Thursday, March 26, 2009

AI- Motown Week

I love Motown. I'm excited to see what they are going to do!

Matt - Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"- what an awesome song. I love it. I have high hopes for Matt's performance, too. Oh, yes, I love it from the first note. Great, great job. Great vocals and stage presence.
Randy- great run at the end, challenging others for top spot
Kara- girls saying "yeah", came out of shell, solid performance
Paula- comfortable, sexy/cool vibe, tasteful, classy riffs, respectful of the melody
Simon- brilliant choice, corny bit, cool performance, voice suits the song, front runner

Kris- Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is"- His face is so so cheesy when he sings! I know that some people dig it though. I think that he will do well. Smokey Robinson is impressed. I hate his shirt. I really like the song, if I don't look at him. He did a good job. I like the arrangement. I just think that the faces he makes are horrible. HORRIBLE. What a goober.
Kara- did his own, made his mark on the song, did everything right
Paula- great song, infectious personality, hit a great end note, proud
Simon- (please say something about his faces)- great version of song, believe in yourself, more conceited
Randy- consistent, keep in stride

Scott- Diana Ross and The Supreme's "You Can't Hurry Love"- I think Scott is adorable but doesn't belong this far in the competition. SIL would disagree. I think I said that last week. It's too slow. He's not bad, just not good. His piano skills are good, better than his vocals.
Paula- brought something different[from before], loved the beginning
Simon- (oh god) (yeah he don't likey), terrible, honky-tonk sound, wrong song, cheap
Randy- hotel-kinda performance, gotta take risks, not right song, average
Kara- brought tempo, wasn't crazy about taking liberties with the melodies

Megan- Stevie Wonder's "For Once In My Life"- I don't like the way it's sounding with Smokey. I like her though. I think she is pretty and cute and has gorgeous hair. I know the tattoo turns some off but not me. Maybe that is a generation thing? She looks great! I don't love the song. At least she is not just standing there doing the "quirky dance." I don't dislike the dance but I don't think she needs to do it for every song. She is kinda screechy at the end.
Randy- likes outfit, song was train wreck, didn't fit with the jazzy thing, rushed, didn't feel it
Kara- suggests "My Guy", bad notes, weird phrasing, taken over by song
Paula- stunning beauty, agrees with the others, keys wrong
Simon- horrible, vocals all over, in trouble

Anoop- "Oh Baby, Oh Baby" from The Miracles and Smokey Robinson- I'm anxious to see his performance. I like him a lot. He's adorable. Oh, the cheesy sitting on the edge of the stage beginning- yuch. He looks good. I like the song, his voice is great. It's a little boring. That may just be the song.
Kara- a hard song to sing- connected to some parts and didn't in some, overall good
Paula- new confidence, phrasing and delivery spot-on and sweet
Simon- great vocal, looked half asleep, boring (totally agree!)
Randy- turn it back up, nice, little pitchy

Michael- Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud To Beg"- Let me just say that I believe that he or Scott should've gone home last week. I don't know why he is still here over Alexis Grace. He seems to enjoy performing, which makes it fun. He has a nice voice there is just something I don't love about it. I don't like all the "showboating" I call it.
Paula- felt Las Vegas loungey (YES!), didn't reach high notes
Simon- couldn't wait for it to end, screamed and shouted, not good
I missed Randy and Kara- they didn't like it either

Lil- Martha and the Vandella's "Heat Wave"- She should just kill this week. This seems to be right up her alley. Says that she "wants to make them proud, the one's who have paved the way"- so sweet. I love her look this week. She looks great!! I like the hair. I don't like the song choice. She needs some kinda pronunciation training. The way she pronounces some words just kills me and you can hear it in the song. Her vocal talent is good though.
Randy- didn't like the front of the song, not the right kinda song for her, has a big voice (I agree that it wasn't the best song)
Kara- need more, not good song choice, screaming
Paula- disagrees, looked unbelievable, fresh vocal
Simon- authentic tribute but not a good song, suggested "Heard It Through the Grapevine", one of the best singers in the competition

Adam- Smokey Robinson/Miracles's "Tracks of My Tears" It's no secret to anyone that I DO NOT like Adam. I strongly do not like him. I am not familiar with this song so maybe I can just appreciate his vocals. He should wear his makeup the same on stage that he did at practice. Oh, I like the look!! Um, never mind, I know this song. DUH! I have to say that I really like the performance. A lot. OMG a standing O from Smokey- what an honor.
Kara- one of the best performances of the night
Paula- own league, loved the clean look, handsome, exciting
Simon- THE best performance of the night, Smokey is brilliant, emerged as a star(Adam, not Smokey)
Randy- hot, da bomb
(good, no talking after- I usually fast forward that anyway)

Danny- The Temptations' "Get Ready"- I love Danny. He is one of my favorites, if not the favorite. He looks good, better than the big white coat. I love the energy! I love the performance. He didn't follow Smokey's advice to sing where the back ground singers sing. I think that it's good though. I liked the front of the song more though.
Paula- undeniable, identifiable, reliable
Simon- clumsy and amateurish, good singer
Randy- Levi Stubbs, not the best, loved the energy
Kara- good not great

Allison- The Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"- wants to show her "funk side" and I think she will. I hope she remembers the lyrics on the stage. I liked the top of her outfit and her hair and makeup. She is seriously an amazing singer. I can't believe that child is so young. She
Randy- dopest singers, blazing hot
Kara- Oh My God!, amazing, gift from God
Paula- [has a drawn on mustache-um,ok], awesome, beautiful
Simon- survivor, one of her best, well done

My bottom three-

Scott should go though. It's time.


Anonymous said...


I HATE the way that the judges have their picks already and no matter how they do, they try to spin it! BUT with that aside, I LOVED Adam (I like him anyway) last night! I LOVE that song and I LOVE Motown so I was very, very impressed. I was thrilled to see him with a different look (even though it was cheesy). I agree he "overdoes" it and his theatrics are over the top and he is a drama queen (no pun intended). But his vocals are out there!! I agree with you on the bottom three but hope they keep Megan and let Scott and Michael go before they let her go. There is just no females. I like Lil a lot but thought she was horrible last night!!! This should have been HER week - Motown!!! I didn't particularly like Anoop either last night. I like Chris' weird mouth action and think he is adorable! Matt was awesome too! Danny is one of my favorites but I wasn't blown away by his performance last night - mediocre at best! Allison has amazing vocals!!! BUT she is not on my favorite list at all. Maybe she will grow on me!

KatieBug said...

Shoe! We need a post on when the new seasons start! I don't know what to watch unless you tell me. :)