grass. WHAT?!?! She is "organic." Gimmie a freakin break.

They all head back over to Parson's to begin work on their masterpieces. Everyone is still shocked at Elisa and how coo-coo she seems. I think it's the definition of ironic when Christian, with his way crazy hair says she's "strange." She's finished with her dress early and it's not very good. I think Simone has beautiful eyebrows and a great face.
Can I just say, before we get to the dresses, I want a accessories wall. Seriously, I want shelves like that for all my shoes and bags- totally! Rami's dress was the winner. I love this dress, especially the COLOR. The dress was made well, draped well and just classy. I don't like his model (they were just chosen for the designer) much. Those shoes are gross.
Jack's design. I loved this one, too. The colors, again, fab. I love, love black and white. The added turquoise is just kick ass. Jack is HIV positive but has not announced it yet on the show. I read it in PEOPLE magazine.
Creepy Marion Lee designed this undone crap. It's frumpy, it's too much lace and the skirt is not good.
Steven does remind me of Laura (season 2) (someone said that on their blog, sorry that I don't remember who). I loved Laura for soooooo many reasons and I really like this suit by Steven. It's well executed and elegant. I like this model, she's got Laura hair.
Carmen's design. I am down with the pants but the rest is crazy.

This is Simone's. It is boring and poorly executed. I hated the colors. The jacket thing didn't "go" with the dress. The judges hated it too and she was eliminated.
Jillian's orange dress. I liked it. I am very drawn to the color once again. The skirt is different and I liked it a lot. It's the top that kept me from loving it.
Christian's dress with the jacket that I HATED! The judges were back and forth about it. The material, the pattern of the jacket, is hideous. I don't think the jacket, in a different material would be so bad. Maybe.
Victorya's design. I loved this one, too.

Ricky's design. He designs lingerie and this babydoll definitely looks like it belongs in the VS catalog. But it's cute.

This is Elisa's concoction. Her poor model tripped over the miles of fabric pouring out of the back like a tail. Heidi said it looked like she was "pooing fabric." The dress without the train is not the worse I've seen. Those boots... my goodness! She was in the bottom 2 with Simone.
I really thought this dress was gorgeous. Chris designed this jewel toned gown with the tie-top. I love this.
Kevin's design. Hated it. What is that tacky crap in the middle?
Kit designed this awful thing. I love black and white and red- see other blog but what is this? The red thing is just unnecessary.

Sweet P designed this one. I thought it looked like a potato sack on the runway. It still looks very "sack-like" to me.
Yeah, I don't know if I'll continue doing these big huge posts! This took forever and I'm not sure if it's even good. Whew, sorry. My first impressions- Elisa is gonna be crazy and make for good TV. I think that's why she stayed in. Ricky is the funny, emotional one. I like that. Jack is a pretty Queen. The entire bunch seems to have an impressive resume'. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shoeaddict Says... Whoa!

My whole TV watching schedule has been different since staying at Maison Parents. I still watch a lot of the same stuff just not at the same time as usual. Plus, I've added even more shows- shows that mom watched and I didn't (The Bachelor, Survivor:China, The Biggest Loser). There are tons of shows that I watch that she doesn't, though and most of those I can watch online. I hope that I'm not hurting the writers on strike by doing that.

I think it's OK because they are already written. I think not buying boxed sets of TV shows and stuff like that will be ways to support the writers. We can also write letters. I have the addresses if anyone is interested. But, I'm not writing about the writers' strike, even though it is going to affect our (my) lives- those of us who watch TV.

The point of this post- to tell you the shows I watch. Every. single. one. that I'm watching right now. I've weeded out and added and I have my list. Tons of shows overlap so, there are lots of DVR'ing and watching online. Here it is- it's a lot. A LOT!!!!

