Thursday, January 29, 2009

Private Practice- High Emotions

I am almost finished watching "Homeward Bound" which aired a few weeks ago. It's the one with the CF family and the gay older ladies. I just had to write down my feelings about it, even though I don't think anyone reads this blog.

I cried from the get go on this episode. The little girl, Gracie, ohmylanta! She is such a sweetheart. That is really, really heart-wrenching. The dad cannot be with her as she is dying. I am not a parent but I don't even think that you parents can say for sure what you would do. I know that you tend to be with your weakest child. How can you decide which is weaker though when the 9 year old is dying and you have a 2 year old with CF? How is either of them weaker? Or stronger?

I love Charlotte. I know that she is not supposed to be lovable but I do love her. I think she is smart and strong and beautiful and she is southern. I love that her mother "took to bed with the vapors." How very southern. I love that her brothers are named Duke and Landry. I love that she calls her daddy, "Big Daddy." That is what I call my FIL.

I was very emotional when she had to take Big Daddy off of life-support. I suppose that Cooper doing it was sweet and romantic. I don't know if I could properly appreciate Blue doing that. I'd always (maybe) secretly (or not so) think he killed my daddy. When she became physically effected by the thought of what had happened on the plane- I related to that kind of grief.

WHEW! I need a drink after that show. Where the hell is the wine bottle opener?

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