Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Biggest Loser- Blue vs Black

Big, big stuff on this week's two one-hour episodes. There was a challenge where one person from each team had to do up-downs in the mud. The first person to 100 won and got to pick whether their team went blue (Bob) or black (Jillian). The person who came in last had to change trainers. The teams in the middle flipped a blue/black coin.

I don't know if I could do 5 up-downs. Plus, in the mud, no thank you. These players soldiered on though. They did not want to change trainers and I do not blame them. It was between Tara and Sione in the end and Tara won. She is very impressive. Her and Laura started off with Jillian and she wanted to stay with her. Kristin and Helen were fighting not to be in last place but Kristin beat her out so, Helen was last and had to switch to Jillian.

The team that came after Tara was Sione and Felipe. They flipped a coin and it landed on black. They were originally with Bob and so they were devastated. Then Dane flipped and he landed blue. He was originally with Jill. I don't remember how it all happened after that but the final teams were-

Blue (Bob)- Kristin and Cathy (stayed), Dane (switched), Ron (stayed but had to break up from his son), Mandy and Aubrey (switched).
Black (Jillian)- Helen (switched), Tara and Laura (stayed), Felipe and Sione (switched), Mike (switched and broke up from his dad).

Everyone was upset. No one wanted to break up teams or to switch trainers. Bob and his former team had a meltdown. I don't really blame them, though. I'd be so mad if I weren't on Bob's team. I would be really mad if I was and then had to switch. I couldn't work with Jillian. I think that you need to be pushed but she is a bitch.

There was a 24-hour challenge of riding a stationary bike. Whichever team rode the most miles in 24 hours won. The black team seems stronger and more together right out of the gate. They have Tara and Feilipe and Sione. Plus, they decide that everyone will ride for 30 minutes and then switch. The blue team just seems to be riding til they can't anymore and switching. In the end, after Mandi tries to get them to quit!, the black team wins. They win a three pound advantage at the weigh-in.

At the weigh-in blue team goes first. Dane loses 13 pounds which puts him at a 100 pound weight loss in 8 weeks. That is mind blowing and it's a Biggest Loser record. Kristin loses 10 pounds. Cathy loses 14 (and I think that I would DIE if my mom lost 14 pounds in one week). Ron loses 5 and so does Aubrey. Mandi loses 7.

Next up is the black team. They have the 3 pound advantage added to their scoreboard right away. I was going back and forth (in the room) so I don't remember each person's weights but, they end up winning. They would've won without the 3 pound advantage.

It's time to eliminate someone from the blue team and the obvious choice is Ron. Yes, he's a great guy and is trying hard but he is not going to pull big numbers and he cannot help during challenges. He asks that the team send Dane home because he had the support needed. Dane is all, "What?" In the end, they end up sending Dane home with 3 votes. 2 votes for Ron and then 1 random vote from Aubrey to Kristin.

Ok- are they nuts? This is ridiculous! They are already underdogs to the black team, in my opinion. They get rid of the big guy who still has weight to lose. He's still over 300 pounds. Ron is in the high 300 but he is not going to pull a big number. He can hardly walk. I think that this was a bad decision and Bob won't like it.

What do you think of the team switch up?
What did you think of Bob's reaction?
What do you think of the blue team sending Dane home?

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kelli said...

I think it was stupid to send Dane home if they want to win. I can understand the part where it's a game and he might win, but they can't win as a team if he takes his big numbers home. Ron is not helping the team at this point.