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
The Amazing Race 12
Desperate Housewives
Cold Case- sometimes

If I watch TV during the day, my stories are Days of our Lives and General Hospital. I have not seen GH in months though and Days only sporadically. I'm watching it on SoapNet right now. I like SoapNet because I can watch Beverly Hills, 90210. I cannot even begin to say how OBSESSED I was with this show when it was on in the '90s. OH MY GOD!!!! I watch TLC, The Price is Right, and stuff like that during the day.
Dancing with the Stars
Big Bang Theory
Samantha Who?- I am a BIG DAMN DEAL!!
Two and a Half Men
The Bachelor (it's over this week- JENNI or DeANNA?)
Jon & Kate Plus 8

The Biggest Loser
Beauty and the Geek
Cane- Ummmmm, good!
Law & Order:SVU- it's all on my DVR at home because mama doesn't watch and it's not available online

Pushing Daisies- OMG! How much do I love, love this show? Chuck and Ned are just so sweet!
Kid Nation
America's Next Top Model
Private Practice
Gossip Girl
Project Runway
Dirty Sexy Money- LOVES it!!!

Ugly Betty
My Name is Earl- being DVR'ed
The Office- being DVR'ed
30 Rock- being DVR'ed
Scrubs- being DVR'ed
Grey's Anatomy
Survivor:China- GO JAMES!
Without A Trace- DVR'ed
Real Housewives

What Not to Wear
I don't always watch these.

College Football GEAUX TIGERS!!!
A movie

I also watch Law & Order:Criminal Intent, Run's House, True Life, Bridezillas, America's Most Smartest Model, Intervention, Split Ends, Mystery Diagnosis, Code Blue. I watch these when I see them on except L&O, I DVR it but don't remember the day it comes on now.
I really LOVE reality TV because I love people and am very interested in how they live and interact.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shoeaddict Loves Dirty Sexy Money

LIVE blogging while watching Dirty Sexy Money. Here's the thing, I know that not many of you read this but, I don't care- much. I can't stop blogging. I am very opinionated and I watch all these shows by myself (Luke watches sports, that's all) so, I like to express them somehow.

-Why did Karen tell Nick "no" to his proposal? Are we gonna find out?

-Simon Elders, hmmmm? He's "C"?

-Freddy (Karen's fiance') is an idiot. Brian is creepy.

OOOOOOOOOOOOH, the twins are having a birthday party! Trouble in paradise because Juliet and Jeremy are fighting about Natalie. They have to split the party now and the money. They will also be recieving a $25 million trust from their mom's father. The other children recieved theirs on their 25th.

I'm dying to know about the DNA results. I keep shifting my thinking on which child it may be- Patrick, the heir, the politician? Karen, the one who slept with Nick-who'd be her half brother? Brian, who is so different from the other Darlings and who has a real hate for Dutch and Nick? Or the twins? Hmmmmmm????

Samarie Armstrong checked herself into therapy (for "eating disorders", reportedly) and might miss one episode. I love her. I love Juliet, too. I know I said that in my last post about DSM. I also am not convinced about Jeremy and Natalie. They have been together for half a minute and he's throwing away his sister for her? I know there is a child involved but, really? C'mon. I'm just a really loyal person. If he really loves Natalie and his child, he'd tell his family and make Juliet get along with her. What do you think?

Blogger is driving me nuts. The curser keeps moving. I'm eating a fantastic eggplant rollini. Yummy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Shoeaddict and the Dancers LIVE! LATIN NIGHT

Yeah, so I decided to LIVE blog while watching Dancing with the Stars. Let's go...

MARIE & Jonathan (Samba)- She just creeps. me. out. She is just yuck with the overt sexuality. I HATE that costume. OHMIGOD she just fainted. They just take a commercial and no one even seems bothered! She's probably dizzy from the head spinning and the not eating to fit in the spandex. Marie is fine- we'll see the replay all week.
Judges score- 21

JANE & Tony (Rumba)- She's so elegant and has such a beautiful body. He is creepy and very strict. She is pretty good if a bit boring. LOVE the dress! This was not a boring performance. I take that back. The judges seem to like it except Carrie who gave her some pointers.
Judges Score- 26

MARK & Kym (Samba)- He's a spaz. He's got a ton of fans, though. Is he married? Girlfriend? He gets so into it with his face. Can't wait to see this. Oh, I Dream of Jeannie. She looks cute. He is so stiff and not good- it's time for him to go. The judges know it's time for him to go, too. (Commercials last for-ev-er! I'm eating my Craisins Trail Mix and flipping the channels. This is awesome Trail Mix- cranberries, banana, pineapple, papaya, honey-roasted peanuts, cashews and coconut)
Judges Score-21

