Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Biggest Loser Week 3

For this week's episode (Tuesday, January 27), I will try to be shorter and better than the last two.

Jillian's team said they would vote for Joelle to go home but they didn't. They did it for strategy and it's a game. I get that. What makes me mad is that they went and talked to Bob's team and told them they wouldn't do it. There was no reason for that.

Why is Blaine of the black team telling Felipe and friends that he sorry or whatever? That is stupid too. He just keeps doing unnecessary things that make him look like a bigger jackass. I do understand why Felipe is mad but I don't like that he got all crazy mad. I HATE when men yell. It's just a thing with me.

So, Bob's team is all pumped up! Good for them. Maybe I'll get to learn who is on which team. Right now, I just don't.

So, we get to look at the "homies" and see what they are doing.
Aubrey (yellow/Mandi)- has 5 kids (that I see) and she looks pretty wrapped up in them, understandably. She is working out during The Biggest Loser. It always pumps me up.
Laura (green/Tara)- is partying at a club in South Beach Miami, FL. Dancing is a good workout.
Sione (blue/Felipe)- is working out hard at the gym.
Dave-(orange/Daniel)- smoking cigs, eating fried chicken, and hot dogs like we saw last week

Joelle just aggravates me. She drives me cah-ray-zee. The talk-talk-talk (and saying stupid stuff) and saying nothing. Wow, she had a good workout when she shut up. I know, I know, I know, I talk a lot too but not while I'm working out. Plus, I'm not annoying :)

Another Super Bowl tv show (I watched Top Chef before this), how fun! I love football. Maybe I'll get some good recipes for Sunday. Some that Blue will eat too.

Blaine's wife is having a baby! I don't really know what to think of this. Not that she's having a baby, that is obviously great, but that he isn't there. I guess it's good that he is losing weight so he can be with his wife and kids for a long time. I get that but I don't know if it'd fly with me. I expect Ali to say, "We've got your wife in labor right here!" And Vanna White the tv, you know? I didn't expect her to let him go home. He gets to be there for the birth of his fourth child.

Look at Ali's pregnant belly! She gave birth to a daughter, Megan, a few weeks ago. She looks so great pregnant.

Curtis Stone is the Take Home Chef. Ever see that on TLC? He's cute.

My thoughts about the challenge- they must teach them about nutrition off camera, right? I have no idea how much the calories are and I know more about nutrition now than I ever did. Also, I want that seven-layer dip.

How handy to skew chicken on rosemary branches or whatever. So, mustard and honey and rosemary, I can do that. I guess 250 calories. I have no idea though. (So, beat the meat to lower calories! That is what Chef Curtis tells us in the Tips) The answer is 230. I was over by 20. Dan guessed 220 and he wins the two pound pass and a visit for Dave.

Curtis goes to see Dave. That is good for Dave if he listens. Dave says he sees a "tall guy with pointy hair." That is funny. Curtis is gonna show Dave how to cook and SHOP- at Wal Mart. I need to buy and cook with more fresh herbs. I never do that because I'm intimidated. I can do it though.

I don't think I've ever used coriander. I guess I can just put it on flat chicken breasts. I'm very amused and intrigued by the flat chicken breasts. I need a mallet or something.

Uhh, Bob jumping on that platform thing- that was awesome. I don't think that I can jump as high as Kristin did. That is really amazing to see. She weighed 350 pounds just 3 weeks ago. I love this show.

Blaine has a son! That is so sweet. He gets to see all of his kids. He has two boys and two girls. Oh! The little boy crying for daddy is sad. I wish that Blue felt the same way Blaine did about health though. I wish he was motivated to get healthy. (P.S.- the baby boy's name-Breckin. What do you think of that? I don't love it).

Challenge time and it's football. UGH- I'm remembering that ole whatsherface won the football challenge last season. What is her name? I can't remember right now. The one from Houma that drove me crazy. oh, Vicki, that is it. The challenge is sprints. I always try to think about myself doing it. This would be hard but the key would be steady.

I don't like the football-in-the-bin thing. My feelings would be hurt so easy. Plus, I'd get so paranoid and pissed and all that. I guess that is the point. Helen wins immunity and that means that she will bring her daughter, Shannon, back. Her daughter was recently arrested. She didn't exactly look like she was the biggest loser.

I would love to do this show with my mama. We would lose weight from laughing.

Bob says to eat Fiber One cereal. I love that stuff. Even Blue liked it. I eat it all the time. It's important for me to drink milk, I think. I didn't drink it for so long and now I love it. I drink skim. It has 90 cals per serving.