Sabrina & Mark (Ramba)- Last week, they got a perfect score. Their have been rumors that the two of them are romantically involved... I know it's very hard not to believe that when watching them dance this dance. This was HOT! This was very good and they are GREAT actors if they don't have something going on... I wouldn't want my husband to be dancing this dance with someone other than me. It's very hip-y and lots of in-your-face, slinky-ness, close to each other. Mark said the dance is a vertical expression of horizontal desires. Whoa!
Judges score-

JENNIE & Derek (Samba)- She was cuter in her video before the dance but I liked it better last week when she was with her kids. She is so stiff. She is not relaxed at all. I like yellow on her. Hey! Tori Spelling and Jennifer Espisito in the audience. Len is the only judge who liked it. She has really disappointed me. I was a MAJOR B.H. 90210 fan- MAJOR. I mean, I was so into it you cannot even imagine. It affected my emotions. I loved Dylan. Luke Perry still gets to me. I had an unnatural hate for Kelly because I loved Brenda and Dylan together. I was so sad when the show ended. Devastated. I liked Claire (Steve's g/f) but I did like Steve being married with a baby. David and Donna were great. Dylan was my dream though.
Judges Score-25

HELIO & Julianne (Rumba)- I love her. She is the best choreographer. He's married, I think. That's probably why it's hard for them to find the SEX chemistry for this dance. He has been doing really well. Her outfit is just awesome and good lord- not even half an eight count into it and I was impressed. I thought it was very pretty. The judges thought it was too mechanical and I kinda agree but I think it's because they aren't in love and aren't having sex. The technical part of it was good, I thought.
Judges Score-23

**Sorry migraine and nausea**

DVR Overload

I'm sososososo behind! My DVR is backed up beyond belief and I don't know when I'm gonna watch the shows. I'm not feeling well and have been in bed a lot. The DVR is in the living room. Tonight is Dancing with the Stars and Two and a Half Men. I don't know what else.

I'm hoping that Mel B gets more votes because I couldn't believe that she was in the bottom two last week. Marie's dress last week was disgusting! Some of the other's were really awesome though: Mel's, Jane's, and Julianna's. Edyta should just go in a thong. Tonight is "Latin Night"- should be good.

I'll be here in my bed watching it and eating Craisins- LOVE THEM!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Shoeaddict Says...

What did y'all think of last night's Grey's?

Izzie really made a fool of herself, no? I thought that Callie properly dressed her down at the end. I was also very glad that Alex was so outraged at her behavior. And that he brought up, in the end, that she was "so in love" with Denny and pushed him away and now is breaking up George's marriage. This is a classic case of "he was mine and now he has a girlfriend so, NOW I want him" syndrome. It's very real BELIEVE me. My hubs had a friend that he had no feelings for and I don't think she did either, until I came along. Then, Uh-Oh!! She decided she wanted him then. Ummm, no.

Also, Derek's words to Meredith were so sweet. I wanna marry you. I want to die at 110 years-old in your arms. I want to have children. That is so very perfect. What does she WANT? I DO NOT get it. I guess it's me. I just DO NOT get what she wants from anyone. I cannot stand her.

Now, you tell me what you thought.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shoeaddict Talks Wednesday TV


It's 9:53pm and I'm watching Dirty Sexy Money. I'm watching the very end of DSM and freaking out. I guessed that one of the Darling children were Dutch's but, which????

Karen- because of the whole Nick thing? That would be gross and wouldn't they have stopped it?

Patrick- because Tripp is all into his political career. That would hurt him.

Brian- he's so different from everyone else, he hates Nick, he's the obvious choice (to me)

I don't think it's the twins, Juliet and Jeremy, just because. But, here I am screaming at the TV- Patrick? No, No, Brian!? No, all of them?! None of them? Brian, it's Brian! Who is it????

And "C" is Brian Elders? What is that?

I really love this show.

I'm glad Lisa finally told Karen something but, I doubt it will make her leave Nick alone. I'm of the belief that the spouse that has the "crap" deals with it. Example- If Luke's parents are a problem, he talks to them, not me and vise versa. So, I think Nick needs to be firmer with Karen because she's out of control.

What do you think about Jeremy and Juliet? I love Juliet ("She has decided") and brunette-girlfriend (what's her name) is obnoxious! All they do is have sex! Well, now she's pregnant and he says he's in love... ???

By the way, Private Practice was actually good tonight. Kate Walsh is so pretty. I know it's her show but my same opinion still stands- Amy Brennaman's Violet dominates the show.

I thought Ambreal should've gone home on ANTM instead of the Liza look-a-like. Lisa is pretty and I liked Tyra's advice of never dim your light for any one- or something like that. Tyra the philosopher, huh?

On the DVR:
Pushing Daisies
Kid Nation
Gossip Girl

What did y'all watch and LOVE?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shoeaddict Says... Makeover Time on BatG

Hello all. I'm so sad tonight. My mommy and daddy are gone. :( I talked to my daddy today at around 3:00 (10:00 Paris time) and I was glad to hear from him. I've spoken to mama twice and this was the first day I got to talk to daddy. They are having fun, eating sharp cheeses and crusty breads (my fav), drinking wine and hanging out. They have not discussed shopping- I know I'm not getting any Loubous, though.

Anyway, it's Makeover time on Beauty and the Geek and I love a good makeover! (Do y'all hate my love! of! the! exclamation! points! ?) Did y'all see the makeovers on ANTM last week? What is up with Tyra? Maybe it's just me and my lack of knowledge but a bowl haircut? What? I thought it would look awesome blunt cut, all sharp angles.

On to the beauties and the geeks. Last week, Sam and Rebecca did the naughty-naughty in the room with Nicole. How mean and gross? Nicole FREAKED out and basically blamed it all on Rebecca because "Sam is a guy." That was silly. The whole house was pretty much sick of Rebecca and Will and they got nominated and then lost the elimination challenge.

We see at the beginning, Erin and Jesse coming back from the elimination challenge and everyone is happy except Rebecca. Then Shay is telling us all about Joshua's poor hygiene habits saying, "He's like an alien visiting the United States." She is teaching him how to wash his face- put the water on it... yes, I'm not kidding.

Then for the challenges. The host gathers the teams together and says they will be "Going Back to School, " for the beauties- Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (to which Erin replies, "What's Arithmetic?") and the geeks' is a surprise but they learn they will get the makeover. The makeovers will consist of new outfits, haircuts, shaves and waxes. They are adjourned and begin to discuss the makeovers. The beauties tell the geeks what they really need- new shoes!, no jean shorts!, haircut!, no numbers on your watch!(calculator watch), totally new wardrobe!

Hollywood stylists "The Kids" are providing the wardrobe and the owner-and staff- of The Heroin Salon is gonna help with "salon-y" stuff. The geeks are HI-LAR-Y-OUS! The waxing! "Plum is Hot!" And watching them prance around.

Then the reveal-first up is Jesse. He got his hair dies super-platinum blonde. Does great things for his face. Next is Dave- the pudgy, hairy, Hawaiian shirt geek. OHMIGOD- he looks adorable! Great hair cut. It's messy and curly in all the right places and he got shaved and waxed to death. William- eh. He got turned into a redhead and I don't like it. His partner doesn't either. Then Joshua (who had the very critical beauty Shay) comes out and Shay cries! They have him dressed all Poindexter in a suit and tie.

*Gasp* The one I've been waiting for- Nicole. I thought when she came into the house that she was certainly NOT an ugly girl. She has pretty skin, hair, lips. She looked beautiful and needed the boost very much. Hearing her say that when she came into the house that she knew she'd always be the ugliest girl in the house- that's heartbreaking. Next was Luke and he was very proud of himself. He also seemed to find it all very simplistic because he said that if that was all he had to do it would have saved him a lot of trouble a long time ago. Finally was John who got a significant cut and contacts. He looks adorable.

Now they learn there will be a prom. They cannot ask their own partner, Nicole can ask a male geek (because she's a female geek) and some beauties will have to stay home because of the uneven numbers. Let the freakout begin!