Is it bad that I want chips and salsa? Yes, Kristen, it is. Don't worry, I'm not eating it. I feel kinda nauseated.

Does Bob have sparkle on his bike shorts? No, Bob, no! I actually saw a message board where people were wondering if he was gay. I love Bob. I love him a lot but I knew he was gay from the first show. Doesn't bother me, I'm just saying. I would love for Jillian to train Blue. He'd get SO crazy wit her in his face. She would push him though.

I'm so proud of Dan! I am also proud of Jillian for training him how he needed to be trained. I don't think that bullying is right for every person. I know that she can't baby people because they would never do anything but, I don't always think that disrespectful bullying is right.

Weigh in time and I wonder who is going home. I would like for it to be Joelle. She seemed to be working hard this week though. Maybe it'll be Blaine because he went home. Look at Bob's tight black pants/jeans! Yeah. Oh the "homies" are back! I wonder if their weight is going to count? If so, some folks (Dan and Dave) are in trouble.

I always wonder if Alison has an earpiece. I think that yes, she does. Someone telling her the percentages and how much each person needs to lose to stay above the yellow line and all of that. What do you think? Yes? So, Helen lost 6 pounds. That is really great! But she has immunity so it doesn't matter for the game.

Brown team (Ron/Mike, father/son) are favorites of Bob's according to Bob. Mike lost 9 pounds but feels like he let everyone down. They both say they "failed" and that makes me so sad. 16 pounds total this week.
Black team (Blaine/Dane, cousins with rhyming names) are on Jillian's team. Dane lost 15 pounds in a week. Blaine lost 11 pounds. That is just ridiculous. 26 pound lost this week.
Felipe (blue/Sione) needs more than 12 pounds. He lost 13. I love his excitement.

Jillian's Trainer Tip is about snacking. She says chew Extra sugar free gum. She likes the peppermint. Ok, good to know. But, mint always helps me stay away from food.

Tara (green/Laura) cusses. She needs to have lost more than 10 pounds! Whoa that is a lot. She freaking lost 12. 12 pounds!! WHAT??? If I lost weight like that (um, if I worked out like that), I'd be HOT in no time.
Kristin (purple/Cathy) is one of my favorites. She needs more than 12 pounds. That is really a big job. I love her mom saying that she was checking her out while she walks to the scale. Kristin loses 12 pounds. OMG! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!
Mandi (yellow/Aubrey) needs to lose more 8 pounds. She lost 10 pounds. That is IT. I'm sending in my fat tape to the show. Oh, and I don't want Kristin to go home.
Dan (orange/Dave) needs more than 15 pounds to bring ole Dave back and stay in the game. Oh, he loses 12. It's really good for him because he is out of the 400s. It's not enough though. He's lost 60 pounds in 3 weeks. Brown team is facing elimination and purple is safe. Kristin makes me laugh when she says, "I feel like... I don't know."
Joelle (silver/Carla) is talking about blah, blah, blah.... I don't even know how much she is supposed to lose. She loses 10 pounds and now Carla loves her. They are yelling. Again with the light...

It's the orange team and the brown team up for elimination. Who do I want to go? I know that Dan needs it but so does Mike. I don't want the brown team to go because I like them. I like Dan, I guess but Dave- whew! He didn't even try at home. What will happen?

Ron makes everyone (including me) cry. He begs for his son to stay. He says that a father is supposed to protect his son and he didn't. Daniel talks from the heart and everyone is loving him. Then DAVE pipes up. WTF is he talking about? He is an idiot. Does he think that he is just gonna eat some whacked chicken and be ok??

Pink is on Bob's team and so is Ron and Mike-brown. She votes for orange.
Yellow is on Jillian's team and so is Dan. She votes for brown. Ugh, pattern.
Purple (Oh, I have not mentioned that I HATE the colors of Kristin's hair-makeover). She is on Bob's team and she votes for orange.
Black is on Jillian's team. He votes for brown to go.
Tara is on Jillian's home. She starts chewing Dave's ass. Good for her. Ali is looking at her like she is crazy. Dave is gonna speak. He says that his heart is not there. Then why did he go?
Silver is on Bob's team. They vote for orange.
Felipe is on Bob's team. He vote is tie-breaking. He tells Dave that HE has a wife and kids and feels trapped too but he needs to be here. He votes for orange. Good. They are eliminated. It's too bad for Dan. I hope he does it. Now, he knows that he can.

I'd like to see them both after they've been home. Wow! Look at Dan. He's running and looking so much thinner. He gets to go off of his diabetes meds and that is awesome. He has lost 101 pounds so far. David says that he quit smoking and he's lost 46 pounds.

Next week: The "homies" weigh in

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