We learn that Dave has a crush on Nicole (awwww) and then Nicole asks John, instead. Dave then asks Katie. Awwww, I love a crush.

The next day, the beauties have their challenge put before them. They must teach (yes, teach) actual students a lesson as the principal watches. It's so painful to watch. The kids are giving the answer and they have NO CLUE if the kids are right! Plus, their boobs are all hanging out. Sam did well as did Shay. The winner- SHAY. She deserved it from the looks of things and her partner, Joshua, was so sweet about it.

They get all dressed up (so cute) and go to the prom. At the prom, they take pictures and dance and have a good time. The challenge is then announced. They have to become popular with the other students at the dance by mingling and campaigning. They are pretty nervous and funny- and geeky! JOHN wins and he and Nicole got to dance in the center.

John (and Natalie) pick Sam and Nicole for the elimination challenge.
Shay (and Joshua) pick Luke and Katie for the elimination challenge.

I don't dislike either of the two teams but, I like Nicole. I'd also love to see Dave tell Nicole he has a crush on her. So cute.

Winners of the elimination challenge- NICOLE AND SAM

So, Luke and Katie are going home. And next week, the geeks turn their beauties into superheroes!


Have I told y'all about Kimora? She is so funny, so over-the-top, so very watchable on her new reality show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. The show follows her as she launches her KLS Collection, which is fancier than the Baby Phat line. Just in case you don't know, Kimora is the creator of the Baby Phat line. She and husband, Russell Simmons are separated and it's not known if the divorce is finalized.

Kimora Perkins was born to an Asian mom and black father in St. Louis. At 13, she was awarded an exclusive contract with Chanel and just after she turned 14, she left for Paris to work as Karl Lagerfield's (Chanel's famous designer) muse. At 14, she was already 6 feet tall.

She met Russell (and Tyra Banks- who is her best friend and godmother to her daughter, Ming Lee) while modeling and in 1998, the two were married. He is the creator of Phat Farm and co-creator of Def Jam Records. She created Baby Phat which is the female counterpart of the line. They also created 2 daughters, who model for Baby Phat, Ming Lee (7) and Aoki Lee (4). In the pic above, Aoki is the one all "Heeeeey" posing.

I don't know how many episodes I've missed or whatever. I don't even know when the new ones come on (I know, I'm so ashamed!) but, I found it on one Sunday on the Style channel and I've seen a few. Yes, she is so very bitchy- a lot. She is a D-I-V-A to the Nth degree, for sure. I don't know her, I don't know true facts about her but, my lil 'ole opinion is this: she works and even though lots of people work harder and get paid a lot less- she's been working since she was 13. Yes, she may be bitchy to her (many) assistants and employees but, she's paying them to work for her. I don't ever want to be any one's personal assistant; packing their suitcases, ordering their lunch, making their appointments or whatever but, they know what they are in for, right?

Kimora has awesome sound bytes, too! I have DVR'ed a few and I watched them today. She was looking for a house in L.A. because she is going to be spending more time there and the house she has was just not big enough. So she tells her real estate agent that she wants a perfect, big (at least 7 bedrooms), homey house in a great neighborhood. She wants that in 3 days and right now is day 1. Her price range- she says about, 4, 5. 6 to 12, 15 million. Good Lord! Good. Lord.

The agent decides to take her in a helicopter ride to see which neighborhood(s) she likes to narrow it down a bit. This is where one of my FAV Kimora lines comes in. Kimora, Russ (the agent) and Sandra (Kimora's executive assistant) go up to the 'copter. Kimora is loosing her mind because she is afraid of heights and closterphobic. She's trying to tell Sandra, who is behind her, that she is scared and has to call on Jesus. C'mon Sandra we gots to call on Jesus, (she turns around and finds her on the phone), damn, Sandra, I'm tryin to call on Jesus and you're on the phone don't you know my nerves is bad! i don't know the exact quote but, it was funny because- CHILD, my nerves is fo' sho' bad!!

Okay, I stopped writing that on Sunday and am starting back on Tuesday. I just watched another epi on the DVR. The one where there was a launch party for the Hello Kitty jewelry line at the Phat Farm/Baby Phat flagship store. She's funny in that one too. She gets a fung shui expert to come in and look at the store and her office. When the f.s. lady comes to meet her at her office, she says "Hi, I'm Whatevertheheckthef.s.lady'snamewas" and Kimora says, "Hi, I'm fabulous!" The f.s. lady just looks at her like OKAAAAAAAY!

So, f.s. lady tells her she is sitting in a perfect spot in the office because she can see everyone before they can see her. Kimora tells her, "That's a hood thing." I thought that was funny, too. What else, what else...?

I let you know. If you don't get the Style channel, I think it comes on the E! network.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shoeaddict Loves Samantha

Tonight was the premiere of Samantha Who? starring Christina Applegate, Jean Smart, Barry Watson and Jennifer Esposito. These are actors that I really like and I could not wait for this show to premiere. I honestly didn't have high hopes, though. The premise just seemed... trite? Maybe that's the wrong word. It just seemed really tired.

Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) is in a coma for 8 days after she's in a hit-and -run accident. When she wakes up she has amnesia and doesn't remember anything. She doesn't know her parents (mom is Jean Smart), her best friend (Jennifer Esposito) or her live-in boyfriend (Barry Watson). She also doesn't know that she was/is basically a cheating bitch.

Despite the cast, I really didn't expect to like this show. I was surprised because I LOVED it. I was extremely irritated because my DVR cut the show off when Samantha shows up at her parents' house in the middle of the night! I have no idea how much-or what- I missed. I swear I feel like I should just DVR the whole night. This happens too much.

Bottom line: I'm supposed to be purging the DVR and I just seem to be adding more and more!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shoeaddict Talks Housewives


It's game night on Wisteria Lane. Whoo hoo!! Charades and Mary Jane- the roll it up, smoke it up- illegal kind. I DVR'ed it and now I'm watching and blogging- something I love to do.

How much do I love Lynette's mom telling Andrew, Bree's evil son, to get "the best [weed] he can get. Nothing is too good for my little girl." I doubt certain people want to know my feelings about medicinal marijuana. Felicity Huffman is such a fabulous actress. Lynette looks really bad. What type of cancer does she have again? I don't remember. Brain? Breast? Did they even say?

Oh! Why did Bree send Susan to the bowels of hell for obstetrical care? Really, what's up with the scary lady with the HUGE teeth there to buy- clean urine? Gross! Plus, why can't Susan open up the phone book? I guess I'd rather ask for my close pregnant friend's recommendation instead of blindly choosing someone. Who was she using before? Someone who retired and then the creepy neighbor took over??

OMIGOD! I love Edie's coat. Gorgeous hair and lips... Sneaky with the ring. I love Gabby's outfit, too but really, why are they all dressed like that? Haven't they heard of jeans and tops? You can still look really cute in dark jeans, cute top and heels, right? Now, poor Susan looks good. Even though she's just come back from gyno YUUCKVILLE. You know, where she said there were rat traps on the speculum table and the doc may have taken pictures of her "parts" with a cell phone! *shiver*

I love Gabby telling Carlos (about Edie)- "She's wearing a big honkin engagement ring the size of a peach pit." And that Bree is trying to drunk up Katherine to get her secrets. And that stoned Lynette is cracking up over SpongeBob then karate kicks Susan's lamp- and she doesn't even know she's stoned! Plus, good to know the official charades "sign" for poem. I suddenly would love some grapes or lobster! HA...

Orsen just went for a phone call and Lynette is passing around the "special brownies." Showdown between the bitchy new neighbor and Gabby. Katherine is a liar about Dylan's dad, huh? I wonder... She is also creepy and wacky. Victor is a worm. Why hasn't Gabby dropped him, with or without Carlos? She doesn't HAVE to have a man. But boy do I love them together- "I love the way you love me." Hey Gabby, I know EXACTLY the way you feel.

Another beautiful scene filled with emotion that included Felicity Huffman. This time it's between Lynette and her mother. Oh- it was laughter through tears. ("Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion" -Truvy, Steel Magnolias)

Creepy Katherine probably killed her daughter and her husband! I don't know!! It's all just nuts-o. And what is Carlos doing to Edie? Getting rid of the account? Giving her money? What is with the CPA? Am I dumb?

Next week- kinky sex with costumes, crabs and politics, Oh My!

I also DVR'ed Cold Case and Shark. I don't know who else watches these. I know some of you watch Brothers & Sisters. Feel free to discuss here....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shoeaddict Says...


Grey's Anatomy (Let the Truth Sting)
Thursday, 9/8 central on ABC

Ohmigod, y'all! I loved the episode last night!! For me, it was like the Grey's of old. It invoked all different emotions in me- laughter, tears, nerves. It was a glimmer of what it used to be. Even the characters were back to being who they have always been. I think there may be hope.

Alex was brilliant during his procedure in saving the day but he can't stand for George to get any type of attention and ended up proving to be a big 'ole cad in the end by outing him as a "repeater" at the end of the show. Who else wanted to wring his neck? And the eye thing- if that would've been my kid, I'da freaked!! Do y'all think he's in love with Izzie? Or that he wants her or something like that and knows there is something going on with Izzie and George? I know he's an ass, I do, but I really think he's more complex than he wants people to think.

Derek and Mark seem to be slowly rebuilding their friendship which is a good thing. I think with Addison gone, it will be easier for them. I also think Derek was right about the surgery. Mark and the Chief were just trying to puff their egos. Something that bothered me- when the kid that had the spinal fluid building in his brain collapsed and everyone was freaking out? OK, is Dr. Shepard the ONLY neurologist (or whatever) in the entire freaking hospital? That was kooky.

Meredith was her usual hot/cold, hot/cold self with someone (her half-sister Lexi- who I don't really like, yet) who is throwing themselves at her with their emotion. Well, I suppose she has been consistently cold but then last night began to change her tune by going over Lexi's mothers death note with her. You know she'll be all cold with her again soon. Neither girl ever did anything to the other. It's not Lexi's fault Mer's dad left her. Plus, both girls have lost their mothers, they could be close. She (Mer) is obsessed with being screwed up and I really have no patience with that.

I was in love with Charlie AKA Really Old Guy. I am THE biggest sucker for elderly people and he was the cutest. His lines, especially his banter with Izzie, were adorable ("I don't like you!" "Oh, really? I thought we were B.F.F.s" Too cute! Or when he said he was gonna die-NOW- and he grunted and squeezed his eyes shut and Izzie told him he wasn't gonna die but poop in his pant!) and touching. I freaked out when Izzie started pulling out plugs and wires- HELLO! Do you like doing that? Good Gracious! And I'm glad Charlie told her what's-what about having an affair with a married man. I don't think Izzie is a bad person, just lonely and jealous.

George. Oh George! I thought it was good for him to tell Izzie what he told her. I think he never should have told her he loved her in the first place. HE'S MARRIED! It doesn't matter if he regrets it or doesn't love Callie or loves Izzie or whatever. He needs to be unmarried before getting tangled up with Izzie. PERIOD. I thought it was brave of him to tell Mark and the Chief they were wrong about doing the riskier surgery. And then- whoa, wasn't he shocked when Chatty Cathy reveals to her friends (on his advice- kinda) that they have bad hair, breath and pants! Too funny.

Miranda was working in the clinic, fielding resident/intern problems and basically doing Callie's job all day while Callie was hiding out doing paperwork. Miranda demands to know why she's not doing her job and Callie says because Miranda does it so much better and she's sick of fighting. I felt so bad for her. I felt bad for Miranda and Callie. In the end, Miranda went to Callie and told her that she had been having trouble with this situation. She was used to being number one and now she was going to be Callie's number two (the best number two the hospital has ever seen) and work with her. The two will probably be a force to be reckoned with once they come together.

George tells Callie in the last scene that he slept with Izzie.

What did y'all think of this episode? Like I've said, I feel like Grey's is on the road to recovery. Also, a little bit of news, Private Practice is the highest rated new show. Shocked? Sad? Yeah...

My fav new shows (in no particular order):
Pushing Daisies
Gossip Girl
Big Shots
Dirty Sexy Money